In the late evening of March 22, 1997 my wife and I walked out of the Phoenix Hill Tavern in Louisville, Kentucky walking on a cloud. I was holding a copy of Oracle, Michael Hedges newest CD and was talking fast about what a great show we had just seen. Michael had played 2 sets, had drank a White Russian on break, and had stunned the audience, especially the two guitar players sitting in front of us, with his fretwork. He was simply AMAZING.
If you read down the 1997 concert schedule below, you will see that that evening was the next to the last show of a nearly 1 1/2 month road trip. By the end of November, Michael was dead. Michael was 43 years old, and died sometime Thanksgiving weekend when his 1986 BMW plunged down an embankment near Mendocino in Northern California. He had been on his way home from the San Fransico Airport after a Thanksgiving visit to his girlfriend in Log Island, N.Y.. He was as full of love of life as any performer I've ever seen. I miss his music.