Press Kit for the 1977 ECM
Eberhard Weber release
Fluid Rustle
EBERHARD WEBER: Fluid Rustle ECM-1137

Eberhard Weber (bass,tarang)
Bill Frisell (guitars,balalaika)
Gary Burton (vibraharp,Marimba)
Norma Winstone (voice)
Bonnie Herman (voice)

There are two quite separate streams within the work of Eberhard Weber, charactorized by his albums on ECM with his group Colours (
Yellow Fields and Silent Feet and his "special projects" like The Colours of Chloe and The Following Morning). The Group albums reflect the repertoire and dynamics of Weber's live gigs, the special projects give insight into his compositional concepts. Fluid Rustle belongs in the later catagory, even though it marks quite a departure from previous records and is, even though it marks quite a departure from prvious records and is, in many ways, Eberhard's most surprizing and provocative album to date.

Here the pieces, which make reference to music forms ranging from Gregorian chant to ethnic folk, are primarily settings for the vocals of Azimuth's Norma Winstone and Bonnie Herman of the Singers Unlimited.

Bill Frisell, who Eberhard met during a British tour with Michael Gibbs Orchestra last autumn, impressed the bassist so profoundly that he determed to feature him on his next album. Frisell was formerly a student at the Boston Berklee school, and has worked on the East Coast with cellist Hank Roberts, himself a former Gary Burton/Michael Gibbs sideman.

Since Weber has guested on a couple of Gary Burton albums (
Ring and Passengers), the poll-winning vibraharpist here returns the compliment, delivering some of the most imaginatively crafted solo passages of his career. Interesting, too, to hear him on marimba, an instrument not showcased on his own recordings.