The Bill Frisell Discography Quick List
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1/ Triode-
Live in Chapati Winter '78
2/ Steve Houben/Mauve Traffic- Oh Boy
3/ Bill Frisell-Good Buddies
4/ Emil Viklicky-
5/ Guy Cabay-Li Tins , Les Otes Et On Po Dí Mi
6/ Eberhard Weber-
Fluid Rustle
7/ Chet Baker Sextet-
Chet Baker/Steve Houben
8/ Arild Anderson-
A Molde Concert
/ Chris Massey-AtmoSpheres
10/ Hal Wilner-
Amarcord Nino Rota
11/ Paul Motion-
12/ Jan Garbarek-
Paths, Prints
13/Eberhard Weber-
Later That Evening
14/Mike Metheny-Blue Jay Sessions
1/ Bob Moses-
When Elephants Dream of Music
2/ Bill Frisell-
In Line
3/ Jan Garbarek-
4/ Jim Pepper-
Coming and Going
1/ Bob Moses-
Visit With The Great  Spirit
2/ Paul Motion-
The Story of Maryam
3/ Bill Frisell & Tim Berne-
4/ Jukkis Uotila-Introspection
5/Chet Baker/Steve Houben-CHET BAKER/STEVE HOUBEN
1/ Gunter Hampel Orchestra-
Fresh Heat-Live at Sweet Basil
2/ Billy Hart-
3/ Herb Robertson-
4/ Marc Johnson-
Bass Desires
5/ Various Artists-
Bad Alchemy: Magazine+Tape
6/ Henry Kaiser-
Remarrying for Money
7/ Leni Stern-
8/ Paul Motion-
Jack of Clubs
9/ Paul Motion Trio-
It Shouldv'e Happened a Long Time Ago
10/ Bill Frisell-
11/ Emil Viklicky-Dvere
1/ Lyle Mays-
Lyle Mays
2/ Paul Bley Quartet-
3/ Bill Frisell/Henry Kaiser-
Truth or Consequences
4/ Stefen F. Winter-
The Little Trumpet
5/ Various Artists-
Re Records Quarterly LP Magazine
6/ John Zorn-Godard Ca Vous Chant
7/ Various Artists-The Improvisors
8/ John Zorn- The Big Gundown
1/ Power Tools-Strange Meeting
2/ Marc Johnson's Bass Desires-
Second Sight
3/ Paul Bley Quartet-
Paul Bley Quartet
4/ Marianne Faithfull-
Strange Weather
5/ Wayne Horvitz-
The President
6/ Hank Roberts-
Black Pastels
7/ The Mathilde Santing Ensemble-
Out of this Dream
8/ The Mathidle Santing Ensemble-
A Third Side
9/ Wayne Horvitz-
This New Generation
10/ John Zorn-
11/ Paul Motian
12/ John Zorn-
13/ Various Artists-
Late in the 20th Century
14/ Tim Berne-
Fulton Street Maul
15/ Jim Staley-
Mumbo Jumbo
16/ Bill Frisell/Vernon Reid-
Smash & Scatteration
17/ Various Artists-
Steal This Disc
18/ Various Artists-Bad Alchemy:Magazine+Tape
19/ Kaiser/French/West/Maksymenko-Crazy Backwards Alphabet
20/ Various Artists- The Right Things-Max Cult Appeal
1/ Alan Michael-Lost in Asia
2/ Bill Frisell-
Lookout For Hope
3/ John Zorn-
News For Lulu
4/ Billy Hart-
5/ Horvitz/Morris/Previtz-
Todos Santos
6/ Julius Hemphill-
Big Band
7/ Paul Motion-
Monk in Motion
8/ Sato Machihiro-
9/ Ambitious Lovers-
10/ Bill Frisell-
11/ Mike Gibbs Orchestra-
Big Music
12/ Lyle Mays-
Street Dreams
13/ Bobby Previte-
Claudes Late Morning
14/ Various Artists-
Here it is, the Music
15/ Hal Willner-
Stay Awake
16/ Bill Frisell-
Before We Were Born
17/ John Oswald-
Plunderphonics (4 tracks on a  12" vinyl record)
18/ Toshiki Kadomatsu -
Before The Daylight (Japanese Import)
19/Various Artists-
Under The Covers (Japanese Import)
20/Various Artists-
Radio Nederland Transcripton Service
1/ Various Artists-Late in the 20th Century 2
2/ John Zorn-
Cynical Hysterie Hour
3/ John Zorn-
Cynical Hysterie Hour-Trip Coaster
4/ Paul Motian-
On Broadway Vol. 1
5/ John Zorn-
More News For Lulu
6/ Joe Lovano Wind Ensemble-
7/ Gavin Friday and the Man Seezer-
Each Man Kills the Thing He loves
8/ Seigen Ono-Commes Des Garcons Vol. 1
9/ Seigen Ono-
Commes Des Garcons Vol.2
10/ Caetano Veloso-
11/ Paul Motion Trio-
One Time Out
12/ Various Artists-
13/ Allen Ginsberg-Lion For Real
14/ Tony Scott-Lush Life Vol. 1
15/ Tony Scott-
Lush Life Vol. 2
16/ Gavin Friday and the Man Seezer-You Take Away the Sun
1/ Paul Motion-Bill Evans
2/ Robin Holcomb-
Robin Holcomb
3/ Robin Holcomb-
Promo CD
4/ Naked City-
Naked City
5/ Gavin Bryars-
After the Requiem
6/ Bill Frisell-
Is That You?
7/ Various Artists-
Best of Jazz Today
8/ Paul Motion-
On Broadway Vol. 2
9/ Various Artists-
10/ Robin Holcomb-
Promo 12" EP
11/ Naked City-
Torture Garden
12/ Various Artists-
Grind Chrusher
13/ Ashley Maher-
14/ John Zorn-
The John Zorn Radio Hour
15/ Various Artists-
A Little on the CD Side
16/Various Artists-Selections From Rubaiyat
17/Robin Holcomb-Promotional 4 track vinyl EP
18/Robin Holcomb-Promotional 1 track EP
19/Various Artists-For Real Moments: Song and Dances
20/ Various Artists-From Hiphop to Beebop
1/ Bill Frisell-Where in the World?
2/Various Artists-
Gramavisions 10th Anniversary Sampler
3/ Ryuchi Sakamoto-
4/ David Sanborn-
Another Hand
5/ Various Artists-
Too Marvelous For Words:Capital Sings Johnny Mercer
6/Seigen Ono-Commes Des Garcons Vols 1 and 2 (reissue)
1/ Hal Willner-Weird Nightmare
2/ Hal Wilner-Weird Nightmare (7 Track Sampler)
3/ Bill Frisell-
Have a Little Faith in Me
4/ Rinde Eckert-
Finding My Way Home
5/ Robin Holcomb-
6/ Wayne Horvitz-
Miracle Mile
7/ Naked City-
Grand Guignol
8/ Don Byron-
Tuskegee Experiments
9/ Jukkis Uotila-
Introspection (reissue)
10/ John Scofield-
Grace Under Pressure
11/ Paul Motion-
On Broadway Vol. 3
12/ Naked City-
13/ Paul Motion Trio-
Motion in Toyko
14/ Various Artists-
A Confederancy of Dances
15/ John Zorn-
Filmworks 1986-1990
16/ Mathilide Santing-
So Far So Good
17/ Various Artists-Lighten Up-Brand New Ideas From Capital
1/ Sadhappy-Before We Were Dead
2/ Various Artists-
3/ Naked City-
4/ Naked City-
5/ Jerry Granelli-
I Thought I Heard Buddy Sing
6/ Bill Frisell-
Five excerpts from Have a Little Faith
7/ Lee Koniz-Rhaposdy (Japanese)
1/ Bill Frisell-This Land
2/ Pigpen
-V as in Victim
3/ Paul Motion Trio-
4/ Various Artists-
Almost Normal
5/ Various Artists-
The World of Drums & Percussion
6/ Gary Peacock-
Just So Happens
7/ Ginger Baker-
Going Back Home
8/ Allen Ginsberg-
Holy Soul Jelly Roll
9/ Michael Shrieve-
10/ Ginger Baker-Going Back Home 4 Track Promo
11/ Various Artists-
Jazz, Funk & Composers of Distinction
12/ John Scofield/Pat Metheny-Summertime (Italian Bootleg)
13/ Mathilde Santing-
14/ Marianne Faithful-Faithful:A Collection of Her Best
15/ Jim Hall- Unissued 1982-1992 (Italian Magazine CD)
1/ Bill Frisell-Go West
2/ Bill Frisell-
The High Sign/One Week
3/ Various Artists-
4/ Frisell/Goodley/Ales-
American Blood/Safety in Numbers
5/ Elvis Costello & Bill Frisell-
Deep Dead Blue
6/ Various Artists-
The Atlantic Group Sampler
7/ Jim Hall-
8/ Paul Motion Trio
-At the Village Vanguard
9/ William Burroughs-
Naked Lunch
10/ Don Byron-
Music For Six Musicians
11/ Michael Shrieve-
Two Doors
12/ Lee Konitz-
13/ Frisell/Driscoll/Baron-
14/ Carol Emanuel-
Tops of Trees (composer only)
15/ Goodrich/Liebman/Muthspiel-
In the Same Breath (composer only)
16/ Various Artists-
Ryko's Fall 1995 Mixer
17/ Bill Frisell-
Music For the Films of Buster Keaton
18/ Rinde Eckert-Do The Day Over
19/ Various Artists-Unknown Public Electric Guitars
20/ Various Artists- Top Hits Selection October 1995
21/Various Artists- Jazzemsemble Des Hessischen Rundfunks
21Bill Frisell/Closue Trio-Grammavision 2 CD Advance
1/ Bill Frisell-Quartet
2/ Karen Pernick-
Apartment 12
3/ Holly Palmer-
Holly Palmer
4/ Arto Lindsey-
The Subtle Body
5/ Various Artists-
Exploring the Frontiers of Rock,Jazz and World Music
6/ Various Artists-
Like Drops in the Oceans
7/ Robben Ford-
Blues Connotation
8/ John Scofield-
Best of
9/ Various Artists-
Alternate Currents
10/ Various Artists-
Club Jazz Atlantic Sampler 1996
11/ Anuna-
Deep Dead Blue (composer only)
12/ Various Artists-A Little Magic in a Noisy World
13/ Various Artists-Adagios del Siglo XX1
14/ Various Artists-Verona Jazz
15/ Various Artists-Intuition Music Catalogue 1996
1/ Bill Frisell-Nashville
2/ Various Artists-
Music for the Rest of Us
3/ Ginger Baker-
Falling Off the Roof
4/ John Zorn-
Filmworks 1990-1995
5/ Kenny Wheeler-
Angel Song
6/ Various Artists-
Selected Signs 1
7/ Various Artists-
Great Jewish Music:Burt Bacharach
8/ Joey Baron-
Down Home
9/ Ron Miles-
Womans Day
10/ Various Artists-
New Spirits in Jazz Part 3
11/ Jon Damian-
Dedications:Faces & Places
12/ Gabriela-
Detrs Del Sol
13/ Donald Rubinstein-
Time Again
14/ Michael White-
Motion Pictures
15/ Paul Motion Trio-
Sound of Love
16/ Naked City-
Leng Tche
17/ Naked City-
Black Box
18/ John Zorn-
Filmworks VII Cynical Hysterie Hour
19/ John Zorn-
New Traditions in East Asia Bar Bands
20/ Various Artists-
Warner Music Sampler
21/ Various Artists-Resurrection, Pt.2
22/ Emil Viklicky-Window and Door (twin reissue of two 1980's LP's)
23/Various Artists-
New Country
24/Various Artists-Alternate Routes
25/Various Artists-The Jazz Collection III
26/Various Artists-Breaking The  Barriers of Rock
27/Various Artists-Breaking The Barriers of Jazz
1/ Various Artists-Inside Out
2/ Bill Frisell
-Gone, Just Like a Train
3/ Marc Johnson
-The Sound of Summer Running
4/ Douglas September
-Ten Bulls
5/ Fred Hersch & Bill Frisell
-Songs We Know
6/ Various Artists
-Monk to Bach
7/ Donald Rubinstein
-Scars & Dreams
8/ Leni Stern
9/ Seigen Ono
-Comme Des Garcons+Remixes
10/ Marianne Faithfull
-A Perfect Stranger
11/ Various Artists
-The Complete Johnny Mercer Songbook
12/ Various Artists
-Guitar Zone
13/ Various Artists
-Jazziz Magazine CD July 98
14/ Various Artists
-Beleza Tropical 2: Novo! Mais! Melhor!
15/ Various Artists
-What Goes Around
16/ Various Artists-The Art of Jazz
17/ Bill Frisell-Gone, Just Like a Train Promotional Disc
18/ Marc Johnson-Selections from The Sound of Summer Running
1/ John Zorn-Godard/Spillane (reissue)
2/ Vinicuis Canturia-
3/ David Sanborn-
4/ David Sylvian-
Dead Bees on a Cake
5/ Bill Frisell-
Good Dog, Happy Man
6/ Mike Stern-
7/ Bill Frisell-
The Sweetest Punch
8/ Bill Frisell-
Sweetest Punch Promo Single
9/ Don Byron-
Romance With the Unseen
10/ Ron Carter Sextet-
11/ Various Artists-
CMJ New Music Monthly
12/ Bill Frisell-
The Sweetest Punch Promo Radio CD
13/ Gabriela-Viento Rojo
14/ Marianne Faithfull-Broken English/Strange Weather
15/ Akiko Yano-Go Girl (composer only)
16/ Various Artists-
Twelve Sounds of December Vol. 2
17/ Various Artists-Unconditionally Garanteed Volume 8
1/Various Artists-Jazziz Magazine Jan 2000 CD
2/Various Artists-
In His Own Sweet Way
3/Various Artists-
The World of Drums & Percussion Vol. 2
4/Bill Frisell-
Ghost Town
5/Various Artists-
The Million Dollar Hotel
6/Bill Frisell-
In Line (reissue)
7/Bill Frisell-
Lookout For Hope (reissue)
8/Bill Frisell-
Rambler (reissue)
9/Arild Anderson-
A Molde Concert
10/Joey Baron-
We'll Soon Find Out
11/Various Artists-
Frisco Mabel Joy Revisited
12/David Sylvian-
Everything and Nothing
13/Various Artists-
Finding Forester
14/Various Artists-
Hear Music Vol. 1
15/Donald Rubinstein-
Long Parade
16/Tony Scherr-
Come Around
17/Various Artists-
Around the Fire
18/Eyvind Kang-The Story of Iceland
19/Various Artists-The Stars of Jazz #1
20/Bill Frisell-A-Collection
21/Livingdaylights-Electric Rosary
22/Zony Mash-Upper Egypt
23/Boomish-Clearance Sale (sampled only)
24/J.A. Deane-
These Times
25/Various Artists-Monk to Bach (Reissue)
26/Chet Baker-
Almost Blue (Reissue)
27/Dan Tyack-
Blackened Toast
28/Various Artists-Owasso Night Atlas
29/John Scofield-Steady Groovin'
1/Dale Bruning-Reunion
2/Bill Frisell-
Blues Dream
3/Duncan Sheik-
Phantom Moon
4/Vinicius Cantuaria-
5/Aiko Shimada-
Blue Marble
6/Danny Barnes & Thee Old Codgers- Things I Done Wrong
7/AntiJazz-Global Blues (composer only)
8/Garrett/Scofield/Brecker/Friesen- Old Folks
9/Laurie Anderson- Life on a String
10/Bill Frisell- With Dave Holland and Elvin Jones
11/Various Artists-Groundwork
12/Various Artists-The Jazz Club Highlights-1990
13/Stefan F. Winter-The Little Trumpet (reissue)
14/Herb Robertson-
Transparency (reissue)
15/Various Artists-This is Seymour Duncan Vol. 1
16/Various Artists-Nonesuch Sampler 2001
17/Various Artists-Deep Sleep 101
18/Bill Frisell-Anthology #1
19/Various Artists- Barnes and Noble Recommends
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1/Sarah Siskind-Covered
2/ Various Artists-Homeland
3/Norah Jones-Come Away With Me
4/Various Artists-guitars vol. 1: the bridge
5/Herb Roberts- Black Pastels
6/Various Artists- Hear Music Vol. 7
7/Jim Woodring & Bill Frisell-Trosper
8/Ron Miles-Heaven
9/Bill Frisell-The Willies
10/Robin Holcomb-The Big Time
11/Naked City-Live at the Knitting Factory 1989
12/Bill Frisell- :rarum V: Selected Recordings
13/Donald Rubinstein- Long Parade (reissue)
14/Various Artists-
Jazz History In The Present Tense  :rarum V 1-8
15/John Zorn- Cobra
16/Jerry Douglas-Lookout For Hope (composer only)
17/Wayne Horvitz-
Film Music 1998-2001
18/Paul Motion-Monk in Motion (reissue)
19/Jeff Buckley/Gary Lucas-Songs To No One 1991-1992
20/Gerhard Riechter/Bill Frisell-Riechter 858
21/ Various Artists-All Things Considered 2
22/ Various Artists-Homeward Bound
23/Various Artists-Changing Platforms: 30 Years Contemporary Music Network
24/Jan Garbarek-Rarum # II: Selected Recordings
25/Mino Cinelu-Journey Quest
1/Various Artists-
Jazziz Magazine 20
2/Bill Frisell/Tim Sparks/Marc Ribot-Masada Guitars
3/Laura Veirs-Troubled by the Fire
4/Kelly Joe Phelps- Slingshot Professionals
5/Bill Frisell and The Intercontinental Quartet-The Intercontinentals
6/Various Artists-Schoner Horen Vol. 17
7/Various Artists- Pandemic: Music for a World Without Aids
8/Sextet- Urban Groove (composer only)
9/Mount Analog- New Skin
10/Various Artists-Guitar Harvest Vol. 1
11/Danny Barnes-Dirt on The Angel
12/Rickie Lee Jones-Evening of my Best Day
13/Petra Haden/Bill Frisell- Petra Haden and Bill Frisell
14/Various Artists-San Francisco Jazz Festival: CD Sampler, Vol. 8
15/Marianne Faithfull-20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection
16/Various Artists-Nonesuch Records 2003 Sampler
17/Various Artists-Nonesuch Records Sampler
18/Ceatano Velso-The Best of Ceatano Velso
19/Hans Tuber/Paul Rucker-Jackson Street Records Sampler 2003
20/Paul Rucker-History of a Apology
21/Various Artists-Feed the World
22/Various Artists-Nonesuch At Carnegie
23/Various Artists-Classic Jazz The Nineties
24/Various Artists-The Finest in Female Jazz Vol. 2
25/Various Artists-The Classic Guide to No Man's Land
Photo Credited to Helge Heinmann

1/Dave Douglas-Srange Liberation
2/Dave Douglas-
Interview For Strange Liberation
3/Wayne Horvitz/Martine Tucker-
4/Viktor Krauss-
Far From Enough
5/Various Artists-
UNCUT : The Nonesuch Collection
6/Paul Motion-Paul Motion in Tokyo
7/Eberhard Weber-Rarum
8/Arild Anderson-Rarum
9/Paul Motion-Rarum
10/Mocean Worker-Enter The Mowo
11/Mount Analog-New Skin
12/Jim White-Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me
13/Bill Frisell-Unspeakable
14/Jessie Harris-While the Music Lasts
15/Various Artists-Selected Recordings I-VIII
16/Claudia Heuermann: A Bookshelf On Top Of The Sky: 12 Stories About John Zorn DVD
17/Paul Motion-On Broadway Vol. 3
18/Ginger Baker-Throught The Years
19/Various Artists-Critics & Readers Choice:The Best of 2004
20/Various Artists-All Songs Considered Box Set (NPR)

1/ Bill Frisell -
Richter 858
2/ Petra Haden & Bill Frisell-
Petra Haden & Bill Frisell (reissue)
3/ Paul Motian/Joe Lovano/Bill Frisell-
I Live in the Room Above Her
4/ Various Artists-Songs That Influenced Bob Dylan
5/ Vic Chestnut-
Ghetto Bells
6/ Naked City-
The Complete Studio Recordings
7/ Paul Motion Trio-
Trioism (reissue)
8/ Loudon Wainwright III-
Here Come The Choppers
9/ Seigen Ono-
Comme Des Garcons Vol 1 & 2 (reissue)
10/ Renne Fleming-
Haunted Heart
11/ Julian Summerhill- Hologram Cowboys Lay Down With Their Horses
12/ Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez- Red Dog Tracks
13/ Lizz Wright-Dreaming Wide Awake
14/ Various Artists-The Paste Sampler June/July 05
15/ Rickie Lee Jones-
Duchess of Coolsville
16/ Tim Ries-
Music of The Rolling Stones
17/ Various Artists-Word of Mouth
18/ Various Artists -Fusion For Miles: A Tribute In Guitar - A Bitchin' Brew
19/ Seigen Ono-Comme Des Garcons/Live at Osaka (
20/ Danny Barnes-Get Myself Together
21/ Heather Greene-Five Dollar Dress
22/ Anuna-
Essential Anuna
23/ Chong Vu- It's The Residual's
24/ John Zorn-The Best of Filmworks
25/ Bill Frisell-East/West
26/Jenny Scheinman-12 Songs
27/ Charlie Haden-
Not In Our Name (composer only)


1/ Michael Shrive-Two Doors ( reissue )
2/ Jack DeJohnette -
The Elephant Sleeps But Still Remembers...
3/ Marley's Ghost -
4/ Jim Woodring -
Visions of Frank
5/ Elvis Costello and the Metopole Orkest - My Flame Burns Blue
6/ Various Artisis -
I Walk The Line 2- DVD Edition
7/ Bruce Molsky - Soon Be Time (Back Cover Notes)
8/ Paul Simon - Surprise
9/ Frisell Baron Driscoll - Live ( reissue )
10/ David Binney- Out of Airplanes
11/ Jonah Smith Band-
Johan Smith Band


Lucinda Williams-The Knowing
Frisell/Carter/Motion-The Street That I Live On
Paul Motion Trio-Live at The Village Vanguard
Robert Wilson/Hal Wilner-No Title Yet
Various Artists-Guitar Harvest Volume Two
Tony Scherr- No Title Yet
Bill Frisell/Matt Chamberlin-No Title Yet
Chris Massey Group-AtmoSpheres ( reissue )
Wayne Horvitz-Town Mouse Country Mouse
Suzanne Vega-No Title Yet