October 1991 Electra Musician Press Release for
Bill Frisell's
Where in the World?
The Bill Frisell Band
Where In The World?

Bill Frisell, guitar
Hank Roberts, cello
Kermit Driscoll, bass
Joey Baron, drums

"Bill Frisell, the most original electric guitarist to emerge in the past 20 years" (Musician Magazine)
teams up with three long-time collaborators in his third Electra Musician release, "Where in the World".

Features 10 original compositions that range from extroverted jams to lyrical ballads and country-influenced tunes, Frisell confirms the stylistic breadth of his compositional vision and his multifaceted virtuosity.

Together the band "delivers with a remarkable level of cohesion as it moves seamlessly between not only works, but shifting moods within the pieces" (Los Angeles Times). The band toured the U.S. last fall from coast to coast, and the culination of these performances is "Where in the World?" --recorded in Woodstock, New York with producer Wayne Horvitz.

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