Tim Ries
Music Of The Rolling Stones
Produced by
Released in Japan SACD format June  2005
U.S. Release scheduled for August 9th, 2005

Bill Frisell appears on four tracks.

Three in Munich with Charlie Watts and Darryl Jones.
One in New York with Norah Jones, Tony Scherr, Clarence Penn and Stacey Shames (Tim's wife) on harp.

Contributing recording artists include  Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Sheryl Crow, Bill Frisell, Ben Monder, Darryl Jones, John Patitucci, Jeff Ballard, Brian Blade, Clarence Penn, Michael Davis, Lisa Fischer, Bernard Fowler, Luciana Souza, Bill Charlap, Larry Goldings, Edward Simon, Chuck Leavell, Roberto DiGioia, and Mauro Refusco. The touring ensemble will borrow from the above list of luminaries.

Tim Ries arrangements of Jagger-Richards songs: Satisfaction, Slipping Away, Honky Tonk Women, As Tears Go By, Paint It Black, Gimme Shelter, Street Fighting Man, Wild Horses, Ruby Tuesday, Waiting On A Friend, Angie, You Canít Always Get What You Want.

"I was so pleased that Bill was able to do it. He was the first person I thought about, other than the Stones, for this project." - Tim Ries
The Bill Frisell Discography 2005
Bill Frisell Trio
Live East/West
Produced by Lee Townsend
Engineered by Tucker Martine, Claudia Engelhart
Recorded at  Yoshi's Oakland, CA. May 2003
Release Date  August 9, 2005

Two New Frisell Trio CD's recorded in concert

Disc 1 WEST            
I Heard It Through the Grapevine
Blues for Los Angeles       
Pipe Down      
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall      

Disc 2 EAST            
My Man's Gone Now      
The Days of Wine and Roses
You Can Run      
Ron Carter      
Goodnight Irene
The Vanguard      
Tennessee Flat Top Box

"East/West", the specially-priced double-live CD featuring Bill Frisell's two working trios will be released in May on Nonesuch. "West", featuring Bill's trio with Viktor Krauss and Kenny Wollesen was recorded at Yoshi's in Oakland and includes a number of Frisell originals as well as versions of "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" and "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall".

"East" features Frisell's other working trio with Tony Scherr and Kenny Wollesen. It was recorded at the Village Vanguard in New York City. The repertoire includes interpretations of "Lost Highway", "Masters of War", "What the World Needs Now", "Over the Rainbow", and "Paradox".

Claudia Engelhart engineered the Yoshi's performances and Tucker Martine engineered the Vanguard dates. Greg Calbi mastered both. Lee Townsend is producing.

In addition, a second set of material from both the "East" and "West" venues will be made available as a special download at Songtone.com, Napster & ITunes.

Tim, Roberto Di Gioia, Charlie Watts, Darryl Jones, Bill
MP3 Sample
Naked City
The Complete Studio Recordings
Tzadik #7344-5
Released in March  2005

"I have radically remastered this music with exacting and loving attention to every last detail. Mistakes have been corrected, balances adjusted and thanks to the latest in digital technology the music is louder, clearer, more in your face and exploding with more energy than ever before. Even if you already own all of the original discs, I strongly urge you to pick this set up and experience Naked City as it always should have sounded. " -John Zorn Probably Zorn's most popular and most controversial musical project, the music of Naked City has been debated, analyzed, adored and reviled by fans, critics and academics alike, but nothing can replace the experience of hearing it in all its frightening glory. Most people know this music from the single domestic release on Nonesuch, but the major portion of their studio recordings were issued from 1989 - 1993 on the hard to find Japanese labels Avant and Toy's Factory. This long awaited set pulls together all of their recorded output - seven studio albums ( including five released only in Japan ) - on 5 CDs in beautiful new packaging, with a special 100 page scrapbook of Naked City ephemera, including photos, posters, designs, scores, musical sketches, written tributes by members of the Naked City family and pages from Zorn's original notebooks showing the development of the music that drove so many people out of their minds. Zorn's music at its most brutal and uncompromising best. BONUS TRACK CREATED EXCLUSIVELY FOR THIS SET: A spectacular new vocal version of the 18' composition Grand Guignol featuring the charismatic singer from Fantomas, Mr. Bungle and Faith No More, Naked City Alumni Mike Patton. A tour de force concerto for voice and ensemble, finally realizing Zorn's long form composition as it was originally conceived.
Loudon Wainwright III
Here Come the Choppers
Sovereign Records # SOV 1958
roduced by Lee Townsend
Recorded at MX Solutions, Vancouver, B.C.

Release on April 19, 2005

1/ My Biggest Fan
2/ No Sure Way
3/ Had to Be Her
4/ Hank and Fred
5/ Half Fist [with Loudon on banjo]
6/ To Be on TV
7/ God's Country
8/ Make Your Mother Mad
9/ When You Leave
10/ Nanny
11/ Choppers
12/ Things

Loudon Wainwright III (vocals, acoustic guitar), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Greg Leisz (lap steel, pedal steel, mandolin, electric guitar), David Piltch (acoustic and electric bass), Jim Keltner (drums, percussion)

"The plan formulated by my producer Lee Townsend was to familiarize the other players with the songs ahead of time by giving them my voice and guitar demos. Bill Frisell, natural leader that he is, wrote out some terrific charts. The band and I rehearsed for a day and then, in Nike-like fashion, we just did it. We had no other logistical choice really since Frisell, Keltner, Leisz and Piltch are working all the time and very much in demand. Iíd played with Bill and Greg a few summers ago on some shows in Germany and David and Greg backed me up on a session I did earlier this year. Jim Keltner and I hadnít seen each other since 1975 when he drummed on my album "Unrequited."" -LW3
Renee Fleming
Haunted Heart
Decca # 602498806029
Produced by
Recorded at
Release scheduled for May 10, 2005

Bill Frisell (guitars) appears on tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13.
Fred Hersch also appears on this recording.

Tracks include:

1/Haunted Heart (5:21)
2/ River (Joni Mitchell) (4:21)
3/ When Did You Leave Heaven (2:53)
4/ You've Changed (5:16)
5/ Answer Me My Love (3:49)
6/ My Cherie Amour (3:22)
7/ In My Life (Lennon McCartney) (5:09)
8/ The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Jim Webb)  (4:09)
9/ The Midnight Sun (6:16)
10/ Liebst du um SchŲnheit Op. 12 (2:40)
11/ This Is Always
12/ My One And Only Love / This Is Always (8:03)
13/ Song Of Love (CanÁ„o do Amor) (3:48)
14/ Psychť (2:55)

An eclectic mix of ballads - jazz standards and popular tunes - as well as three classical pieces. "It's intimate. I sing it an octave lower than I ever sing, as if I'm whispering in somebody's ear. It's going to be a surprise. A few people I've played it for had no idea it's me."

While final decisions on content are still pending, the CD is likely to include the title song, Arthur Schwartz's "Haunted Heart," and Joni Mitchell's "River," as well as a song by Gustav Mahler. Fleming will be accompanied on the recording by two jazz stalwarts: pianist Fred Hersch and guitarist Bill Frisell. It was hearing Mr. Hersch's own recording of "Haunted Heart" that inspired Fleming's desire to collaborate with him. "I was driving in San Francisco, and when I heard it, I had to pull over," she says.

Mr. Frisell transcribed the Mahler piece, she says, making clear that "it is not a jazz arrangement" but an exact transcription of the original song, whose title Fleming declines to identify. "He made a soundscape with layers of atmospherics. It's kind of other-worldly." The classical pieces fit with the jazz and popular standards, she explains, because "I sing them at least a fifth lower than my normal soprano register."
Vic Chesnutt
Ghetto Bells
New West Records # NW6071
Produced by John Chelew
Recorded September 26-October 3, 2004 at Don Heffington's Backyard Guesthouse, Los Feliz, CA. and Vic Chesnutt's Home Studio and Pacifica Studios
Release Date March 22, 2005

Bill Frisell (expansive guitars, thumb piano on "Gnats")

1/Virginia (5:02)
2/Little Ceasar (4:01)
3/What Do You Mean? (4:55)
4/Got To Me (3:48)
5/Ignorant People (4:23)
6/Forthright (7:32)
7/To Be With You (2:59)
8/Vesuvius (6:23)
9. Rambunctious Cloud (6:59)
10/The Garden (3:01)
11/Gnats (5:12)

Musicians include: Bill Frisell, Van Dyke Parks, Liz Durrett, Don Heffington, Dominic Genova, Tina Chesnutt,.

"Bill is kind of like a magnet. He has this definite artistic force field around him. And the notes that he plays are just mesmerizing. Itís crazy how much sound comes out of his guitar."-Vic Chesnutt

"Having Van Dyke in the sessions really was a dream come true. His lyrics have been a huge inspiration to me over the years. Him being there was like recording with Mark Twain, Erik Satie, Timothy Leary and Booker T.!"-Vic Chesnutt
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez
Red Dog Tracks
Train Wreck Records #
Produced by

Recorded at
Released May 24, 2005

Full track preview
2/Keep your hat on Jenny (3:26)

Bill Frisell makes a guest appearance on their 2005 release
Paul Motian Trio
I Have The Room Above Her
ECM # 1902
Produced by  Manfred Eicher
Recorded April 2004
Release Date 2005

Bill Frisell guitar, Joe Lovano tenor saxophone, Paul Motian drums

1/ Osmosis Part III
2/ Sketches
3/ Odd Man out
4/ Shadows
5/ I Have The Room Above Her
6/ Osmosis Part I
7/ Dance
8/ Harmony
9/ The Riot Act
10 /The Bag Man
11/ One In Three
12/ Dreamland

"The spontaneous interplay between the musicians is just phenomenal. Motianís drums deal with texture and colour, and heís often hinting at rhythms which are way off centre, but somehow place an authoritative stamp on the music. Frisellís guitar chimes with admirable restraint, and he never resorts to that somewhat turgid electric guitar style heís best known for. Meanwhile, Lovanoís sax snakes around the melodies with luxurious ease.
Since the 1950s Motian has played on key sessions with, among others, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and Geri Allen. I Have The Room Above Her capitalises on this legacy, while developing an entirely new voice. A brilliant record."
-Richard Wolfson, Daily Telegraph
Bill Frisell
Richter 858
Songlines # SGL SA1551-2
Produced by David Breskin
Released January 11, 2005

This is music from Richter 858, originally commissioned and recorded to accompany a book of paintings by Gerhard Richter, which was only available in limited quantities back in 2002.

The pieces were directly inspired by a specific painting, and recorded live to two-track with no editing or overdubs. In the booklet are thoughts and guidelines given to Frisell by producer David Breskin and an interview on the subject with Frisell, and they shed a great deal of light on the process of how this music was created. 

1/ 858-1    
2/ 858-2   
3/ 858-3    
4/ 858-4    
5/ 858-5    
6/ 858-6    
7/ 858-7   
8/ 858-8

Bill Frisell (guitar/effects), Eyvind Kang (viola), Jenny Scheinman (violin),  Hank Roberts (cello)
Read an interview with Bill Frisell about Richter 858 HERE
Read an interview with David Breskin  about Richter 858 HERE
An online review
Petra Haden and Bill Frisell
Petra Haden and Bill Frisell
Sovereign Artists #
Produced by Lee Townsend
Engineered by Tucker Martine
Recorded at Trillium Lane Studio, Seattle
Released January 11, 2004

This is a
reissue of the 2003 CD by the same name.

Formerly of the group That Dog, Petra Haden  is a member of the musical Haden family, which includes here renowned bass playing father, Charlie.

Here, she is  collaborating with Bill Frisell interpreting songs such as "Satellite" by Elliot Smith, "Floaty" by Dave Grohl, "Moon River" by Henry Mancini, "Yellow" by Coldplay, "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" by Tom Waits, "I Believe" by Stevie Wonder, "I've Got a Crush on You" by George Gershwin, "When You Wish Upon a Star", "John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man", a Tuvan folk song and originals by both Bill and Petra..
Album Background
  Viktor Krauss                 Kenny Wollensen
Magazine Ad
Down beat Review
Various Artists
Track Inspired by Bob Dylan
Uncut Magazine CD
February 2005 Issue

This is a free CD which came with the February 2005 issue of Uncut Magazine (UK)

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on a previously release track from Douglas September's 1998 release, Ten Bulls.

1/ Lady & I - Douglas September  from the Gold Circle album TEN BULLS
Press Kit
Song Samples and Info HERE
Read an article from SF Gate on this music
Paul Motion Trio
Winter & Winter JMT 919067
Produced by Stefan F. Winter and Paul Motion
RPM Recording Studios, NYC, June 1993
Release planned for April 12,2005

This is a
reissue of Paul Motion Trio's 1993 release.

1. It Should've Happened A Long Time Ago.  (8:43) 
2. Cosmology.  (6:22) 
3. Blue Midnight.  (4:09) 
4. Congestion.  (2:37) 
5. Monica's Garden.  (3:31) 
6. Jack Of Clubs.  (5:08) 
7. Play.  (4:53) 
8. In Remembrance Of Things Past.  (7:26) 
9. Zabel.  (1:33) 
10. Endgame.  (3:56)
Bill FRISELL:  guitar 
Joe LOVANO:  tenor sax 
Paul MOTIAN:  drums 
Dewey REDMAN:  tenor sax 

All compositions by Paul MOTIAN
A Review
Additional Information/Samples
Loudon At 2004's Century of Song
Liz Wright
Dreaming Wide Awake

Verve Forecast # B0004069-02
Release scheduled for June 14th, 2005
Recorded at Allaire Studios in Woodstock, NY
Produced by Craig Street

Her core band on this release includes Chris Bruce(guitars), Earl Harvin(drums), Glenn Patscha(Keys,backing vocals). and David Piltch(bass).

Bill Frisell(guitar) appears on:

1/ A Taste of Honey (Marlow/Scott) (3:43)
9/ Get Together (Chester Powers) (4:41)
11/ Dreaming Wide Awake (Lizz Wright) (3:43)

Note: Greg Leisz(guitar) appears on 4 additional tracks

Vocalist Lizz Wright is readying her sophomore album, "Dreaming Wide Awake," for a June 14 release through Verve Forecast. The set was recorded with producer Craig Street (Cassandra Wilson, k.d. lang) and features the talents of guitarist Bill Frisell, Mark Anthony Thompson (aka Chocolate Genius) and organist Glenn Patscha (Ollabelle).

Wright co-wrote the track "Hit the Ground" with Jesse Harris  and Toshi Reagon, and penned two other originals for the 11-track set. The balance is comprised of covers of Neil Young's ("Old Man,") Joe Henry's( "Stop,") Ella Jenkins'( "Wake Up Little Sparrow") and songs popularized by the Youngbloods ("Get Together") and the Beatles ("A Taste of Honey").
See Back Cover Here
Seigen Ono
Comme Des Garcons/Live At Osaka
Saidera 1001H Japan [Hybrid SA-CD set]
Produced by Seigen Ono
Recorded in concert in Oskaka Japan
Released summer 2005

A compilation of cuts from Comme Des Garcons Vol 1 [7 cuts] and Vol 2 [8 cuts] Remastered for two channel SACD [also present on the regular 2 channel CD layer] plus LIVE at OSAKA etc. on Multi-ch CD.

Jazz artist Seigen Ono was offered the unusual opportunity to supply music for Commes des Garcons fashion shows in the late 80s and gathered together the cream of New York's downtown avant-garde to create some of the more unusual runway music ever created. Most of these songs were recorded in the late 80s and transferred to DSD for this release.

  2/ All Men are Heels 
  3/After You... 
  5/You will be All Right 
  7/Something to Hold on to 
  8/You saw it 
  9/Round the Globe 
  10/Pessoa Quase Certa 
  11/Roman Marching Band 
  13/Another Groove 
  14/Staying on the Beach All Day 
  15/Hunting for Lions 
  16/Long Voyage

Julian Summerhill
The Hologram Cowboys Lay Down With Their Horses
Self Released
Produced by Julian Summerhill
Released April 4, 2005

Bill Frisell (guitars) appears on three of nine tracks:

1/ Broken World (5:45)
2/ Stone Me (6:25)
3/ Lift and Velocity (4:42)

Musicians include: Bill Frisell, Darol Anger, Jim Campilongo, Todd Sickafoose, Ches Smith, Bruce Kaphan and Noe Venable

Summerhill recorded with Bill Frisell previously under the name Victor Bruce Godsey (See 1995's Frisell Godsey Ales
American Blood/Safety in Numbers)

"... he (Bill Frisell)  got to NYC where I was living and we just... we started playing a lot... experimenting... we had an ongoing... not a band... but what the Situationists would call a... situation together for about three years there... where we would play with different aggregations of guest musicians and whoever... and just improvise... knock down doors... erase boundaries... we called it "The Dismembers" because it was always changing... with new people... again, I was witness to Bill evolving that amazing, singular style of his... that... sound!... " - Julian Summerhill

Listen to track samples HERE
Various Artists
The Paste Sampler
June/July 05 Issue

This disc accompanies the June/July 2005 magazine Paste

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on one previously released track from the Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriquez CD
Red Dog Tracks:

15/ Keep Your Hat on Jenny (3:26)

Rickie Lee Jones
Duchess of Coolsville
Rhino # R2 79715 [3 CD]
Produced by Rickie Lee Jones, Steve Berlin, David Kalish
Recorded in multipule locations
Released June 28, 2005

Bill Frisell appears on two previously released tracks from Rickie Lee Jones 2003 release The Evening of my Best Day:

Disc One
4/ Bitchenostrophy

Disc Two
9/ Ugly Man

Also Bill Frisell appears on one previously unreleased track:

Disc Three

4/ Altas" Marker (The Aviator) (live) (7:55)

Various Artists
Word of Mouth
A Word Magazine Presentation [UK]
Produced by Lee Townsend
Recorded in  MX Solutions, Vancouver, B.C
Magazine and companion disc issued in  June,2005

Bill Frisell appears on one previously released track from Loudon Wainwright's 2005 release
Here Come the Coppers:

5/ Had to be Her (5:02)

Various Artists
Fusion For Miles: A Tribute In Guitar - A Bitchin' Brew
Tone Center # TC 40412 [CDs]
Produced by Mike Varney
Bill Frisell recorded at Flora Studio Seattle, WA. by Tucker Martine
Release scheduled for Aug 2

This release features 10 differents guitarists with a core band made up of the following personel: Jeff Richman (guitar); Larry Goldings (organ); Alphonso Johnson (bass guitar); Vinnie Colaiuta (drums) with Dave Liebman (Sax...4 tracks)

Bill Frisell (guitars, Loops) appears on one track:

5/ Nefertiti (Wayne Shorter) (5:41)

Other guitarists appearing include: Mike Stern, Pat Martino, Warren Haynes, Bill Connors,  Bireli Lagrene and Others

Other Miles Davis tracks covered include: Black Satin , Splatch, So What, Eighty One, Serpents Tooth, It's About That Time,
Back Seat Betty, Spanish Key

Sound Samples and Reviews
Danny Barnes
Get Myself Together
Terminus Records #
Produced by
Recorded at Garey Sheltonís Studio Seattle, WA.
Released August 2, 2005

Bill Frisell appears on this release. It features fiddler prodigy Brittany Haas.

1/ Get Myself Together
2/ Rat's Ass
3/ Big Girl Blues
4/ Get Me Out of Jail
5/ Sympathy for the Devil
6/ Cumberland Gap
7/ Let Your Light Shine on Me
8/ Cut A Rug
9/ Corn Kingdom Come
10/ Wasted Mind
11/ Get It On Down the Line
12/ Cat to the Rat
13/ Big Shoe

Heather Greene
Five Dollar Dress
Produced by Tucker Martine

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on the following tracks:

1/Just What I Needed
2/ Not Exactly
8/ Saving Goodbye
9/ I Wanna Thank You
10/ Looking Glass
11/ Five Dollar Dress

Track 11 is acually a duet between the singer and Frisell.

Other sideman include Keith Lowe, Tucker Martine, Eyvind Kang and The tosca String Quartet.

"I met Tucker Martine in Seattle WA while I was on my tour across the country with just my keyboard in tow. I was playing in some small place followed by a man who did a lot of Jimmy Buffett covers. Tucker loved my sound and recruited me to do a record with him. His productions are absolutely amazing Ė spacious, pretty and haunting. I couldnít resist when he sent to me a sample. I considered it immediately. Bill Frisell works closely with Tucker, and I was lucky enough to have the incredible guitar player agree to work on my CD with us. Tucker was sent to the gig by a viola player I met while bartending at Tonic, which I did for many years." - Heather Greene
Song Samples...HERE
Essential Anuna
Koch Records #
Produced by
Recorded at   
Released on March 08, 2005

This release contains a previously released track from the 1996 self-titled release,
Anuna, co-written by Bill Frisell and Elvis Costello:

10/ Deep Dead Blue

Bill Frisell DOES NOT appear on this CD release
Cuong Vu
It's Mostly Residual
Produced by Laurent Brondel and Cuong Vu
Recorded at Avast! Recording, Seattle, WA Jan. 2005
Released 2005

1/ It's Mostly Residual 
2/ Expressions of a Neurotic Impulse 
3/ Patchwork 
4/ Brittle, Like Twigs 
5/ Chitter Chatter 
6/ Blur

Cuong Vu - trumpet , Stomu Takeishi - bass , Ted Poor - drums , Bill Frisell - guitar
John Zorn
The Best Of Filmworks: 20 Years Of Soundtrack Music
Tzadik #
Produced by John Zorn
Recorded in various locations
Released August 23, 2005

Bill Frisell(guitars) appears on two previously released track:

1/She Must Be Seeing Things, film score Main Title
with Anthony Coleman, David Hofstra, Bobby Previte, Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz

3/Cynical Hysterie Hour, film score
with Peter Scherer, Bobby Previte, Carol Emanuel, Marc Ribot, Christian Marclay, Wayne Horvitz, Bill Frisell, Cyro Baptista, Jill Jaffe, Kermit Driscoll, Maxine Neuman

Jenny Scheinman
12 Songs
Cryptogramophone # CG 125
Produced by Jenny Scheinman and Sascha Von Oertzen
Recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY December 13-14, 2004

Track Listing :
1/The Frog Threw His Head Back And Laughed (6:06)  
2/Song Of The Open Road (5:00)  
3/Moe Hawk (6:33)  
4/Sleeping In The Aquifer (3:16)  
5/The Bouy Song (4:39)  
6/She Couldn't Believe It Was True (3:55)  
7/Suza (5:23)  
8/Little Calypso (2:57)
9/Satelite (2:04)  
10/Antenna (7:32)  
11/Albert (3:29)
12/June 21 (4:32)

Musicians: Jenny Scheinman - violin, Ron Miles - cornet (1-3,5,10-12), Doug Wieselman - clarinets (1,3,5-12), Rachelle Garniez - accordian (1-4,6,11-12), piano (5,9), claviola (7-8) , Bill Frisell - electric guitar (1-7,10-12), Tim Luntzel - acoustic bass (1-7,10-12) , Dan Rieser - drums (1-7,10-12)
Charlie Haden & The Liberation Music Orchestra
Not In Our Name
Verve #
Produced by
Recorded at
Released August 30, 2005

Bill Frisell composed a track:
7/ Throughout

Bill Frisell DOES NOT appear on this release

Paul Motian Trio
Live at the Village Vanguard
Winter & Winter/JMT # 919 080-2
Produced by
Recorded at
Release scheduled for Oct 11

1. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Heart (Robin/Rainger)
2. Abacus
3. Folk Song For Rosie
4. The Owl Of Cranston
5. 5 Miles To Wrentham
6. Yahllah
7. The Sunflower
8. Circle Dance
Compositions by Paul Motian, except title 1

total time: 69:09

Joe Lovano, tenor sax, Bill Frisell, guitar, guitar synthesizer, Paul Motian, drums

Various Artists
Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar
Sony Music # [4 CD Set]
Various Producers
Released 2005
Tracks from 1906 - 2001.

Bill Frisell(guitar,composer) appears on one previously released track:

Disc 4

10/ Ron Carter

Jerry Douglas
The Best Kept Secret
Koch Records #
Produced By Jerry Douglas
Recorded at
Released September 20, 2005

Bill Frisell(guitar) appears on one track:

6/ Lil Ro Ro
Details on the 1989 Release
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