Bill Frisell Discography 1999
Bill Frisell
Good Dog, Happy Man
Nonesuch 79536-2
Produced by: Lee Townsend
Recorded at O'Henry Studio, Burbank, California
Produced by Lee Townsend
Released: May 18, 1999
Bill Frisell (electric and acoustic guitars, loops and music boxes), Greg Leisz (pedal steel, Dobro, lap steel, Weissenborn, National steel guitar and mandolin),Wayne Horvitz (organ, piano, samples), Viktor Krauss (bass), Jim Keltner (drums and percussion), Ry Cooder (guitar, 5).
Vinicius Canturia
Verve 314 559 863-2
Produced by Hans Wendl
Recorded at Forest Sound Studio, N.Y.C.
Released:  March 16, 1999
Frisell plays on 2 tracks only:
1/ Amor Brasileiro (5:07) (Cantuaria)
Vinicius Cantuaria (vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, samples),
Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Joey Baron (drums), Michael Leonhart (trumpet).
7/ Tucuma (6:20) (Cantuaria)
Vinicius Cantuaria (vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, samples), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Joey Baron (drums), Joyce Hammann, Mark Feldman (violins), Lois Martin (viola), Erik Friedlander (cello).
Bill Frisell
The Sweetest Punch the new songs of Elvis Costello and
Burt Bacharach arranged by Bill Frisell

Nonesuch 314 559 865-2
P roduced by Lee Townsend
Recorded at 
Avatar Studios, NYC
Released: September 21, 1999

Bill Frisell wrote one track:
8/ Vamp Dolce (3:25)

1/ The Sweetest Punch (4:44)
2/ Toledo (5:25)
3/ Such Unlikely Lovers (5:43)   
4/ This House is Empty Now (5:03)
5/ Painted From Memory (4:10)
6/ What's Her Name Today? (4:58)
7/ In The Darkest Place (5:55)
8/ Vamp Dolce (3:25)
9/ My Thief (4:31)
10/ I Still Have That Other Girl (2:22)
11/ Painted From Memory (reprise) (3:36)
12/ The Long Division (3:59)
13/ Tears at the Birthday Party (3:44)
14/ I Still Have That Other Girl (reprise) (1:52)
15/ God Give Me Strength (4:42)

Bill Frisell (Electric and Acoustic Guitars), Don Byron (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet), Billy Drewes (Alto Sax), Ron Miles (Trumpet), Curtis Fowlkes (Trombone), Brian Blade (Drums, Percussion), Viktor Krauss (Bass), Elvis Costello (Vocals Tracks 2 & 14), Cassandra Wilson (Vocals Track 5)
Don Byron
Romance With The Unseen
Blue Note 99545
Produced by: Don Byron and Hans Wendl
Recorded at
Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, N.Y. January & March 1999
Released: September 21, 1999

Don Byron: Clarinet, Bill Frisell: Guitars, Drew Gress: Bass, & Jack DeJohnette: Drums

1/ A Mural From Two Perspectives (Ellington) (8:12)
2/ Sad Twilight (Byron) (5:32)
3/ Bernard Goetz, James Ramseur, and Me (Byron) (9:02)
4/ I'll Follow The Sun (For EAMR) (Lennon/McCartney) (6:45)
5/ 'Lude (Byron) (1:08)
6/ Homecoming (Bryon) (11:29)
7/ One Finger Snap ( Hancock) (7:59)
8/ Basquiat (Byron) (4:39)
9/ Perdido (Pegao) (Tizol) (8:18)
10/ Closer To Home (Byron) (3:
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Bill Frisell
The Sweetest Punch The new songs of Elvis Costello and
Burt Bacharach Arranged by Bill Frisell

Decca Records DECUV1001 45 RPM Single
Produced by Lee Townsend
Recorded at Avitar Studios NYC
Released: September 1999
1/ I Still Have That Other Girl (2:22)
2/ The Sweetest Punch (4:44)

This is a limited Edition promotional single
David Sylvian
Dead Bees on a Cake
Virgin Records America 7243 8 47071 2 5
Produced by David Sylvain
Recorded at Right Track Studios NYC, Real World Studios BOX, Sound House Studio Seattle, Atma Sound Mpls., Seedy Underbelly Mpls., and Synergy Studio Napa

Bill Frisell, dobro, acoustic guitar, appears on two tracks
2/ Dobro # (1:29)
7/ Krishna Blue (8:12)

John Zorn
Godard/ Spillane
Tzadik TZ 7324 (USA) (CD)
Produced By John Zorn
Recorded at Radio City Studios, NYC
(1) August/September 1986
(2) June 1986
(3) September 1987

Bill Frisell, guitars & banjo, appears on two tracks.
1/ Godard (18:37)
2/ Spillane (25:12)
1/ Rain, Rain (2:45)
2/ Roscoe (3:43)
3/ Big Shoe (3:49)
4/ My Buffalo Girl (8:50)
5/ Shenandoah (for Johnny Smith) (6:09)
6/ Cadillac 1959 (6:16)
7/ The Pioneers (5:16)
8/ Cold, Cold Ground (9:01)
9/ That Was Then (5:29)
10/  Monroe (4:19)
11/ Good Dog, Happy Man (2:33)
12/ Poem For Eva (3:41)
All compositions by Bill Frisell except 5/ Shenandoah
"Almost as soon as they had finished writing, I received some piano scores and a demo tape with Elvis singing and Burt playing the piano. What a thrill and honor it was to hear these twele beautiful tunes before anyone else on the planet. I was then left on my own to decide how to arrange them. This recording was done in NYC while Burt and Elvis were working in L.A. on Painted From Memory. None of us heard what the others were doing until we all finished. I can't imagine  this ever happening again-truly once-in-a-lifetime experience." Bill
Mike Stern
WEA/Atlantic #
Produced by
Recorded at
Studio Litho, Seattle, WA.
Released September 14, 1999

1/ Play (7:15)
2/ Small World (5:23)
3/ Outta Town (6:09)
4/ Blue Tone (6:43)
5/ Tipatina's (6:35)
6/ All Heart (6:22)
7/ Frizz (5:41)
8/ Link (6:50)
9/ Going Under (4:10)
10/ Big Kids (7:29)

David Sanborn
WEA/Electra #
Produced by Marcus Miller
Recorded at
Released March 23, 1999

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on one track 9/ Ain't No Sunshine
Ron Carter Sextet
Blue Note 7243 5 22490 2 2
Produced by Ron Carter
Recorded at
Avatar Studios NYC, February 1, and March 18, 1999
Released: November 2, 1999

Ron Carter (bass), Bill Frisell (guitars), Houston Person (tenor sax), Stephen Scott (piano), Payton Crossley (drums), Steve Kroon (percussion)

"I had already sent a demo tape of the numbers to Bill Frisell so that he'd be familar with the tunes, so when he joined us for recording, we went right through without rehersal, even though this was the first time he's recorded with us. I like Bill's sound. He's a very versatile guitarist. Geberally he sounds cool, but he can play real hot if he wants to. I joined him for the first time on drummer Joey Baron's album Down Home. Since then, I've become very fond of him as a person and for his musicality." -Ron Carter
"Ry had a recording of Johhny Smith playing 'Shenandoah' that he was excited about and sent me a message about how Johhny Smith is this great, unsung guitarist. I think that was my real 'in' with Ry, because I studied with Smith in 1970. So I sent a message to Ry saying, Yeah, great. I know Johnny Smith! - Bill Frisell Guitar Player Magazine Sept. 99
"The Sweetest Punch featured a large instrumental ensemble, and I obsessed over every single note"- Bill Frisell Guitar Player Sept. 99
Various Artists
CMJ New Music Monthly Vol. 69
Produced by Hans Wendle
Recorded at Forest Sound Studio, N.Y.C.
Released May 1999

Bill Frisell appears on one track, previously released on

/7 Aracaju (5:19)

Vinicuis Cantuaria (vocals,acoustic guitars,wood flute,samples), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Joey Baron (drums), Sean Lennon (bass)
Bill Frisell
The Sweetest Punch The new songs of Elvis Costello and
Burt Bacharach Arranged by Bill Frisell

Decca Records #
Produced by Lee Townsend
Recorded at Avitar Studios NYC

1/ I Still Have That Other Girl (2:22)
2/ The Sweetest Punch (4:44)
3/ Such Unlikely Lovers (5:43)

This is a Radio CD Sampler (Promotional Only)
Viento Rojo
Intuition #
Produced by
Lee Townsend
Recorded at
Released January 1, 1999

1/ Imagenes Del Amazonas
2/ Hay Senales Claras
3/ Ecos De Alla Atras
4/ El Camino A Casa
5/ Ya No Tendras Que Imaginar
6/ Lievame A Ver La Luna
7/ Noches DE Kerosene
8/ Viento Rojo
9/ Sad Sack
10/ Una Luz En La Ventana
11/ Eulalia Luna
12/ Un Cuarto Que Mira Al Mar
13/ Lievame A Ver La Luna (Reprise)

Gabriela (acoustic guitar, vocals), Bill Frisell (acoustic & electric guitars), Viktor Krauss (bass), Jenny Scheinman (violin), Eric Longworth (cello)
A Gabriela Interview
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Paris 1999
A short Review of "Tucuma"
Another Mike Stern Interview about "Play"
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Marianne Faithfull
Broken English/Strange Weather
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab #
Produced by
Released April 3, 1999

This is a re-release of two previously released Marianne Faithfull LP's. Bill appears on several tracks of 1987's "Strange Weather"
A 2001 Interview with Mike Stern
A Burt Bacharach Webpage
Excellent on-line page from Guitar Player magazine dealing with Good Dog, Greg Leisz, and his guitar tunings for each track
Akiko Yona
Go Girl
Epic Records # ESCB 2006
Produced by Akiko Yano
Released in 1999

Akiko wrote lyrics for the Bill Frisell composition:
12/ Gimme a Holler (3:04)
Bill Frisell  doesn't appear on this  recording.

Akiko Yano (vocals, hammond organ, synths), Kenny Greenberg (guitar), Jeff Bova (loops, programming).
Good Dog, Happy Man Press Kit
Contents of the Handbill from the World Premiere of Bill Frisell's New Septet Nov. 13, 1999
Short Article
Various Artists
Twelve Sounds of December Volume Two
Jazziz Magazine #

Bill Frisell appears on a previously released track  from

Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach & Bill Frisell "The Sweetest Punch"  Decca Records

The Sweetest Punch
Various Artists
Resurrection, Pt. 2
Winter & Winter #
Produced By
Released 1999

Bill Frisell appears on one previously released track from The Paul Motion Trio's 1997 release 
At The Village Vanguard:

1/Duke Ellington's Sound of Love (9:06)

Various Artists
Unconditionally Guaranteed Volume 8
Uncut # UG-915
Produced By Michael Shrive
Released September 1999

Bill Frisell appears on one previously released track from Douglas September's 1998 release,
Ten Bulls:

1/Lady & I (4:49)

Other artists represented on this sampler include Kelly Joe Phelps, Richard Thompson, Blondie, Eddie Cochran, Dolly Parton, and Charlie Parker w/ The Errol Garner Trio
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