Wayne Horvitz/Tucker Martine
Terminius # 0301-2
Produced by Wayne Horvitz & Tucker Martine
Recorded at Other Room Music, FLORA, and Trillum Lane Studios
Release Date: February 3, 2004

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on:

1/ Pop Client (4:41)
4/ Varmint (3:32)
7/ Workaholic Song (5:49)
9/ Earthbound (4:07)
12/ Chi-Chi Marina (5:05)

Additional artists include: Danny Barnes, Robin Holcomb, Eyvind Kang, Briggan Krauss, Keith Lowe, Bobby Previte, Andy Roth, Skerik, Reggie Watts, Doug Wieselman & Timothy Young
The Bill Frisell Discography 2004
Viktor Krauss
Far From Enough
Nonesuch # 79819-2
Produced by Lee Townsend
Recorded at Sound Emporium/ Brown Cloud Nashville Tenn. Feb 2003
Release Date February 4, 2004

It features Jerry Douglas, Bill Frisell, Steve Jordan and Alison Krauss.
Sessions  took place in Nashville Feb 2003.

1/ For A Good Time (4:35)
2/ Far From Enough (4:02)
3/ Overcast (6:47)
4/ Tended (5:29)
5/ Philo (4:30)
6/ Big Log (4:58)
7/ Playground (4:07)
8/ Grit Lap (5:32)
9/ Sunday Afternoon Man (5:28)
10/ Side Street (3:58)
11/ Here To Be Me (2:06)
12/ Split Window (5:19)
Bill Frisell
Nonesuch # 79812
Produced by Hal Willner
Released August 20, 2004

1/ 1968 4:35 
2/ White Fang 5:39 
3/ Sundust 2:36
4/ Del Close 5:03 
5/ Gregory C. 5:38 
6/ Stringbean 5:57 
7/ Hymn for Ginsberg 2:24 
8/ Alias 7:56 
9/ Who Was That Girl? 4:50 
10/ D. Sharpe 4:10 
11/ Fields of Alfalfa 3:38 
12/ Tony 3:37 
13/ Old Sugar Bear 7:10 
14/ Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye 8:58

Bill Frisell - guitars, Hal Willner - turntables, samples, Tony Scherr - bass, guitar, Kenny Wollesen - drums, Don Alias - percussion, Steven Bernstein - trumpet, Briggan Krauss - baritone sax, Curtis Fowlkes - trombone, Adam Dorn - synth, The 858 Strings: Jenny Scheinman - violin, Eyvind Kang - viola, Hank Roberts - cello
Dave Douglas
Strange Liberation
Bluebird Jazz/BMG #  50818
Produced by Dave Douglas
Recorded at
Release Date  January 27, 2004

1. A Single Sky - 2:05
2. Strange Liberation - 8:04
3. Skeeter-Ism - 5:58
4. Just Say This - 6:29
5. Seventeen - 8:39
6. Mountains from the Train - 5:15
7. Rock of Billy - 5:55
8. The Frisell Dream - 3:54
9. Passing Through - 1:36
10. The Jones - 4:24
11. Catalyst - 5:08

Dave Douglas (trumpet),
Bill Frisell (guitar), Chris Potter (horn), Uri Crane (keyboard), Clarence Penn (drums)
Jessie Harris
While The Music Lasts
Blue Thumb #
Released scheduled for July 13, 2004

01/ Wild Eyes 
02/ Wish I Was A Bird 
03/ I Never Changed My Mind 
04/ More 
05/ I Have No Idea 
06/ While The Music Lasts 
07/ Gone Gone Gone
08/ Forever Nowhere
09/ Burn 
10/ Always Seem To Get Things Wrong 
11/ Mirror Ball
12/ Don't Need That
13/ Open Your Eyes
14/ One Day The Dam Will Break

Jesse's new CD, "While The Music Lasts" will be released on July 13th. The album features guest appearances by Norah Jones, Bill Frisell, & others. Van Dyke Parks contributes string arrangements on four songs.  Kenny Wollensen and Tony Scherr will also appear on this release.
Mount Analog
New Skin
FILMguerrero # fg17
Produced by Tucker Martine
Recorded at Martine's Flora Studio  Seattle, WA.

Musicians include Tucker Martine, Bill Frisell, Eyvind Kang, Doug Weiselman, Jon Hyde, Steve Moore and Bruce Wirth.

Track listing:
Harry Smith's Cats
3/Night Night
4/Bell & Howell
7/Giving Up The Ghost
8/Gospel Melodica
10/Freeze Green
11/The Wake

New Skin is the second full-length album from Seattle based musician/ producer Tucker Martine's Mount Analog collective. The first album was released in 1997 by the Bay Area's Pehr Label, and was compiled mostly of compositions Martine had made for a slow, dark Japanese dance form called Butoh. In the years since this first effort, Martine has become a highly sought-after producer and musician, and has worked on records by artists as accomplished and diverse as Jim White, Keith Lowe Fred Chalenor, Dave Carter, Modest Mouse, The Long Winters, Laura Veirs, Land of the Loops, Bill Frisell, Sam Rivers, Jesse Sykes, John Zorn, and Lori Carson. New Skin was made gradually between these sessions and recorded mostly in Martine's Flora Studio in Seattle, Washington. The record is immediately engaging and cinematic; repeated listenings reveal intricate layers of early American folk, classical ambience, as well as Martine's extensive field recording work in Morocco, Mali, Turkey and the US. The result is a strikingly original and haunting collage. From the design of Jeff Kleinsmith, Mount Analog's New Skin is delivered in mighty drill-proof digipack packaging.

Bill Frisell--Eric Lilgestrand--Hal Willner
Photo by The Village Photogallery
Paul Motian
Rarum XVI: Selected Recordings
Produced By
Recorded in Norway, Germany and the United States between 1972 - 1987.
Release Date: March 16, 2004

Musicians include: Paul Motian (drums, percussion); Charles Brackeen (soprano & tenor saxophone); John Surman (soprano saxophone); Billy Drewes (alto saxophone); Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone); Paul Pley, Keith Jarrett (piano); Bill Frisell (guitar); Ed Schuller, David Izenzon, J.F. Jenny-Clark (acoustic bass).

Selections chosen by  Motion himself, who has also written the liner notes and provided photos from his collections. May have material on CD for the first time.

1/One In Four 
2/Conception Vessel 
5/Folk Song For Rosie 
7/It Should've Happened A Long Time Ago 
9/ Mandeville
Press Sheet
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Arild Anderson
Rarum XIX: Selected Recordings
Produced By
Recorded in Norway between 1975 and 1999.
Release Date: March 16, 2004

Musicians include: Arild Andersen (acoustic & electric basses); Nana Vasconcelos (vocals, percussion); Kirsten Braten Berg (vocals); Juhani Aaltonen (tenor saxophone, flute); Tore Brunborg, Bendik Hofseth (tenor saxophone); Nils Petter Molvaer (trumpet); Kenny Wheeler (flugelhorn); Knut Riisnaes (flute); Jon Balke (piano, electric piano); Lars Jansson (piano, synthesizer); John Taylor, Vassilis Tsabropoulos, Steve Dobrogosz (piano); Kenneth Knudsen, Bugge Wesseltoft (keyboards); Ralph Towner, Bill Frisell, Frope Alnaes (guitar); Jon Christensen, Paolo Vinaccia, Pal Thowsen, Alphonse Mouzon, John Marshall, Paul Motian (drums).
Cikada String Quartet: Odd Hannisdal, Henrik Hannisdal (violin); Marek Konstantynowicz (viola); Morten Hannisdal (cello).

Selections chosen by  Anderson himself, who has also written the liner notes and provided photos from hiscollections. May have material on CD for the first time.

1/ Vanilje 
2/ Svev 
3/ Island, The 
4/ 305 W. 18th St. 
5/ For All We Know 
6/ Sword Under His Wings, The 
7/ Shorts 
8/ Gardsjenta 
9/ Sagn 
10/ She's Gone (From A Norwegian Folksong) 
11/ Printer 
12/ Song I Used To Play, A 
13/ Sole
Eberhard Weber
Rarum XVIII: Selected Recordings
Release Date: February 10, 2004

Selections chosen by  Weber  himself, who has also written the liner notes and provided photos from his collections. May have material on CD for the first time. 96/24 bit remastered digipack.
Various Artists
UNCUT: The Nonsuch Collection

This is a CD release which accompanies
the March  2004 U.K. magazine UNCUT

Bill Frisell (guitar, composer) appears on two tracks: 3 & 14

1. DAVID BYRNE – GLASS, CONCRETE & STONE (from forthcoming album “Grown Backwards”)
2. SAM PHILLIPS – ALL NIGHT (from forthcoming album “A Boot And A Shoe”)
3. BILL FRISELL – DEL CLOSE (from forthcoming album)
4. RANDY NEWMAN – POLITICAL SCIENCE (from “The Randy Newman Songbook Vol. 1”)
5. GABY KERPEL – CARNABAILITO (from the album “Carnabailito”)
6. MAGNETIC FIELDS – ALL I WANT TO KNOW (from the soundtrack to “Pieces Of April”)
7. RY COODER & MANUEL GALBAN – DRUME NEGRITA (from the album “Mambo Sinuendo”)
8. YOUSSOU N’DOUR – ALLAH (from forthcoming album)
9. WILCO – HANDSHAKE RUGS (from the “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” sessions)
10. LAURIE ANDERSON – RHUMBA CLUB (previously unavailable in the UK)
11. KRONOS QUARTET – LUX AETERNA (from the soundtrack to “Requiem For A Dream”)
12. MICHAEL GORDON – TINGE (from the album “Light Is Calling”)
13. EMMYLOU HARRIS – STRONG HAND (from the album “Stumble Into Grace”)
14. VIKTOR KRAUSS – FAR FROM ENOUGH (from forthcoming album “Far From Enough”)
15. JONI MITCHELL – AMELIA (from the album “Travelogue”)
Press Release
Dave Douglas/Bill Frisell/John Schaefer
An Exclusive Interview w/ Dave Douglas
Bluebird #
Produced by Nathan Sedlander

1/Introduction (:57)
2/Bonus Track w/Introduction (4:51)
3/The Making of Strange Liberation (21:10)
4/Dave Douglas Musical Influences and Key Projects (32:52)
5/Dave Douglas/Bill Frisell Interview Promo (:24)

This is a Bluebird label promotional Radio Special, featuring an hour-long discussion about the making of Strange Liberation and songs from the Dave Douglas Bluebird discography, plus a bonus track (Aren't You Glad Your'e You) from Strange Liberation featuring Bill Frisell.

Paul Motian/Bill Frisell/Joe Lovano
Paul Motian in Tokio
Winter & Winter # 052
Produced by Stefan Wnter
Release scheduled for April 6,2004

This is a reissue of the previously released 1991 live recording.

1. From Time To Time
2. Shakalaka
3. Kathelin Gray [Ornette Coleman/Pat Metheney]
4. The Hoax
5. Mumbo Jumbo
6. Birdsong I
7. Mode VI
8. 2 Women From Padua
9. It Is
10. Birdsong II

Compositions by Paul Motian, except title 3

total time: 54:53

Paul Motion(drums), Joe Lovano(Sax), Bill Frisell(guitars)
Mocean Worker
Enter the Mowo!
Hyena #
Produced by
Released on April 6, 2004

Bill Frisell ( sampled guitar??) appears on:

6. Salted Fatback

Mocean Worker Website
Viktor's Webpage
Jim White
Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me What You See
Produced by Tucker Martine
Luka Bop # 68089-90055-2
Recorded at Jim's Studio Pensacola, Fl.
Release Date: Jun 08, 2004

Bill Frisell appears on:

7/ Objects in Motion 5:58

Track Personnel: Jim White (vocals, keyboards) , Bill Frisell (guitar) , Jon Hyde (pedal steel guitar, bass guitar) , Chris Heinrich (pedal steel guitar) , Paul Fonfara (viola, clarinet, saxophone) , Dorothy Robinett (bass clarinet) , Steve Moore (trombone, wurlitzer piano, harmonium) ,  Tucker Martine (drums, percussion), Danny Frankel (floor tom, bongos, percussion) , Eyvind Kang viola, organ) , Mac Martine (additional intro papose)
Mylab Article
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Song Samples Here
Claudia Heuermann
A Bookshelf On Top Of The Sky
12 Stories About John Zorn
Tzadik #3001 [DVD]
Released March 2004
Running time - 80 minutes
US price $30 
This is a DVD release profiling John Zorn and his various band settings.

Bill Frisell appears as a member of Naked City.

Musicians profiled include: John Zorn, Mark Feldman, Erik Friedlander, Wayne Horvitz, Joey Baron, Yamatsuka Eye, Bill Frisell, Fred Frith, Anthony Coleman, Susie Ibarra, Jim Staley, Chris Speed, Briggan Krauss, Mark Dresser, Greg Cohen, Dave Douglas, Mike Patton, Ikue Mori, Marc Ribot, Kenny Wollesen, John Medeski,, Bill Laswell, Cyro Baptista and others.

Claudia Heuermann's A Bookshelf On Top of the Sky gives us a rare peek into the working methods of one of the most notorious and reclusive composers on the scene today. Filmed over a ten year period, this documentary includes live footage of Masada, Naked City, Cobra, as well as improvisations, his classical work and rare interviews. A prize winner at European festivals, this film documents Heuermann's very personal, fifteen year odyssey with the music of John Zorn. 
Paul Motion
On Broadway Vol. 3
Winter & Winter #
Produced by
Released on

1/ How Deep Is The Ocean
2/ I Wish I Knew
3/ Just One Of Those Things
4/ Crazy She Calls Me
5/ Tico Tico
6/ Weaver Of Dreams
7/ The Way You Look Tonight
8/ Handfull Of Stars
9/ Pennies From Heaven
10/ Skylark

Personnel includes Paul Motian (drums); Bill Frisell (guitar); Lee Konitz (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone); Charlie Haden (bass instrument)

Various Artists
Selected Recordings I-VIII
rarum # 8080
Produced by Various Persons
Recordings from 1971-1999

The first eight volumes of the :rarum series – with music selected by Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek, Chick Corea, Gary Burton, Bill Frisell, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Terje Rypdal, and Bobo Stenson – are now available as a 10-CD boxed set. As Stuart Nicholson, wrote in the BBC Music magazine: “... Selected by the artists themselves, this series is of enormous importance in revealing the breadth of each artist’s work, as much for the converted as the unconverted looking for a window into the remarkable ECM catalogue.”
Ginger Baker
The Album
Masterplan MP # 42020 [Italy]
Released in 2004

This is an Italianrelease, possibly a bootleg.
Bill Frisell(guitar) appears on track 6.

1/ Cream / NSU 12.33 (Live Winterland S.F., Calif. 03/10/68)
2/Blind Faith / Sea of joy 5.52 (Live Hyde Park, London, Eng.  07/03/ 69)
3/Ginger Baker/Art Blakey / Drum Battle 17.52 (Live Olympiastatdion Munich, Ger. 08/21/72)
4/Baker Gurvitz Army / Help me 4.29 (Live London, Eng. 01/1075)
5/African Force / Adoa 19.30 (Live Bremen, Ger. 05/05/87)
6/Ginger Baker with Charlie Haden & Bill Frisell / Straight no chaser 9.07 Live
Frankfurter, Ger. 09/09/95
Listen to a March 3rd, 2004 performance with
Bill Frisell, Kenny Wollensen and Tony Scherr

Various Artists
Critics & Readers Choice:The Best of 2004
Released in December 2004

Bill Frisell appears on one previously released track from Victor Krauss's 2004 release Far From Enough:

9/ For A Good Time (Viktor Krauss) (4:34)
Various Artists
All Songs Considered Box Set

Bill Frisell appears on a previously released track on CD 2

CD 1
Fjellmanngjenta  Knut Hamre & Steve Tibbetts
Bob the Bob (Home)  Lounge Lizards
A Solas  Butch Thompson
The Garden  Palm Fabric Orchestra
Hymn forJaco  Palm Fabric Orchestra
Santimamineko Fandangoa & Ioaeoe  Kepa Junkera
Pharmacies of Tamaulipas  Gilham Park Orchtet
Waltz of the Titans  Duke Levine
New Orleans Farewell  Guy Van Duser/Billy Novick
Silent Hills  Lanterna
Gierran/Enchantment  Wimme Saari
The Week Before Easter  Martin Simpson
Six White Horses  Michael Masley
Klezmer Nuthouse  Tom McDermott
Prelude and Yodel  Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Bubblehouse  Medeski Martin & Wood

CD 2
In The Deep Shade  The Frames
Porcelain  Moby
Eternal Future  Caleb Sampson
The Dicty Glide  Don Byron
The Toy Trumpet  Raymond Scott Quintette
Aqui Como Alla  Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos
Autumn's Vicar  Lambchop
All I Have To Do Is Dream  David Schnaufer
Gaucho  Gustavo Santaolalla
Cold, Cold Heart  Bill Frisell
Wildwood Flower 11  David Grisman & Tony Rice
The Littlest Birds  The Be Good Tanyas
Falling Pianos  Tuatara
Six Pack  Tortoise
Wildside  Rob Wasserman
Fox Musette  Les Primitifs Du Futur

CD 3
Redencion  Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez
Summer Sun  Koop
Big Eater  The Bad Plus
Long Way To Go  Dirty Three
Train Leaves at Eight  The Walkabouts
Bolero Sonambulo  Ry Cooder and Manuel Galban
Later for the Gator  Willis Jackson
O Amor Em Paz  Morelenbaum2/Sakamoto
Leila au Pays du Carrousel  Anouar Brahem
Three Hungarian Folk Songs  Daniel Barski
A La Reunion  Rene Lacaille & Bob Brozman Debussy
When I was Drinking  Hem
Sometimes  Daniel Lanois
Untitled 4  Sigur Ros

CD 4
Utrus Horas  Orchestra Baobab (8:39)
All That Innocence  Patty Larkin (3:08)
Delicate  Damien Rice (5:10)
1939  Pinataland (3:52)
Breathe  Easy Star All Stars (3:02)
Now It's On  Grandaddy (4:06)
Put It in Your Heart  Bruce Cockburn (4:00)
Stormy Weather  Itzhak Perlman/Oscar Peterson (4:54)
The Mountain  Abdullah Ibrahim (2:18)
Avalon  Pearl Django (3:48)
Kind of Light   The 88 (3:59)
Section I (Have a Day/Celebratory)   The Polyphonic Spree (4:37)
Melted Matter   Tord Gustavsen Trio (5:24)
Cancao de embalar: Jose embala o menino  Montserrat Figueras (5:42)
A 2004 ALL ABOUT JAZZ interview