The Bill Frisell Discography 2002
Sarah Siskind
roduced by Tucker Martine
Recorded at Alex the Great Nashville February 2001
Released January 2002

Bill Frisell (guitars) appears on 10 of 12 tracks.

1/Times Square
3/Such an Obvious Love
4/Knowing Only What I Know
7/Do You Love An Apple?
9/High Lonesome Sound
10/Mustard Dress
12/Lonesome Dress

Other guests include
Jennifer Kimble, Tucker Martine, Sarah's Husband Brian Siskind and Sarah's Father, Mark,  in a duet setting with Bill (12/ Lonesome Dress)
Various Artists
Homeland CD  2001   
This is a CD that accompanies the January 2002 issue of JAZZIZ 
It contains a previously released tune:

4/ With My Boots On

from Marc Johnson's 1998 release, The Sound of Summer Running (Verve)
Norah Jones
Come Away With Me
Produced by Arif Mardin
Recorded at Sorcerer Sound, New York City and Allaire Studios, Shokan, NY

Bill Frisell (guitars) appears on one track:

13/ Nightingale (4:12)

Other musicians include:   
Brian Blade  ,
Kenny Wolleson, Adam Levy, Kevin Breit, Tony Scherr, Jenny Scheinman ,Arif Mardin
Various Artists
Guitars Vol 1: The Bridge
This is a CD which accompanies the March 2002 isssue of Jazziz magazine

Bill Frisell composes and plays guitars on a previously released tune:

5/ Bill Frisell "Strange Meeting"

from 2001's Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones (Nonesuch Records)
Hank Roberts
Black Pastels (reissue)
Produced by Stephen F. Winter
Originally eleased in November 1987
Label: JMT #

Bill Frisell : Banjo, Guitar, Guitar (12 String)

Other performers include Ray Anderson,Joey Baron,Tim Berne ,Mark Dresser,Robin Eubanks,Hank Roberts
Robin Holcomb
The Big Time
Produced by Wayne Horvitz
Released on June 18, 2002

1/ Pretend 4:18
2/ Like I Care 4:30 
3/ Sit Right Down 2:18 
4/ You Look So Much Better 3:43 
5/ A Lazy Farmer Boy 2:42 
6/ If You Can’t Make the Curve 3:30 
7/ I Want to Tell the Story 3:38 
8/ Engine 143 6:02 
9/ I Tried to Believe 4:11 
10/ The Big Time 3:14 
11/ Tell the Good Friend on Your Left 4:36 
12/ Lullaby 1:23

Personnel includes: Robin Holcomb (vocals); Tim Young, Keith Lowe (guitar, bass); Bill Frisell (guitar);
Wayne Horvitz (Hammond B-3 organ); Andy Roth (drums); Kate McGarrigle, Anna McGarrigle (background vocals).

Bill Frisell
The Willies
Nonesuch # 79652
Produced by Lee Townsend and engineered by Tucker Martine
Recorded in May 2000 & March 2001 in Seattle at Flora Avenue Studio
Released June 11, 2002

Bill Frisell (electric and acoustic guitars and loops), Danny Barnes (banjo, guitar, pump organ, bass harmonica), Keith Lowe (bass)

Nonesuch Bio Here

Sittin’ on Top of the World 3:59 
Cluck Old Hen 3:53 
Everybody Loves Everybody 3:42 
I Want to Go Home 4:15 
Single Girl, Married Girl 3:57

Get Along 3:23 
John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man 5:17 
Sugar Baby 3:51 
Blackberry Blossom 4:20 
If I Could I Surely Would 6:46 
Cluck Old Hen (reprise) 1:50 
Cold, Cold Heart 2:25 
I Know You Care 3:12 
Goodnight Irene 3:55 
Big Shoe 4:51 
The Willies 6:24
Bill Frisell
Rarum # V: Selected Recordings
Catalog# 014198 
Released May 21, 2002

1/Mandeville (Motian) 5:03
Bill Frisell (Electric Guitar) Billy Drewes (Alto Saxophone) Joe Lovano (Tenor Saxophone) Paul Motian (Drums) Ed Schuller (Bass)
from Paul Motion Band, Psalm recorded December 1981, Ludwigsburg

2/Introduction (Motian) 3:00
Bill Frisell (Electric Guitar)
from Paul Motion Trio, It should've happened a long time ago recorded July 1984, Ludwigsburg

3/India (Motian) 7:21
Bill Frisell (Electric Guitar) Joe Lovano (Tenor Saxophone) Paul Motian (Drums) Paul Motian (Percussion) 
from Paul Motion Trio, It should've happened a long time ago recorded July 1984, Ludwigsburg

4/Singsong (Garbarek) 4:17
Bill Frisell (Electric Guitar) Michael DiPasqua (Percussion) Michael DiPasqua (Drums) Jan Garbarek (Soprano Saxophone) Eberhard Weber (Bass) from
Jan Garbarek Group, Wayfarer recorded August 1982, Oslo

5/In Line (Frisell, Bill) 4:32
Bill Frisell (Acoustic Guitar)
from Bill Frisell, In Line recorded August 1982, Oslo

6/Resistor (Frisell, Bill) 5:44
Bill Frisell (Guitar Synthesizer) Jerome Harris (Electric Bass) Paul Motian (Drums) Bob Stewart (Tuba) Kenny Wheeler (Trumpet)
from Bill Frisell, Rambler, recorded August 1984, New York

7/Music I Heard (Frisell, Bill) 4:46
Bill Frisell (Electric Guitar) Jerome Harris (Electric Bass) Paul Motian (Drums) Bob Stewart (Tuba) Kenny Wheeler (Cornet) Kenny Wheeler (Trumpet)
from Bill Frisell, Rambler recorded August 1984, New York

8/Tone (Frisell, Bill) 8:06
Bill Frisell (Electric Guitar) Bill Frisell (Guitar Synthesizer) Jerome Harris (Electric Bass) Paul Motian (Drums) Bob Stewart (Tuba) Kenny Wheeler (Trumpet)
from Bill Frisell, Rambler recorded August 1984, New York

9/Lonesome (Frisell, Bill) 4:36
Bill Frisell (Electric Guitar) Bill Frisell (Acoustic Guitar) Joey Baron (Drums) Kermit Driscoll (Bass) Hank Roberts (Cello)
from The Bill Frisell Band, Lookout for Hope recorded March 1987, New York

10/Alien Prints (Frisell, Bill) 6:27
Bill Frisell (Electric Guitar) Joey Baron (Drums) Kermit Driscoll (Bass) Hank Roberts (Cello)
from The Bill Frisell Band, Lookout for Hope recorded March 1987, New York

11/Hangdog (Frisell, Bill) 2:24
Bill Frisell (Electric Guitar) Bill Frisell (Banjo) Joey Baron (Drums) Kermit Driscoll (Bass) Hank Roberts (Cello)
from The Bill Frisell Band, Lookout for Hope recorded March 1987, New York

12/Kind of Gentle (Wheeler, K) 4:42
Bill Frisell (Electric Guitar) Dave Holland (Double Bass) Lee Konitz (Alto Saxophone)
from Kenny Wheeler, Angel Song recorded February 1996, New York

13/Closer (Bley & Abbuehl) 5:00
Bill Frisell (Electric Guitar) Paul Bley (Piano) Paul Motian (Drums) John Surman (Soprano Saxophone)
from Paul Bley, Fragents recorded January 1986, Oslo

14/Sub Rosa (Bryars) 9:57
Ensemble The Gavin Bryars Ensemble
from Gavin Bryars, Vita Nova recorded September 1993, London
Ron Miles
Produced by Mickey Houlihan
Recorded in the Spring 2001 at Wind Over The Earth
Released May 7th, 2002
Sterling Circle# SC5151

Bill Frisell (guitars) appears in duet with Ron on every track.

   1/   Just Married (Miles) - 4:48
   2/   Coward of the County (Miles) - 4:57
   3/   Ron Miles (Frisell ) - 2:57
   4/   Beautiful (Miles) - 3:53
   5/   We See (Monk) - 5:46
   6/   Heaven (Ellington) - 3:52
   7/   King Porter Stomp (Jelly Roll Morton) - 3:50
   8/   Your Cheatin' Heart (Williams) - 5:50
   9/   Close (Miles) - 6:26
   10/   Falsetto (Miles) - 5:08
   11/   A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall (Dylan) - 4:13
   12/   Darken My Door (Miles) - 3:35

"Bill's sound is so special and open. He is a very generous player, but also strong. I think we share a fondness for striking melody, patience and the importance of individual timbre." - Ron Miles

"The session itself was effortless in a way. Ron and Mickey [Producer]  really set up the circumstances so it would be really easy for us to play. We didn't even use headphones. Nothing was forced, we just played. It was two guys sitting in a room playing, and we didn't try to turn it into something bigger or smaller than it was. It just felt really good." - Bill Frisell
Naked City
Naked City Live vol. 1: Knitting Factory 1989
Tazidk # 7336 
Released May 2002  
2/ Latin Quarter
3/ You Will be Shot
4/ Shot in the Dark
5/ Skate Key
6/ Erotico
7/ Snagglepuss
8/ I Want to Live
9/ New York Flattop Box
10/ Inside Straight
11/ Chinatown
12/ Hammerhead
13/ Igneous Ejaculation
14/ Blood Duster
15/ Ujaku
16/ Speedball
17/ Obeah Man
18/ Den of Sins
19/ Demon Sanctuary
20/ The Way I Feel

This first volume is a beautifully recorded document of the band early on, performing live at the club that served as home base from their very first concert series in 1988 to their very last in 1993.
Various Artists
Hear Music Volume 7
Released 2002
Universal Music #

This is a CD made available for sale in Starbucks Coffee Stores.

It contains one previously released track:

11/ Strange Meeting (5:23)
from Bill Frisell's 2001 release  with Elvin Jones and Dave Holland
Jim Woodring/Bill Frisell
ISBN # 1-56097-426-5

This is a "CD Sized" childrens book written and drawn by Jim Woodring  with 17 panels. Accompanying it is a disc containing 6:42 of untitled music written and performed by Bill Frisell.
Donald Rubinstein
Time Again
Re-released Rhombus Records
Produced by Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz
Recorded in
Wayne Horvitz's Studio
Originally eleased: 1997
Re-released   5/18/2002
Bill Frisell: Guitar, Producer

Time Again came about 1997, when Bill called saying he wanted to produce a recording of my songs. We recorded in Seattle in Wayne Horvitz's basement studio. -Donald Rubinstein 2001

"I first met Donald Rubinstein in 1975 when we were both attending The Berklee College of Music. It was such an inspiration to meet someone in that sea of conformity who had already found his own way of thinking about music/art, and the courage to stay on the path. I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him in all kinds of situations over the years. I've learned a lot from him. He is a total artist who uses everything - a guitar, a whistle, a symphony orchestra, spoken word, song, drawing, painting, dance, acting, etc., etc., whatever. There are not limits. These days it's reassuring to know there's someone like him around. After more than 20 years, he's still on that path, and still an inspiration."
Bill Frisell Quoted from
Various Artists
Jazz History In The Present Tense :rarum V  I - VIII
ECM # UCGR-00047-2
Produced by Lee Townsend
Released May 2002

This is a sampler disc with represenative tracks from ECM's :raum series. Artists include Bill Frisell, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Bobo Stenson, Terje Rypdal, Jan Garbarek  and Art Ensemble of Chicago.

Bill Frisell appears/ composes one previously released  track:

5/ Lonesome (4:39)
from Lookout For Hope

Bill Frisell related liner notes:
Bill Frisell made his recording debut as a leader for ECM in 1982, establishing himself immediately as a highly individual voice. His unique sound and phrasing have also been creatively deployed on recordings with Jan Garbarek, Paul Motian, Paul Bley, Kenny Wheeler and many others. Frisell's own influence transcends the guitar world. The arresting choice of material includes some of the guitarist's brightest moments from his early recordings as well as the Gavin Bryars Ensemble playing a piece inspired by a melodic fragment from a Frisell tune. Bill Frisell: "I sometimes have dreams of music like this. Gavin had taken what I'd written, and played and developed, abstracted, deconstructed and orchestrated it, all in this fantastic way."
Photo from accompanying booklet
John Zorn
Cobra [Studio & Live Versions]
Hatology # 580
Produced by John Zorn
Released as a Limited Edition of 3000 in 2002
Studio recordings made on May 9, 1986 Radio City Studios, N.Y.C.
Live recordings made on October 21, 1985 Renssetaer Polytechnic Institute

1/Opening (:59)
2/Allegro (4:32)
3/Largo (6:13)
4/Moderato (7:42)
7/Adagio Maestoso(2:40)
9/Allegro Scorrevole(2:35)
10/Capriccio con gusto(4:40)
11/False Start/Giocoso(:52)
13/Maestroso Meccanico(1:22)

CD 580-2

Featuring Elliott Sharp, Bill Frisell & Arto Lindsay (guitars), 
Wayne Horvitz, Anthony Coleman & David Weinstein (keyboards),  Jim Staley & J.A. Deane (trombones), Guy Klucevsek (accordion), Christian Marclay (turntables), Carol Emanuel & Zeena Parkins (harps), Bob James(tapes) and Bobby Previte(drum machine) 
Jerry Douglas
Lookout For Hope
Sugar Hill # SUG_CD-3938
Produced By Jerry Douglas
Recorded at Dark Horse Studios, Franklin Tennesse, Mountainside Studio, Nashville, Tennesse, Q Division, Somerville Mass.,The Barn Burlington Vermont
Released 2002

Bill Frisell does not appear on this release, but did compose one track:

5/Lookout For Hope (10:23)

Players include Sam Bush and Trey Anastasio
Wayne Horvitz
Film Music 1998-2001
Tzadik # 7514
Released on September 24, 2002
Studio/Live Studio
This is part of Tzadik's Film Music series.

1/  Untitled 
2/  Music For Charlie Chaplin's The Circus 
3/  Chihuly In Venice 
4/  Documentary On Frank Gehry 
5/  Bellagio 
6/  Demos
includes: Wayne Horvitz, Reggie Watts, Timothy Young, Bill Frisell, Andre Otraskin, Hans Teuber, Brian Kent, Skerik, Doug Wieselman, Craig Flory, Julian Priestler, DJ Logic, Jen Charowhas, Eyvind Kang, Fred Chalenor, Keith Lowe, Mike Bisio, Andy Roth, Davis Martin, Ed Pias.

This compilation of soundtracks for television and film showcases his  versatility as producer, performer, composer and arranger. Over seventy minutes of sound cues touching upon jazz, funk, folk, ambient, world music and classical, are  crafted into a variety of  personal hybrids.
Jeff Buckley/Gary Lucas
Songs To No One 1991-1992
Produced by Jeff Buckley,Gary Lucas,Nicholas Hill
Release Date October 2002

Bill Frisell appears in a duet setting with Jeff Buckley on one track:

6/ Satisfied Mind ( 3:24)  live broadcast from the Knitting Factory on Nicholas Hill's Music Faucet, WFMU; 3/22/92
Paul Motion Trio
Monk in Motion
Winter & Winter #
Stefan Winter, Producer
Recorded in 1988

1.   Crepuscule With Nellie
2.   Justice (Evidence)
3.   Ruby My Dear
4.   Straight No Chaser
5.   Bye-Ya
6.   Ugly Beauty
7.   Trinkle Tinkle
8.   Epistrophy
9.   Off Minor
10.   Reflections

Paul Motian (drums); Joe Lovano, Dewey Redman (tenor saxophone); Geri Allen (piano); Bill Frisell (electric guitar)
A Short Review
Danny Barnes/Keith Lowe Shuba's Chicago 2001
Back Cover
Jim Woodring
Robin Holcomb
I Tried To Believe
Nonesuch Promotional Single
Produced By Wayne Horvitz
Released prior to Robin's September British CD release & performance.

This promotional single contains two CD release  tracks:

1/ I Tried to Believe (4:05)
2/TheBig Time (3:14)

Bill Frisell appears on both tracks
Click on Back Cover for larger picture
Gerhard Richter/Bill Frisell
Richter 858

Featuring exclusive music by Bill Frisell

This sumptuous, limited-edition volume combines 61 unparalleled reproductions of Gerhard Richter's painting suite Abstract Picture (858-1 through 858-8) with poems by thirteen American poets, essays by Dave Hickey and Klaus Kertess, and a full-length music CD by Bill Frisell all inspired by the artist's work.
The book comes in an aluminum slip case that resembles one of the artist's empty canvases; it is the brainchild of David Breskin, a San Francisco journalist, record producer and poet who became intrigued by Richter in the mid-''80s. Aware of the wealth of Richter books already available, Breskin set out to create something unique. "I thought it might be interesting to make a book about one work of art that becomes diverse, multi-layered and polyphonic by having different voices and disciplines brought to bear," says Breskin, who was given carte blanche by the artist. "I wanted to create an alternative way of engaging with pictures."

Breskin called on his long-time friend, guitarist/composer Bill Frisell, to write a score with strings and guitar. The compact disc enclosed in the book has eight pieces of music that correspond with each of the eight paintings. Frisell's compositions reflect the tension between the discipline and spontaneity in the paintings.

"There is this element of improvisation in what [Richter] does," says Frisell. "One of the things I really connected with was that he's always trying to trick himself into being surprised, to keep himself in a state of innocence. As you get older, it's harder to get the same rush of discovery you have when you''re younger. He works to keep himself in that state of uncertainty and that's something I've struggled with for as long as I've been playing music."

"What Bill does is perfectly analogous to the way Richter makes abstract paintings," remarks Breskin. "Richter torques the paint; he scratches, he erases, he puts layer upon layer. Frisell plucks a string and puts it through a series of filters, torques it, warps it, varying the attack in all sorts of ways."
Various Artists
All Things Considered 2
Produced by Lee Townsend
NPR CD # 0019

Released in 2002

This is a various artists offering from National Public Radio

Bill Frisell appears on one previously released track from  his 2002 release
The Willies:

10/ Cold, Cold Heart (2:26)

Liner Notes on this track read "Bill Frisell has been described as the world's greatest invisable guitar player. Frisell seamlessly blends his menandering playing style into a variety of music, while his playing remains free of ego and technical flash. His love for American country music is obvious as he puts his unique imprint on the Hank Williams tune. "

Other artists represented include Don Byron, Moby, Marc Ribot, David Grisman & Tony Rice, Rob Wasserman and others
Various Artists
Homeward Bound
Released in 2002
Produced by Lee Townsend
Warner Special Products # OPCD 1149

This 12 song compilation CD was a promotional release from Eddie Baurer.

Bill Frisell appears/composes a previously released track from
his 2002 release The Willies.

6/ I Want to Go Home (4:16)

Includes artists like Bill Frisell, Little Feat, Son Volt, Bonnie Raitt, Ricky Lee Jones, Lou Reed, The Band, Emmy Lou Harris, Greg Brown, Guy Clark, and others.
Various Artists
Changing Platforms: 30 Years of the Contemporary Music Network
Producer: Wayne Horvitz
Recorded: RPM Studios, New York City, March 1992
Book and Poster with 2 CDs (contained in cardboard sleeves bound into the book)
Publisher:Unknown Public Ltd.;Catalogue number:UP13; ISBN:0-954148-0-0

This is a celebratory book, poster and compilation of selected recordings from artists who have toured the UK through the organization of the Contemporary Music Network from 1971 to 2000. It generally consists of previously released recordings compiled from the artists' original release record labels.

Bill Frisell appearing on a previously released track from the Bill Frisell release  "Have a Little Faith".

8/ Billy in Prison ( Aaron Copland)/No Moe (Sonny Rollins) banded as one track (4:11)

Track credited as The Bill Frisell Band with Don Byron
Bill Frisell (gtr); Don Byron (clt  bs clt ); Kermit Driscoll (bass); Joey Baron (drums); Guy Klucevsek (accordion)

To The Bill Frisell Discography 2003
To The Bill Frisell Discography Homepage
Bill's Description of the project
Heaven Advertisement
Liner Notes written by Bill Frisell
Jan Garbarek
Rarum#II: Selected Recordings
ECM #8008
Recorded December 1981, Oslo Norway

Bill Frisell appears on one track (from Paths, Prints)  on this 2 CD collection:

CD 1
5/ The Path (Jan Garbarek) (7:11)

Additional track personnel: Jan Garbarek (soprano saxaphone), Eberhard Weber (bass), Jon Christensen (drums, percussion)

A Pop Matters Review of this disc
Mino Cinelu
Quest Journey
Emarcy records # 018 072 2
Produced by Mino Cinelu
Recorded in New York
Released October 17, 2002

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on three of 10 tracks:

5/ Stars (6:11)
8/ La Mesure De Ma Démesure (4:15)
10/ Feels Like Winter (3:50)

Mino Cinelu (vocals, all instrument:), DJ Logic (scratches), Bill Frisell, Gerry Leonard,Mitch Stein, Mino Cinelu (electric guitar) , Don Blackman (hammond B3 organ), Leo Traversa (electric bass)
Sound Samples