The 858 Quartet: "This music was written for and inspired by eight Gerhard Richter paintings (858, 1-8). The group consists of Jenny Scheinman (violin), Eyvind Kang (viola), and Hank Roberts (cello). A CD will be part of a book to be released at the Richter retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in the fall of 2002. The book will have reproductions of the paintings, as well as essays and poems by a number of writers, all inspired by the paintings. For me, this was a chance to write for my dream string section and also a reunion with one of my best friends, Hank Roberts. Hank was in my first band and we hadn't played together or even seen each other for many years. This whole project was put together and produced by my friend, David Breskin. This was the first time we have worked together since he produced the albums Smash and Scatteration with Vernon Reid and Power Tools with Ronald Shannon Jackson and Melvin Gibbs. The Richter paintings are where this began, but the chemistry felt so good with these folks, I'm hoping to write more music and keep it developing on into the future." -Bill Frisell