The Doors in Concert
Minneapolis Convention Center
June 15, 1969
A well behaved audience of approximately 8,000

Just to put the period in context, this show occured just one month prior to the release of
The Soft Parade

It has been said that the Doors performance was not as exciting on this evening as it was the previous night in Chicago, but it definately had its moments.

The band opens with a rather restrained version of
Back Door Man, during which Jim Morrison coasts into some rather disjointed dialogue. After signaling the band to settle down by saying "Quiet down now, give the singer a chance," Morrison becomes slightly tounge-tied. Some audience members begin goading him with miami references, like "Take it off" and "Jack it off." Jim counters with "No, you ain't gonna get that one again...not tonight." He then proceeds with some ludicrous, but witty dialogue that include a comment on how the president called him a few nights ago, but he refused to take the call because he was playing with his cat. Things pick up with Break on Through and continue to rise into When the Music's Over which featured Robby Krieger, then a Minneapolis local Tony Glover and his harmonica joined the band onstage. Next they play Wild Child, and jam into Gloria with Kreiger's bottleneck soloing. Following this they play Maggie McGill with Tony Glover wonderful soloing up front of the band. After this tune Tony Glover exits and the band asks for requests, which is met with several minutes of yelling out. They settle on Celebration of the Lizard, which meets a warm audience responce. The keyboardist Ray Manzarek fuels a firery Light My Fire to end the show.


1/ Back Door Man
2/ Break on Through
3/ When the Music's Over
4/ Wild Child*
5/ Gloria*
6/ Maggie McGill*
7/ Celebration of the Lizard
8/ Light my Fire

Jim Morrison (Lead Vocals)
Robby Reiger (guitar)
Ray Manzarek (Keyboards)
John Densmore (drums)
*add Tony Glover (Harmonica)