A Few of My Favorite Musical Memories
A Robin Holcomb Concert Poster
A Mark Ribot  Concert Poster
A  Tom Waits Concert Ticket Stub
A  Tom Waits  Playbill
An Evening with  John Abercrombie
A Evening with Brian Eno
A  Concert Poster of  Odean Pope
A  Miles Davis Handbill
A  Capt. Beefheart/Ry Cooder Handbill
Frank Zappa sitting at the Minneapolis Airport
Laurie Anderson Concert
Phillip Glass Concert
Bill Frisell/The President Show Poster
Me in 1974... 3 years after my first Miles Davis Concert
Jay McShann Concert
Weather Report in 1984
Cecil Taylor performs in San Fransico
Booby McFerron early on in Minneapolis
Kronos Quartet Knocked me out
I've seen Keith Jarrett more than 30 times!
Saw all four of these great shows
Check out all the Ticket Stubs!
Yah, I caught Mingus
And Sonny Rollins too!
Phillip Glass & Allen Ginsberg
A Fantastic Bebop Series with Dizzy Gillespie
A Couple of Bill's Recent Shows
Wayne Shorter's Footprints Band
Old and New Dreams
1994 Chicago Blues Festival
Dave Douglas's Tiny Bell Trio 1999
If you live in Chicago you go to Joe Segals Jazz Showcase
Leonard Cohen in 1975
Me...21 years later,1995... Less hair, but still catching live shows!
Caetano Velso Nov. 2002
George Russell and Living Time Orchestra 1985
Robin Holcomb 1991
My Guitar!
Boubacar Traore November 2002
Sarah Vaugan 1976
ECM Festival 1976
Eddie Harris...The funkiest sax player ever!
Kronos Quartet Nuevo 2002
Chicago Jazz Fest 2000
Not Music but worth a look!!
Att The Rebbees Table Tim Sparks!!
The Vandermark 5 at Chicago's Empty Bottle
May 17th, 2003 at the Old Town with Bill Frisell
My Top Twenty Favorite Concert Experiences
A List of the Live Shows I Have Seen Over The Years
Bad Plus in Minneapolis March 2004
Happy Apple in Minneapolis May 2004
Tim Sparks at the U of M July 2004
Michael Hedges in Louisville!
Dave Holland Big Band
July 19, 1993 Randy Newman at Ravinia
Spalding Gray three times in Chicago
Harry Chapin at Minneapolis's Orchestra Hall
Frank Zappa in 1970