Bill Frisell Discography 2000
Various Artists
Jazziz Magazine January 2000 CD

Bill Frisell appears on one track from previously released 
Good Dog, Happy Man

14/ Big Shoe (3:49)
Various Artists
In His Own Sweet Way : A Tribute To Dave Brubeck

Avant/ Koch # AVAN 005
Produced by:
Released: January 25, 2000

Bill Frisell appears solo and co-composes (?) one tune:
4/ Summer Song (4:50)
Various Artists
The World of Drums and Percussion Volume Two

Times Square Records #
Produced by Jan Hammer, Joachim Kuhn, Ed Mann,
Walter Quintus, Kurt Renker, Lenny White
Released: February 22, 2000

Bill Frisell appears on one track.
10/ The Glass Tent (3:13) previously released on Micheal Shrives "?" CD
Bill Frisell
Ghost Town

Nonesuch 79583-2
Recorded at Mobius Music, San Francisco
Produced by Lee Townsend
Released: March 7, 2000
Bill Frisell Solo
1/ Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa (5:18)
2/ Ghost Town/ Poem for Eva (6:33)
3/ Wildwood Flower (6:25)
4/ Creep (0:45)
5/ Variation on a Theme (5:42)
6/ Follow Your Heart (5:08)
7/ I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (3:27)
8/ What a World (5:00)
9/ My Man's Gone Now (3:14)
10/ Outlaw (3:18)
11/ When I Fall in Love (2:29)
12/ Big Bob (2:48)
13/ Winter Always Turns To Spring (5:33)
14/ Justice and Honor (4:02)
15/ Fingers Snappin' and Toes Tappin' (0:50)
16/ Under a Golden Sky (2:04)
All compositions By Bill Frisell except 3/ Wildwood Flower, 6/ Follow Your Heart, 7/ I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, 9/ My Man's Gone Now, and 11/ When I Fall in Love.
Nonesuch's Ghost Town Press Kit
Bill Frisell plays the following instruments on this album: Santa Cruz (Tony Rice Model), Gibson J-45, Klein M43 acoustic, Klein Electric, Anderson Model 14, Fender Jaguar, Gibson Johnny Smith, Squire Precision Bass, and a 6-string Banjo built by Jere Candote. He used a Lexicon LXP 1, an Electro-Harmonix 16-second delay, a Fender Princeton amp, a Mesa Boogie Mark II, and D'Addario strings.
Various Artists
The Million Dollar Hotel
UNI/Interscope #
Produced by Greg Arrequin, Peter Freeman, Jamie Muhoberac, Wim Wenders
Released: March 14, 2000
Bill Frisell appears on 10 of the soundtracks 16 tracks, in different settings. Mostly as a member of the Million Dollar Hotel Band. (MDH)
1/ Never Let Me Go
2/ Satellite of Love (4:12)
3/ Tom Tom's Dream (1:52)
4/ Bathtub (1:06)
5/ The First Time (Reprise) (2:05)
6/ Tom Tom's Room
7/ Funny Face (0:33)
8/ Dancin' Shoes (2:06)
9/ Satellite of Love (Reprise) (1:06)
10/ Anarchy in the U.S.A. (3:37)
Bill also contributes a composition:
7/ Funny Face (0:33)
And Co writes a composition:
4/ Bathtub (1:06)
Bill Frisell
In Line

ECM 837019 A Reissue of ECM 8370192
Recorded August 1982 at Talent Studios, Olso
Released: August 1982 Rereleased 2000
Produced by Manfred Eicher
Bill Frisell: Guitars, Arild Anderson: Bass (tracks 1, 4, 6, 8, 9)
Bill Frisell
Lookout For Hope

ECM 833495 A Reissue of ECM 8334952
Recorded at The Power Station, N.Y.C. in March 1987
Produced by Lee Townsend
Released: March 1987 Rereleased 2000
Bill Frisell: Guitars & Banjo, Hank Roberts: Cello & Vocals, Kermit Driscoll: Bass, & Joey Baron: Drums
Bill Frisell

ECM 825234 A Reissue of ECM 8252342
Recorded at The Power Station, N.Y.C. in August 1994
Released: August 1984 Rereleased 2000
Bill Frisell: Guitars, Kenny Wheller: Trumpet, Cornet, & Fluegelhorn, Bob Steward: Tuba, Jerome Harris: Bass, Paul Motion: Drums
Arild Anderson
Molde Concert

ECM 1236 159 497-2 (CD) Re-Release
Produced by
Recorded live August 1981 Molde Jazz Festival Norway

Arild Anderson(bass), Bill Frisell(guitar), John Taylor(piano), Alphonse Mouzon(drums)

1/ Cherry Tree (7:04)
2/ Targeta (7:25)
3/ Six for Alphonse (8:24) *
4/ Nutune (7:34) *
5/ Lifelines (4:01)
6/ The sword under his wings (134:19)
7/ Commander Schmuck's Earflap Hat (4:40)
8/ Koral (7:02)
9/ Cameron (9:37)
10/ A Song I used to play (4:55) *
11/ Dual Mr. Tillman Anthony (4:40) *

* Previously unreleased, re-issued CD only
Joey Baron
We'll Soon Find Out

Intuition #
Released: August 15, 2000
Various Artists
Frisco Mabel Joy Revisited

Appleseed # APR CD 1048
Produced by Peter Blackstock, Reed Easterwood, Chris Eckman, Kevin Suggs
Released: October 10, 2000

Bill Frisell performs & composes one tune 1/ Prolouge (1:10)

Also, Bill plays guitars on various song intros & outros:
2/ An American Trilogy (outro) (5:06)
6/ Mobile Blue (intro) (3:46)
12/ How I love Them Old Songs (Outro) (6:42)

Finally, Bill plays two tracks:
4/ Interlude (Side A) (1:33)
9/ Interlude (Side B) w/ Robin Holcomb (1:03)
David Sylvian
Everything and Nothing

EDM/Virgin # 72438500 1727
Released: November 7, 2000
Produced by David Sylvian
Bill Frisell (Guitar, Dobro) appears on 4 tracks, and co-composes 2 tracks (Disc 1 Track 3, Disc 2 Track 5)

Disc One
1/ The Scent of Magnolia (previously unreleased) (recorded 2000)
2/ Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki ll) (remix of title song to Sylvian's 1992 release)
3/ Albuquerque (Dobro # 6) (1:21) (previously unreleased) (recorded 2000)

Disc Two
5/ Apama and Nimisha (Dobro # 5) (0:56) (previously unreleased) (recorded 2000)
Various Artists
Finding Forester Music From The Motion Picture

Columbia/Legacy # CK 85350
Produced by Hal Wilner,Wayne Horvitz, Lee Townsend, Teo Macero, James Jordan
Released: December 26, 2000
Bill Frisell wrote three tracks, and performs on four tracks, two solo performances, and two with a band.

1/ Under a Golden Sky (previously released) (recorded 10/98)
2/ Over The Rainbow (Photo Book) (recorded 2000)
3/ Coffero's Theme (Frisell) (4:25) Performed by: Bill Frisell, Ron Miles, Curtis Fowlkes, Eyvind Kang (previously rleased) (recorded 1995)
4/ Beautiful E. (Frisell) (3:24) Performed by: Bill Frisell, Joey Baron, Kermit Driscoll, Hank Roberts (previously released) (recorded 10/90-2/91)
Various Artists
Hear Music Volume 1

Rhino R2 7535
Produced by Lee Townsend
Recorded at
Released 2000
Bill Frisell appears on one track:

9/ One of These Days (4:52) previously released on
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Donald Rubinstein
Long Parade

Blue Horse Records #
Produced by
Recorded in Wayne Horvitz's Studio
Released 2000

Bill Frisell appears on two tracks:
1/ Fingers
2/ From a thought by George A. Romero

'One cut is from the 1997 recordings at Waynes studio. The other is culled from our 1980 recording session at Battery Sound, in NYC."

Donald Rubinstein 2001-
Tony Scherr
Come Around

No Label Available
Produced By Tony Scherr
Recorded in Tony Scherrs Home

This release is not available in stores, you might check at: (click on CD cover)

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on one track:
8/ Poor Katy's Car (2:40)

Tony Scherr (voice, guitar), Peter Sherr (string bass), Kenny Wollensen (drums), Chris Brown (Organ), Various guest musicians including Briggan Krauss, Steven Bernstein, & Jenny Scheinman

Recorded in a mere three days in Tony's home studio, Come Around has the intimate, intuitive, one-take atmosphere that only the closest-knit group of muscian/friends can achieve -- a precisely executed yet still spontaneous sound. Erstwhile drummer Kenny Wollesen, is supremely subtle and supportive, providing a superb backbone for Chris Brown's unfurling Hammond licks and the serpentine chimes of Tony's guitar. Tony's brother Peter rounds out the core group on string bass. Throw in the contributions of cellist Jane Scarpantoni (Tricky, Beastie Boys, REM) and Bill Frisell and you have a cast that can literally, legitimately be called world class. All of the extended concepts and techniques gleaned from Tony's work in the more adventurous corners of the NY music scene are here, but deployed in service of a stunningly fine-tuned pop sense. Scherr is able to capture that rarest of vibes -- music that references genres (country, rock, soul, blues, and jazz are all there) implicitly, and thus manages to sound utterly un-derivative.
Various Artists
Around the Fire
Liquid City # LQC 37838
Produced by Charles Raggio/Chris Chappell
Recorded at

Bill Frisell (guitar) is a member of the film's "house" band, and appears (and co-wrote) on one track:

7/ State Dependent Thinking (Frisell/Smith) (1:30)

"For me, the greatest thrill of the whole production of Around The Fire was sitting in a studio with Bill Frisell as he watched our movie and laid down incredible tracks for the scored scenes. He would let loose these amazing riffs and when it was over, he would just look up at us timidly and say, "Is that okay?" We would just look at him with our jaws on the ground and before we could really say anything, he would tell us that he wanted to try it again and get it right. It was just totally inspiring." -Tommy Rosen  writer/producer
Eyvind Kang
The Story of Iceland

Tzadik # 7059
Produced by
Recorded at
Released June 2000

1/ Circle of Fair Karma
2/ Sweetness of Candy
3/ Hour of Fair Karma
4/ 10:10 (the beloved one)
5/ Ayanamsha

Eyvind Kang (tuba, euphonium, viola, violin, percussion, voice, erhu, pennywistle, oud, guitar, electric bass) , Bill Frisell (acoustic guitar samples), Timothy Young (guitar solo, voice), Keith Lowe (acoustic bass), Jessie Lurie (flute), Courtney Agguire (voice), Bar McKinnon (flute), Leslie Dalaba (trumpet), Phil White (uilleann pipes), Evan Schiller (snare drum, marimba, percussion, samples, processing, location recordings, Kala Ramnath (violin solo), Tucker Martine (drums), Lelia Clarke (flute, voice), Loss Angela (voice), Paul Moore (cymbals), Nancy Scranton (gamelan)
Various Artists
The Stars of Jazz #1

Arkadia Records
Produced by
Recorded at
Released 2000

Bill Frisell appears on a previously released track from Gary Peacock's
Just So Happens:

7/ Good Morning, Heartache (5:22)
Bill Frisell

WEA International #
Released August 23, 2000

1/ Gimme a Holler
2/ Verona
3/ Shenandoah
4/ Egg Radio
5/ Good Dog, Happy Man
6/ Have a Little Faith in Me
7/ Keep Your Eyes Open
8/ Wildwood Flower
9/ Strange Meeting
10/ Just Like a Woman
11/ When I Fall in Love

A Japanese Exclusive Anthology of the Work of  Bill Frisell
"I come from  working class, poor people in Richmond, Virginia. I'm very proud of that, because our good qualities have influenced the way I play, compose and listen to music. I wanted to make music that people back home would also enjoy." -Joey Baron
Joey Baron (Drums), Bill Frisell  (Guitar),  Ron Carter (Bass), Arthur Blythe Horn)
1/ Slow Charleston (6:09)
2/ Closer Than You Think (7:48)
3/ Junior (5:52)
4/ Time To Cry (8:25)
5/ Wisely (5:43)
6/ Bit o' Water (3:35)
7/ M (7:04)
8/ Equaled (4:22)
9/ Contact (7:04)
Living Daylights
Electric Rosary

Produced By Lee Townsend
Liquid City # LQC 35454
Recorded at Studio Litho Seattle, Wa.

Bill Frisell(electric guitar) appears on 4 tracks:

1/Pike or Pine (Laurie) (7:07)
5/I Dare You (Livingston) (6:27)
6/Repeatable Swing (Livingston) (5:42)
8/Homo Volans (Lurie) (3:08)
DownBeat Magazine's Review
Zony Mash
Upper Egypt

Knitting Factory # KFR-259
Produced by Michael Dorf
Recorded at Litho, Seattle, Wa. July 1999
Released 2000

Bill Frisell composed one track, but does not appear on this recording:
4/Big Shoe
Clearance Sale

EFA CD  03670-2
Produced By Tim Lefebvre, Zach Danziger, and Henry Hay
Recorded at 7th Ave. Lounge, and Boom Studios
Released October 13, 2000

Bill Frisell appears on  track 4/

1/ Yes Ma' am (4:23)
2/ The Irreducible Minimum (5:07)
3/ Sleaze (1:02)
4/ Fome (6:36)
5/ Sun all Over the Place (disco million mix)(5:21)
6/ El Mariachi (5:49)
7/ Chinese Chord (:10)
8/ The Over the Ear Look (g.gordan liddy Remix)(3:08)
9/ Small's (2:44)
10/ Filthy Sanchez (5:07)
11/ We didn't Ask for This (1:04)
12/ Jacques Rock (I said Barbara Remix)(5:53)
13/ The Mix (Plug Melody)(4:26)
14/ Benson's Thermometer (1:33)
15/ Philly Steak (Matrix Mix)(6:09)
16/ Weird Circus (:37)
17/ Kitsch of the Day (4:55)
18 Marl (:46)

This is a release of music by Tim Lefebvre and Zach Danziger

Also appearing MC Posi D, Till Broenner, Bill Evans, Daniel Sadownick, Jim Beard, Henry Hay,  and several well known TV personalities.
J.A. Deane
These Times

Zerx Records 028
Produced by J.A. Deane
Recorded Live at The Institute of Contemporary Art,
Boston, MA October 5, 1988
Released in 2000

1/ Mel 25 (6:12)
2/ Conversation (8:35)
3/ These Times (15:11)
4/ Black Burst (1:37)
5/ Bells (2:27)
6/ Stomp (3:09)
7/ Rotocaster (10:12)
8/ Eighty-Eight (11:47)

J.A. Deane (trombone/electronics, multiple drum machines), Bill Frisell (electric guitars), Terry Rolleri (electric guitars)
A Short Review
David Sylvian Video Interview
Various Artists
Monk To Back
Winter & Winter
Produced by Stefen F. Winter
Recorded at
Released June 26, 2000

This is a reissue CD

Bill appears on 4/Misterioso (?)
Chet Baker
Almost Blue
West Wind label #2126 Germany
Live at club  "LE DREHER" Paris
Recorded in October 1984

This was previously release in 1984(?)

1/ There is Always
2/ Sweet Martine
3/ Beatrice
4/ Deep in a Dream
5/ Once I loved

Chet Baker.,trumpet, vocals, Steve Houben, alto sax, Bill Frisell, guitar, Kermit Driscoll, bass, Bruno Casstellucci, drums, Dennis Luxion, piano

Short Review
Dan Tyack and Friends
Blackened Toast
Label # DT 8688
Produced by Dan Tyack
Released in 2000

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears/composes on one track,

10/ Can't You See (8:03)

"This song was a very magical setting for making music.  I have been a huge fan of Bill's for years, but we had never played together.  The session worked this way: for the five days before the session, I was on a bike trip with my son’s school.  We bicycled around the Puget Sound.  I arrived  (on a bike) thirty minutes before the session (I had done a session the day before the bike trip, and had left my equipment in the studio). So there I am-- Bill showed me the tune; we played it a few times (with the tape on), and the fourth take is what you hear.  It was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had in the studio.  OK, maybe the most fun
."-Dan Tyack
Various Artists
Owasso Night Atlas
Released October 30, 2000

Bill Frisell (guitar,co-composer) appears on one (remixed by Fognode) track from Micheal Shrives 1995
Two Doors :

9/  “Orbiting Polly” (Michael Shrieve remix)

"...It is more or less a remix of "Flying Polly" from the Two Doors/Fascination recordings, but there are some bits from other pieces on that record in there, as well as a section from Transfer Station Blue which is an older Shrieve release with Klaus Schulze and others. I used only sounds from those recordings and did lots of editing and processing to make the piece. I was inspired in a Miles Davis "Rated X" kind of style for that. Lots of tension. The "Orbiting" part comes with the way the piece progresses, as it seems to circle out and back, kind
of like Apollo 13 slingshotting around the dark side of the moon to get back to Earth... "
-Brian Siskind

Infrasound Collective
5133 Harding Road B-10 #101
Nashville, TN 37205 USA
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John Scofield
Steady Groovin'
Blue Note Records # 7243 4 99257 2 4
Produced by Steve Swallow
Recorded at Power Station NYC, December 1991

Bill Frisell appears on one previously released track from John Scofields 1991 Blue Note release
Grace Under Pressure:

10/Twang (6:09)

John Scofield, Bill Frisell- guitars, Randy Brecker-flugelhorn, John Clark-french horn, Jim Pugh-trombone, Charlie Haden-bass, Joey Baron-drums
Read a handwritten note from Bill About
his guitar