Michael Shrieve
Two Doors
Produced by: Kurt Renker
Recorded November 1993 at Bob Lang Studios, Seattle
Re-release planned for Jan. 24, 2006
1995 CMP records [Germany], CMP CD 74 (2xCD)
1995 CMP records [USA], CMP CD 74 (CD)

1. Locomotion. (1:55) (Shrieve)
2. Data Trash. (0:55) (Shrieve, Frisell)
3. Stella. (7:17) (Shrieve, Frisell, Horvitz)
4. Your Saviour. (1:48) (C. Cornell)
5. Pipeline. (0:46) (Shrieve, Frisell)
6. Crocodile. (4:21) (Shrieve, Frisell, Horvitz)
7. Lincoln Logs. (2:53) (Shrieve, Frisell, Horvitz)
8. First Train. (0:37) (Shrieve, Frisell)
9. Queen Bee. (12:04) (Shrieve, Frisell, Horvitz)
10. Flying Polly. (1:51) (Shrieve, Frisell, Horvitz)
11. Stella (Reprise). (5:02) (Shrieve, Frisell, Horvitz)

Michael Shrieve (drums), Bill Frisell (guitar), Wayne Horvitz (organ)
The Bill Frisell Discograhy 2006
Chris Thile
No Title Yet
Chris Thile from Nickel Creek has done a track with Bill Frisell for a
Joni Mitchell tribute record that Nonesuch is putting out.
There are also cuts from Bjork and Prince.

Matt Chamberlain
Working title: Friz-Chamber
With Bill Frisell and Tucker Martine, Viktor Krauss, Ron Miles and
Eyvind Kang. Ron Miles and Eyvind Kang play some incredible
parts Bill Frisell wrote for the record... Working title: Friz-Chamber.
Kang said the stuff sounded "bold, dirty and unsafe".
Release 2006

Emil Viklicky
No Title Yet
"We both made a plan to do a symphonic project in future -
Bill, me and Prague Symphony orchestra"

Suzanne Vega
No Label Yet
Produced by Lee Townsend
Recorded at Right Track Recording New York City, N.Y.
This recording will feature  Greg Leisz, Kenny Wolleson and Bill Frisell.
This recording session is on hold according to Suzanne's
management company. (thanks David Cooper Orton)

Robert Wilson and Hal Willner
Untitled Soundtrack
The artists are Joanna Newsom, Bill Frisell, Eyvind Kang, Doug Weiselman and Ralph Carney.
Its a continuous track of an intergalactic fantasy folk orchestra

Chris Massey Group
Willow Records#
Produced by
Recorded in Brooklyn, N.Y. 1978
Atmosphere will be a reissue of a recording of original jazz created in New York in 1981
on Willow Records and features Dave Gordon - piano, organ, Brian Gephart - saxophones,
wood flutes, percussion, Bill Frisell - electric & acoustic guitars, Chris Massey -
drums, percussion. "Bill was one of "those" guys back in the NYC days,
who you just loved to work with. Wildly creative, a great sound
(even then), and great fun to be around. He's an incredibly sweet person
with an undeniable power underneath. 
Kinda like a doughnut filled with Red Bull!"
- Chris Massey

Tony Scherr
No Title Yet
In May of 2005 Tony confirmed that a CD was being worked on and
Bill Frisell contributes to this release.

Various Artists
Guitar Harvest, Volume 2
Live from the New York Guitar Festival
A 2-CD set of live recordings by some of the most distinctive artists 
presented at the New York Guitar Festival since 1999.

Wayne Horvitz and Todd Moore
Town Mouse and Country Mouse
No Label
1. Is This Where You Live?
2. The Place I Call Home
3. I'll Fly Away
4. Train Medley
5. New York Town
6. Mouse Zapper
7. I've Got a Friend Medley
8. The Place I Call Home
Wayne Horvitz, piano & organ,Todd Jefferson Moore, narration,Danny Barnes, banjo & vocals.Reggie Watts, vocals.Bill Frisell, guitar,Andy Roth, drums,Keith Lowe, bass
This is a childrens audio book Wayne is shopping it around to labels.

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Jack DeJohnette
The Elephant Sleeps But Still Remembers...
Kindred Rhythm Records # 1116
Produced by
Recorded live at the Earshot Festival Seattle Oct 2001
Release Date: February 7, 2006


1/ The Elephant Sleeps But Still Remembers
2/ Cat and Mouse
3/ Entranced Androids
4/ The Garden of Chew Man Chew 
5/ Otherworldly Dervishes 
6/Through the Warphole 
7/ Storm Clouds and the Mist 
8/ Cartune Riots
9/ Ode to South Africa
10/ One Tooth Shuffle
11/ After the Rain

Jack DeJohnette (vocals, piano, drums, percussion); Bill Frisell (guitar, banjo); Ben Surman (electronics)

...The upcoming and exciting release recorded at Seattle's Earshot Festival in October 2001, The Elephant Sleeps But Still Remembers documents the incredible first performance by two unparalleled musical visionaries, Jack DeJohnette and Bill Frisell. Out of the prepared themes and on-the spot compositions come these 11 mind-blowing tracks covering a breadth of sonic territories...

Jonah Smith
Jonah Smith
Relix Records #
Produced by Lee Townsend
Recorded at
Released July 2006

Tracks include:

1/ Little Black Angels
2/ When We Say Goodnight
3/ Stay Awhile
4/ My Morning Scene
5/ Cast A Long Shadow
6/ Killing Time
7/ Everything Is New (Intro)
8/ Everything Is New
9/ Give It All Away
10/ Both Sides
11/ Dressed In White

Marly's Ghost
Produced by Van Dyke Parks
Released February 21, 2006
Recorded at Sage Arts, Arlington, Virginia.

1. Sail Away Ladies
2. Get Off The Track
3. Wicked Messenger, The
4. High Walls
5. Last Words
6. Palms Of Victory
7. Old Time Religion
8. Girl With The Blue Dress On, The / Sally In The Garden
9. Cowboy Lullaby
10. Ballad Of Johnny Hallyday, The
11. Love, Not Reason
12. There's Religion In Rhythm
13. Seaman's Hymn

Musicians include: Mike Phelan (vocals, guitar, fiddle); Dan Wheetman (vocals, banjo, autoharp); Jon Wilcow (vocals, bouzouki); Ed Littlefield Jr. (vocals, fiddle, Jew's harp); Bill Frisell (guitar); Phil Salazar (fiddle); Van Dyke Parks (piano); David Jackson, Hutch Hutchinson (bass instrument); Buell Neidlinger (arco bass); Don Heffington (Jew's harp).

Jim Woodring
Visions of Frank
Presspop Music DVD
Produced by Yasutaka Minegishi Yamada
Recorded at The Seattle Art Museum 02.06.2004
Released February 2006
Total time: 45:38

In colaboration with Jim Woodring, Bill Frisell (guitar,Composer) appears with Jenny Scheinman (violin) , Ron Miles (trumpet)

"introduction" (1.23)

VISIONS OF FRANK collects 8 Frank animations made by filmmakers. Each piece is an interpretation of a classic Frank comic and is scored by musicians from Japan and the USA. The films run the gamut of animation techniques: 3DCG, paper craft, clay, iron sand and traditional cel 2D.

For each animation, you are able to choose between the original music and the newly composed music by other musicians.

Participating musicians include James McNew (from Yo La Tengo), The Coctails, Dame Darcy, Kicell, Milk Yabe, and others.

Comes with 16-page booklet with a reprinted Frank comic and introductions to the animators and musicians.

As a bonus Woodring's own animated WHIM-GRINDER is included, with a live soundtrack composed and recorded by Bill Frisell at a performance of Mysterio Simpatico.

Elvis Costello with the Metropole Orchestra
My Flame Burns Blue / Mendoza
Deutsche Grammophon # B000599472
2006-01-09; 2xCD; Deutsche Grammophon (Australia)]
2006-01-13; 2xCD; Deutsche Grammophon UCCH-1015 (Japan)]
2006-02-28; 2xCD; Deutsche Grammophon (USA)
2006-03-06; 2xCD; Deutsche Grammophon (UK)
Produced by
Recorded at 2004 North Sea Jazz Festival
Released March 2006

Bill Frisell composed the string arrangement for:

4/ Upon a Veil of Midnight Blue  [5:12]

Bill doesn't play on this release.

Various Artists
I Walk The Line [2-Disc Collector's Edition]
Twenthith Century Fox DVD
Produced by
Recorded at
Released March 7, 2006

Bill Frisell appears as a performing musician in the movie soundtrack music, as well as in a movie related special.

DVD Disc One

Billed as a soundtrack performance musician

DVD Disc Two

Appears on an extra feature called:

"Celebrating the Man in Black: The Making of Walk the Line"

Bruce Molsky
Soon Be Time
Produced by Bruce Molsky
Compass Records # 7 4432 2
Released May 9, 2006
Recorded at Compass Sound Studio Nashville TN.

Bill Frisell wrote the back cover liner notes for this release.


Track Listing:

1. Lazy John / The Bucking Mule
2. Wandering Boy
3. Buckdancer's Choice
4. Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
5. The Brass Band Ruchenitsa
6. Georgia Belle
7. The Golden Willow tree
8. Come Home
9. Forked Deer
10. Fare Thee Well Blues
11. Cider
12. Cotton Eyed Joe
13. On My Street
14. John Brown's Dream
15. Three Fork's of Cheat

Paul Simon
Label #
Produced by Paul Simon and Brian Eno
Recorded at  Eno's studio in London as well as studios in New York and Nashville. 
Released May 9, 2006

Bill Frisell will appear on two tracks.

I recorded with Paul Simon, Its for his new album, But I dont know what I played on one ...
or two songs. - Bill Frisell on Songtone Website

Guest musicians include Steve Gadd, Herbie Hancock, and Bill Frisell.

1. How Can You Live In The Northeast
2. Everything About It Is A Love Song
3. Outrageous
4. Sure Don't Feel Like Love
5. Wartime Prayers
6. Beautiful
7. I Don't Believe
8. Another Galaxy
9. Once Upon A Time There Was An Ocean
10. That's Me
11. Father And Daughter
El Viaje
Intuition Music #
Produced by Lee Townsend and Tucker Martine
Recorded and Mixed at Flora, Seattle

Gabriela- vocals, guitar, Bill Frisell - electric & acoustic guitars, loops,
Viktor Krauss - bass, Eyvind Kang - viola, violin, Steve Moore - keyboards,
Tucker Martine - percussion

Track List:

1.La Furia
3.Alguien Grita, Nadie Escucha
5.Las Caras de la Lluvia
6.Cancion Mixteca
7.Manten Tus Ojos Abiertos
8.La Tormenta Termino
9.Crimen en el Motel Azul
10.Para Nathan
11.Mar de Bengala

All Compositions by Gabriela except:
Manten Tus Ojos Abiertos and La Tormenta Termino: music by Bill Frisell,
lyrics by Gabriela
Crimen En El Motel Azul: music by Viktor Krauss, lyrics by Gabriela
Cancion Mixteca by J. Lopez Alavez
Mar de Bengala: music by Ry Cooder and Ronu Majumdar, lyrics by Gabriela

Various Artists

The Anthology of American Folk Music Revisited
2 CD / 2 DVD Box Set

In 1952 renowned musicologist, filmmaker and painter, Harry Smith went through his vast collection of blues, old-time country, Cajun, and gospel 78s to compile the groundbreaking Anthology Of American Folk Music box set, which had a profound influence on musicians such as Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin and Bruce Springsteen.Now, The Harry Smith Project: Anthology Of American Folk Music Revisited, a 2-CD/2-DVD box set culled from a series of concerts staged by Hal Willner that took place in 1999 and 2001, pays tribute to Harry Smith and his influential Anthology.

Disc 1 - Live CD:
Highlights include exclusive live performances by Beck, Elvis Costello, Wilco, Nick Cave, Beth Orton, Steve Earle and more!

Disc 2 - Live CD:
Highlights include exclusive live performances by Lou Reed, Marianne Faithful, Todd Rundgren, Nick Cave, David Johansen, Van Dyke Parks and more!

Disc 3 - Live DVD:
The Harry Smith Project Live featuring highlights from the concerts:
1. Elvis Costello, THE BUTCHER'S BOY
2. David Johansen, OLD DOG BLUE
6. Kate & Anna McGarrigle, SUGAR BABY
8. Beth Orton, FRANKIE
9. Rosewell Rudd with Sonic Youth, DRY BONES
10. The Folksmen, OLD JOE'S PLACE
11. Robin Holcomb & Todd Rundgren, THE HOUSE CARPENTER
12. Gavin Friday with Maurice Seezer, WHEN THAT GREAT SHIP WENT DOWN
13. Philip Glass, ETUDE NO. 10
14. David Johansen, JAMES ALLEY BLUES
15. Eric Mingus with Gary Lucas, OH DEATH WHERE IS THY STING?
17. Richard Thompson with Eliza Carthy, THE COO COO BIRD
18. Bob Neuwirth with Eliza Carthy, I WISH I WAS A MOLE IN THE GROUND
19. Geoff Muldaur, POOR BOY BLUES
20. Don Byron, Percy Heath & Bill Frisell, THIS SONG OF LOVE
21. Kate & Anna McGarrigle with Elvis Costello, OMMIE WISE PART 1 & 2 (WHAT LEWIS DID LAST...)
22. Steve Earle, PRISON CELL BLUES
23. David Thomas, FISHING BLUES

Disc 4 - Documentary DVD:
The brand-new documentary, The Old, Weird America: Harry Smith Anthology Of American Folk Music, will take you on an eclectic musical journey through "The Old, Weird America." Hal Willner's Harry Smith Project concerts celebrate the eccentric genius collector and his influential Anthology Of American Folk Music. Instrumental in helping inspire the urban folk revival of the 1960s, the Anthology's continuing impact on modern music is incalculable. This film is available nowhere else.
Frisell / Driscoll / Baron
Live (reissue)
Produced by Hans Wendl
Release date: 1991/2006
1. Throughout (Frisell) 6:42  
2. Rag (Frisell) 5:17  
3. Crumb/No Moe (Frisell, Rollins) 6:35  
4. Have A Little Faith In Me (Hiatt) 5:12  
5. Pip, Squeak/Goodbye (Frisell) 8:56  
6. Hello Nellie (Frisell) 8:13  
7. Strange Meeting (Frisell) 6:45  
8. Hangdog (Frisell) 3:25  
9. Child At Heart (Frisell) 10:39  
10. Again (Frisell) 5:50  
11. When We Go (Frisell) 3:50  
Bill Frisell - Guitar
Kermit Driscoll - Bass
Joey Baron - Drums

Divid Binney
Out Of Airplanes
Produced by
Recorded at
Released online only May 6, 2006
General release planned for August 2006

This is an on-line only download of 11 tracks (I more then the general release will have)

Musicians include David Binney, Bill Frisell, Craig Taborn, Eivind Opsvik, Kenny Wollensen and Adam Rogers.

Track Samples can be heard

1/Brainstorms pt. 1
3/Jan Mayen
4/Out of Airplanes
5/The Forgotten Gems
6/Wild Child
8/Brainstorms pt. 2
9/Bring Your Dream
10.Instant Distance
11/London by Night (Bonus Track)

Various Artists
Live at the Cedar: Visionaries
Produced by Bill Kubeczko, Robert Simonds & Chris Frymire
Release # CCD 4001
Recorded at The Cedar Cultural Center Mpls., Mn. 05/16/ 03
Release Date August 29, 2006

This is a benefit CD for it's common venue, The Cedar Cultural Center.

All the various artists donated their tracks. Bill Frisell appears on:

Track 15/ That Was Then (11:55)

Bill Frisell (guitar, composer)
Viktor Krauss (bass)
Kenny Wollensen (drums)

Carrie Rodriguez
Seven Angels on A Bicycle
Train Wreck Records #
Produced by
Recorded at
Released in August 2006

Bill Frisell appears as a guest artist on this release.

1. Seven Angels on A Bicycle
2. Never Gonna Be Your Bride
3. Dirty Leather
4. He Ain't Jesus
5. Water Bound
6. Fifties French Movie
7. Don't Wanna Play House Anymore
8. Before You Say Another Word
9. Big Kiss
10. Got Your Name On It
11. He's Already Gone
12. St. Peter

Various Artists
Rouge Gallery
ANTI # 86817-2 (2 CD)
Produced by Hal Willner
Recorded at Various Locations

Bill Frisell (guitar)  appears in several different settings. Tracks include:

Disc One

1. Cape Cod Girls-Baby Gramps

Baby Gramps(guitar,vocals), Philip Morgan(banjo),Bill Frisell(guitar),
Eyvind Kang(flute,violin), Akron Family(bkgrd vocals)
Recorded in Seattle, WA. at Bear Creek Studios

8. Dead Horse-Robin Holcomb

Robin Holcomb(vocals,piano), Bill Frisell(guitar), Wayne Horvitz(keyboards), Eyvind Kang(violin), Akron Family: Seth Olinsky(guitar), Miles Seaton(guitar), Dana Janssen(bass), Ryan Vanderhoof(drums)
Recorded in Seattle, WA.  at Bear Creek Studios

9. Spanish Ladies-Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell(guitar), Hal Willner(3 buddha machines(ambient loops)
Recorded in Seattle, WA. at Bear Creek Studios

Disc Two

6. One Spring Morning-Akron/Family

Akron Family: Seth Olinsky(guitar,vocals), Miles Seaton(bass,vocals), Dana Janssen(drums,percussion,banjo,vocals), Ryan Vanderhoof(guitar,vocals), also...Eyvind Kang(violin), Bill Frisell(gitar)
Recorded in Seattle, WA. at Bear Creek Studios

14. Old Man of the Sea-Baby Gramps

Baby Gramps(vocals,guitar), Philip Morgan(irish whistle), Bill Frisell(guitar), Eyvind Kang(flute,violin)
Recorded in Saettle, WA. at Bear Creek Studios

Other artists include: Richard Thompson, Nick Cave, Loudon Wainwright lll, Bryan Ferry, Sting, Teddy Thompson, Van Dyke Parks, Lou Reed, Gavin Friday, Rufus Wainwright, Kate McGarrigle, Bono, Lucinda Williams, Ralph Steadman and many, many others.

Bill Frisell Ron Carter Paul Motion
Bill Frisell Ron Carter Paul Motion
Produced by Lee Townsend Production Assistance: Adam Blomber
Recorded February 14-15, 2005, at Avatar Studios, New York, NY

Bill Frisell - guitar
Ron Carter - bass
Paul Motian - drums

2/You Are My Sunshine
3/Worse and Worse
4/Raise Four
5/Pretty Polly
6/On the Street Where You Live
10/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Song Samples and Ordering Information
Emil Viklicky
Cookin' in Bonn
Dekkor #
Produced by
Recorded at
Release Date October 16, 2006

Bill Frisell is Credited with an addition to the Liner Notes. Bill Frisell
DOES NOT perform on this release.

Musicians include: Emil Viklicky(Keyboard), Frantisek Uhlir(Bass), Laco Tropp(Drums)

1/ Father's Blues 
2/  Lover Come Back 
3/  Aspen Leaf 
4/  Desire 
5/  Wine Oh Wine 
6/  Cottontail 
7/  Song For Jane 
8/  Buhaina 
9/  Mona Lisa
Gianmaria Head
From This part of the Sea
Label #
Produced by
Recorded in
Released on October 23, 2006

Bill Frisell (guitars) appears on several tracks:

2/Rrock (5 ' 17 '')
Gianmaria Head - voice, guitar
Claudius Dadone - guitar
Enzo Pietropaoli - contrabbasso
Philippe Garci'a - battery, percussions
Bill Frisell - guitar electrical worker
Gabriel Mirabassi - clarinetto

5/Burlap of spider (5 ' 18 '')
Gianmaria Head - voice, guitar
Greg Cohen - contrabbasso
Claudius Dadone - guitar
Philippe Garci'a - battery, percussions
Bill Frisell - guitar electrical worker
Paul Fresu - bugle

7/3/4 (4 ' 27 '')
Gianmaria Head - voice, guitar
Claudius Dadone - guitar
Enzo Pietropaoli - contrabbasso
Philippe Garci'a - percussions
Bill Frisell - guitar electrical worker

9/Ritals (4 ' 10 '')
Gianmaria Head - voice, guitar
Claudius Dadone - guitar
Philippe Garci'a - plates
Bill Frisell - guitar electrical worker
Vittorio Piombo - violoncello
Piero Salvatori - violoncello
Sebastiano Strict - violoncello
Various Artists
Acoustic Woman
Union Square Records #
3CD Box Set [Britian]
Released in 2006

Bill Frisell appears on a previously released track on  Disc 2:

8. Yellow - Petra Haden & Bill Frisell
Elvis Costello and The Brodsky Quartet
The Juilite Letters Remastered and Expanded 2 CD Set
Released March 21, 2006

Bill Frisell (guitar, composer) appears on two previously released live tracks on the second, expanded disc:

CD Two

35. Gigi (Loewe)  Performed by  Bill Frisell, Costello
36. Deep Dead Blue (Frisell) Performed by Bill Frisell, Costello
Lincoln Briney
Foreign Affair
SSJ Records [Japan]
Produced by
Recorded at

Bill Frisell appears on two tracks. This CD will be released in the USA in the summer of 2007

1 Foreign Affair
2 Tethered
3 Besame Mucho
4 The Gentle Rain
5 Violets For Your Furs
6 Thinking Out Loud
7 Haunt Me
8 Love Is Stronger Than Pride
9 The Way We Feel Now
10 Dreamer (Viva Sonandho)
11 Chorado
12 Moon And Sand
13 Modinha
14 Come Back As A Flower (bonus track)