Live at Chapati Winter '78
Production by Rythmes et Idees
Recorded by Charles Bernard live December 1978- January 1979
Released by Baba Records BR001j
( Limited pressing of between 200-300

Side One
1/Introduction (Bill Fisell)
2/What do you mean? (Bill Frisell)
3/Planta Plus (Bill Frisell)
4/Do what you mean! (Bill Frisell)

Side Two
1/Fast Sea (Bill Frisell)
2/March (Bill Frisell)
3/Growing Carrots (Bill Frisell)
4/E-Drone (Kermit Driscoll)
5/Saturday Night (Kermit Driscoll)

Kermit Driscoll (bass), Bill Frisell (guitar), Vinnie Johnson (drums)
Chet Baker Sextet
Chet Baker/Steve Houben
Carrere 66171
PD 8001
52 rue Est CD # RECD-019
Produced by
Recorded in the Club " St. Germains "in October 1979
Released: 1980
Reissued:2001 with new title and cover
and title  "Almost Blue" (West Wind 2126 )
1/This is Always
2/Sweet Martine
4/Deep in a Dream
5/Once I Loved

The re-release includes addition tracks recorded at  the Club " the Dreher " in October 1984

6/ My funny being worth some
7/ I' m to fool to want you
8/ Almost blue

Chet Baker trumpet and voice , Harold Danko piano, Heyn Van Der Geyn bass , John Engels drums

Chet Baker (vocals and trumpet), Steve Houben (alto saxophone), Bill Frisell (guitar), Dennis Luxion (piano), Kermit Driscoll (bass), Bruno Castellucci (drums).
Hal Willner
Amarcord Nino Rota

Produced by: Hal Willner
Recorded: at Regent Sound, NY
Released 1981 Hannibal Records HNCD 9301 (CD)

Bill Frisell (guitars) appears on one track:
5/ Juliet of the Spirits (4:44) (Nino Rota).
Paul Motian

Produced by: Manfred Eicher
When Recorded December 1981 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Released: ECM 1222
1982 ECM-1-1222 (LP)
1982 ECM 847 330-2 (CD)

Paul Motian (drums), Bill Frisell (guitar), Ed Schuller (bass), Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Billy Drewes (tenor and alto saxophones).
Jan Garbarek
Paths, Prints

Produced by: Manfred Eicher
When Recorded December 1981 at Talent Studio, Oslo
Released: ECM 1223
1982 ECM-1-1223 (LP)
1982 ECM 829 377-2 (CD)
Jan Garbarek (tenor and soprano saxophones, wood flutes), Bill Frisell (guitar), Eberhard Weber (bass), John Christensen (drums, percussion).

1/ The Path (7:11)
2/ Footprints (10:06)
3/ Kite Dance (5:35)
4/ To B.E. (3:10)
5/ The Move (6:39)
6/ Arc (5:01)
7/ Considering The Snail (6:30)
8/ Still (6:18)

Right after the first record I did with Paul [Motian] I went to Oslo and did one with Jan Garbarek.I'd never met him.He had heard me playing in Norway with Eberhard Weber, and got in touch with me through Manfred Eicher. His music had a more specific harmonic thing than Paul's, though he might write something that was very specific harmonically and then encourage me to go against what he'd written by just playing some sound instead of a chord. (Guitar World, May 1989)
Eberhard Weber
Later That Evening

Produced by: Manfred Eicher
When Recorded March 1982 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Released: ECM 1231
1982 ECM-1-1231 (LP)
1982 ECM 829 382-2 (CD)

Paul McCandless (soprano saxophone, oboe, English horn, bass clarinet), Bill Frisell (guitar), Lyle Mays (piano), Michael DiPasqua (drums, percussion), Eberhard Weber (bass).
Bill Frisell Discography Pre 1983
Emil Viklicky

Supraphon # 1115 2754
Produced by Antonin Matzner
Recorded in Prague June 11th-13th, 1979
Reissued in 1992 Titled Window and Door

Emil Viklicky (keyboards), Bill Frisell (guitars), Kermit Driscoll (bass), Vinton Johnson (drums), Jan Beranek (violin, 1 track)

We recorded all material for Window and Door in an old Supraphon studio called Studio Dejvice. I think our session in summer 1979 was probably the last one there.  After our 5 days there,Monday to Friday, recording studio was closed - and all the gear was moved out.

We did Okno /Window/ in 2 days. Second day of our session was shortened because the owner of the building wanted to use the main  recording room  as a cinema. I remember clearly that while Bill and me were packing our stuff -guitars, amps, synths- technicians already started to test screen.  Bill came to me and was absolutely startled:" Hey, Emil,  do you know that movie?"I didnt care about any movie at that moment, all I care was when we shall be able to record again and what we record next. So Bill continued: "It is Excorcist!!!!!!!" "What is it?" I have asked. Bill explained. And then it clicked for me.

In the building / which was some kind of goverment one/ there was a boarding school for international special students, who came to Prague to learn how to help their home countries to remove capitalismus.

And one of them must have been very important,  because of him they interrupted international recording Supraphon  session and let him himself  alone watch "Exorcist"!
Even Tony -the producer - who could be tough nearly with anybody anytime told me: "Dont ask any questions and move out".
Bill asked" Is this film running in  regular theaters in Prague?"
"Are you crazy, of course not", I said and we left the room.

In front of the studio there was a big garbage container, so when Supraphon photo guy came in - we jokingly  stepped in and wanted to call our quartet - "The Garbage Quartet". Photos never appeared on LP, probably somebody didnt like it.

Tony Matzner - Supraphon producer at the time, and  I have to really give him a credit for beeing able to get Bill and the guys in  Czechia.  Tony wanted the first record to be in fashionable jazz-rock style - so popular at the time. Well, we did it with almost no overdubbing in 2 days."
-Emil Viklick
Eberhard Weber
Fluid Rustle

Produced by: Manfred Eicher
Recorded in January 1979 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Released: ECM 1137
1979 ECM-1-1137 (LP)
1979 ECM 829 381-2 (CD)

  1/ Quiet Departures (17:24)
  2/ Fluid Rustle (7:25 )
  3/ A Pale Smile (9:06)
  4/ Visible Thoughts (5:00)

All tracks composed by Weber

Bonnie Herman (voice), Norma Winstone (voice), Gary Burton (vibraharp, marimba), Bill Frisell (guitar, balalaika), Eberhard Weber (bass, tarang).
Chris Massey Group

Willow 1 (LP)
Produced by Chris Massey
Recorded at Dean Street Studios, NYC, May 1981

Chris Massey (drums, percussion), Bill Frisell (acoustic  electric guitars), Dave Gordon (organ,piano), Brian Gephart (Saxophones, wood flutes, percussion)

Bill Frisell wrote one tune, 2/ Ron (The Cat) 2:16, and co-wrote another, 4/ Squalls 2:19

Side One 1/Emergence 13:54 2/Ron (The Cat) 2:16
Side Two 3/ Textures 10:29 4/ Squalls 2:19 5/ Duet 6:14 6/ To Our
Vanishing Brothers 2:10
Arild Andersen
A Molde Concert

When Recorded August 1981 at the Molde Jazz Festival, Norway
Released: 1982 ECM 1236 (LP)

Arild Andersen (bass), John Taylor (piano), Bill Frisell (guitar), Alphonse Mouzon (drums).
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Mike Metheny
Blue Jay Sessions

Headfirst Records # 9712
Produced by Mike Metheny
Recorded at Blue Jay Studios Carlisle, MA February 1981
Released in 1982

Mike Metheny (flugelhorn), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Rufus Reid (acoustic bass), Dick Odgren (keyboards), John Riley (drums), Jim Odgren ( alto saxophone on 4/ Games)

1/ Life of Ryles (Mike Metheny)
2/ Ivy (Pat Metheny)
3/ Wendy (Paul Desmond)
4/ Games (Nat Adderley
5/ Sola's Gone (Ed Wells)
6/ Bossamba (Dick Odgren)
Mike Metheny's Official Website
Steve Houben/ Mauve Traffic
Oh Boy
Recorded & Mixed  at Michel Dicenscheids Studio
46 Rue Du Beau Site- 4200 Dugree-
Belgium 1978-1979

Side One
1/Monsieur (Steve Houben) (2:37)
2/Carol (Bill Frisell) (5:02)
3/Doggone it (Kermit Driscoll) (5:37)
4/Francesca (Bill Frisell) (5:19)
5/Extrait Du Secand Impromptu Four
Une Raison D'etre (Steve Houben) (:30)

Side Two

1/Deluxe (Steve Houben) (3:53)
2/Sparks (Magdalena Thora) (3:59)
3/Oh Boy (Bill Frisell) (6:40)
4/Growing Carrots (Bill Frisell) (5:33)

Steve Houben (alto sax.,flute), Bill Frisell (guitar), Kermit Driscoll (electric bass), Vinton Johnson (drums), Michel Herr (keyboards), Greg Badolato (tenor, soprano sax, flute)

Thanks to Eamonn Keane

After my graduation ar Berklee, Boston, Mass., by the way done in one year, I was invited to form a band in Belgium with Steve Houben-as,fl, leader, Bill -g, Kermit-bg,  Vinnie Johnson-ds. There were posters for "Mauve Traffic Band" all over the Europe,but I could never make it. Ultimate Czech concert agency Pragokoncert had stopped me, and I could not go out of the country for nearly 2 years. -Emil Viklicky
Bill Frisell / Michel Herr / Kermit Driscoll / Vinton Johnson
Good Buddies
EMI Belgium # LA 064-63568 ( Limited pressing200-300)
EMI # 1A064 - 63568
Produced by Jack Mauer
Recorded in Autumn1978  at Studio Shiva Brussels
Engineered and mixed by P.Cogneaux

Side 1:
1.Acapulco Bells (6.50) (Michel Herr)
2a. Frog Legs Vampinīin the Moonlight
2b. I think I know what you mean (7.53) (Kermit Driscoll)

Side 2:
1.Sans Blues Thank You (7.54) (Bill Frisell)
2. What do you mean, What do you mean? (4.49) (Bill Frisell)
3.Good Buddies (6.19) (/Bill Frisell)

Bill Frisell (guitar), Kermit Driscoll (bass), Vinton Johnson (drums),
Michel Herr (Keyboards)

Thanks to Eamonn Keane and Emil Viklicky
Emil Viklicky's Webpage
Steve Houben
Bruno Castellucci
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Guy Cabay
Belgian LP on M.D.# 0047 
Released in 1979 ) .

Comes with 4-page insert including the lyrics in Walloon and their French translation .

This is the second and very rare too album by Guy Cabay (From  LiŤge) , released one year later , never really distributed ( sold at gigs and in friendly record stores ) . In same vein than the first album , Brazilian bossa / samba mixed with Walloon lyrics ( old dialect from LiŤge ) .

Featuring  Milou Struvay , Steve Houben , Michel Dickenscheid , Daniel Willem , Stephane Martini , Gerard Malherbe , Bill Frisell , Jean Luc Couturier , Rene Desmaele / Carlo De Wild ,  Jean Van Ritel , Jean Pol Danhier , Kermit Driscoll , Vinnie Johnson and Bruno Castellucci .

1/ Les Dí Mey Dous De Coste Del Mouse
2/ Li Harlake Et Lí Djone Feye
3/ Tchanson Po Lí Dierin Ne Houyire
4/ Cwate Tchansons So Lí Nom Dí Julia ( Julia Onk /  Julia Deus / Julia Lí Ote / Julia Lí Dierin Ne )
5/ Tot Reguede
6/ Cahin Cahi Et Cahin Caha
7/ Tchanson Dí Noye
8/ Camamele Et Cataplame
9/ Cwand Simon Mousse Fou Dí Ine Tchapele : Li Nuleye E Mí Payis
Press Kit