Detras del Sol

Intuition 3506
Produced by: Lee Townsend
Released: August 19, 1997

Bill Frisell also co-wrote two of the tracks:
4/ Tren de la Medianoche/ Rambler (5:37)
8/ Cuando Me Vaya (4:15)

Bill Frisell (guitars), Alex Acuna (drums, percussion), Rob Burger (accordion, harmonium), Bill Douglass (bass), Gabirela (vocals, acoustic guitar), Eyvind Kang (violin).

That was really cool, how that came about. I didn't know her. From Argentina this tape comes and she had written words and sung to one of the songs I wrote. And she recorded her voice on top of me playing guitar and just sent it along with a CD that she'd done. And it really got me, the way that she sings and the sound of her voice. It was enough that it made me want to call her up. I don't remember how long ago it was - it took awhile - I just started communicating with her and said it'd be nice if we could play together someday. And I played this tape for Lee [Townsend] and then it just gradually happened. -Bill Frisell  Music from the Four Corners

Detras Del Sol had a band put together mostly by Lee Townsend and myself. There were really no arrangements in the traditional sense. I brought some simple sheets of my songs, we rehearsed a couple of times, didn't do a lot of talking. We'd try some things out and kind of stay with whatever seemed to feel better. Then we went into the studio, played and sang at the same time, just like a live gig, and did most of the record in three days with just a few overdubs. It was more of a jazz approach to playing and recording than the typical singer-songwriter approach where you have time to go back into the syudio to get the perfect vocal track and work on the details. But I think we got the kind of magic that proves there are no rules! Gabirela  Acoustic Guitar Magazine March 2001

Lee Townsend called me about this project, and I was very happy to be apart of it. I did not know Gabriela, but was thrilled that I would beplaying with Bill. Also I did not know Alex Acuna, but he was a joy to play with as it turned out. Rob Burger and I had played together a bit, as both of us lived, at the time, in the SF Bay Area. I never met Eyvind Kang sorry to say, he was an overdub. We had recorded the piece "Estos son Mis Dias" and I had left the room as they were listening to the play back. As I returned they were all laughing as it was being played. They were cracking up because they said it was the slowest tune they had ever played! Music is such a special world. Making music together  is a microcosmos of the possible harmony that can come between people.  This recording was very special to me, and having Bill Frisell there added to  the sweetness of this CD.

-Biil Douglass Bass Player & Bamboo Flutist
Donald Rubinstein
Time Again

Label ?
Produced by Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz
Recorded in Wayne Horvitz's Studio
Released: 1997
Re-released Rhombus Records  5/18/2002
Bill Frisell: Guitar, Producer

Time Again came about 1997, when Bill called saying he wanted to produce a recording of my songs. We recorded in Seattle in Wayne Horvitz's basement studio.
-Donald Rubinstein 2001
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Jon Damian
Dedications: Faces & Places

Yo Records Yo001
Recorded at: the Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA.
Released: 1997

Frisell plays on two Tracks:
2/ On The Trail (Ferde Grofe) (5:55)
11/ Argentina (To Argentina) (Damian) (7:46)

Bill Frisell (guitar), Jon Damian (guitar), Taylor McLean (percussion), Ralph Rosen (drums), Jon Voigt (bass).

In 1975 I had the good fortune to meet Jon Damian. He is one of the few musicians I know who has found his own unique voice and the courage  to stay true to it. He has a deep understanding of the history and at the same time is always looking ahead using his fantastic imagination. As a student of his, Jon gave me the confidence to go after my own ideas and also showed me whole new ways of looking at music. He continues to be an inspiration and example.
-Bill Frisell (CD liner notes)

Bill and I performed together in the Boston area from the early 1980's on. Performances included the Berklee Performance Center, as well as many club dates. Some of the clubs were The Willow Jazz Club, Ryles, and Studio One. We also did a wedding together!!! That was probably the most fun. Can you imagine playing the Mexican Hat Dancewith Bill, or New York, New York. We had a lot of laughs on that gig. We performed as a duo, as well as with a band consisting of 2 acoustic basses, a drum set player, and hand percussionist. Sort of a double trio. In all performances, I also double on the Rubbertellie, an invention of mine, which is illustrated on track 7 Brother Sharpe and track 8 Doreen and Alice on the CD Dedications:Faces and Places. The tunes Bill and I usually did were usually original compositions of mine, and a bit of Bill's, as well as standard stuff. The range of improvisation would range from mainstream to avant, and the CD is a good example of this range of playing. Bill is wonderful to play with. He is so supportive and really adds a depth to any musical situation. I have a good deal of well-recorded live recordings with Bill that I hope can be released in the future.
-Jon Damian
Contact Jon at:
or (617) 864-6057
or (617) 747-8152
or click on the CD cover to order his CD.
Ron Miles
Womans Day

Gramavision/Rykodisc GCD 79516 (CD)
Produced by: Hans Wendl
Recorded October/November 1996 at Akashic Recording Studios,
Boulder, Colorado
Released: 1997

Ron Miles (trumpet), Bill Frisell (guitar), Todd Ayers (guitar), Artie
Moore (bass), Rudy Royston (drums).
Various Artists
New Spirits In Jazz, Part 3
1997 EFA Jazz EFA 01510 [Germany] (CD)

Bill Frisell plays guitar on one song:

6/ Mommy On Top(5:04) (Ron Miles)
previously released, from Ron Miles' Woman's Day
Bill Frisell (guitar), Todd Ayers (guitar), Ron Miles (trumpet), Artie Moore (bass), Rudy Royston (drums)
Various Artists
Great Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach

Tzadik [USA] TZ 7114-2 (2XCD)
Produced by: Bill Frisell
When Recorded August - October 1996
Released: 1997

Bill Frisell, guitar, appears on one previously released tune:
10/ Past Present (7:07) from Kenny Wheeler's Angel Song
Joey Baron
Down Home

Intuition # 3503 2 (CD)
Produced by Lee Townsend
Recorded at Avantar Studios N.Y.C.
Released: 1997

Joey Baron (drums), Bill Frisell (guitar), Arthur Blythe (alto saxophone), Ron Carter (bass).
Kenny Wheeler
Angel Song

ECM 78118-21607-2 (CD)
Produced by: Manfred Eicher
Recorded in  February 1996
Released: February 1997

Kenny Wheeler (trumpet, flugelhorn) , Bill Frisell (electric guitar) , LeeKonitz (alto saxophone) , Dave Holland (double-bass).
Various Artists
Selected Signs, I

ECM 1650 537805-2
Released: 1997

Bill Frisell plays, solo guitar, on one song on disc 2:
19/ What The World Needs Now Is Love (4:21).
Ginger Baker
Falling Off The Roof

WEA/Atlantic 7567- 82900-2 [USA] (CD)
Produced by: Ginger Baker/ Malcolm Cecil
Recorded 12-16 December 1995, 24-25 March 1996 at
Bear Creek
, Woodinville, Wash.
Released: 1997

Ginger Baker (drums), Charlie Haden (bass), Bill Frisell (guitar), Bela Fleck (banjo: 2, 5, 11), Jerry Hahn (guitar: 4)

Bill Frisell wrote two tracks:
2/ Amarillo Barbados (4:45)
8/ Skeleton (5:59)
And co-wrote another:
10/ The Day The Sun Came Out (8:25)
John Zorn
Filmworks III: 1990-1995

Produced by
Released: 1997
1996 Toy's Factory Records [Japan], TFCK-? (CD)
1996 Evva [Japan], 33006 (CD)
1997 Tzadik 7309

Frisell plays guitar and banjo on one song:
13/ Music For Tsunta (nine cues) (3:31).

Ciro Baptista (percussion, voice), Carol Emanuel (harp), Bill Frisell
(guitar, banjo), David Hofstra (bass, tuba), Christian Marclay
(turntables), Bobby Previte (drums, percussion), Peter Scherer
(keyboards), Marc Ribot (guitars), John Zorn (alto saxophone).
Bill Frisell

Produced by: Wayne Horvitz
Nonesuch 79415-2 (CD)
Recorded September 1995 Oct - Nov 1996 at Sound Emporium,
Nashville, TN
Released: 1997

1/ Gimme a Holler (5:02)
2/ Go Jake (4:27)
3/ One of These Days (Neil Young) (4:51)
4/ Mr. Memory (3:59)
5/ Brother (6:03)
6/ Will Jesus Wash the Bloodstains From Your Hands (Hazel Dickens) (3:09)
7/ Keep Your Eyes Open (3:31)
8/ Pipe Down (6:50)
9/ Family (5:22)
10/ We're Not From Around Here (4:22)
11/ Dogwood Acres (5:28)
12/ Shucks (4:15)
13/ The End of The World (Aurthur Kent/Sylvia Dee) (3:32)
14/ Gone (2:00)
All Compositions by Bill Frisell, except where noted

Bill Frisell (guitar), Viktor Krauss (bass), Jerry Douglas (dobro: 1-6,9-10, 12), Ron Block (banjo: 2, 6, 8, 11, 13, 14) Adam Steffey (mandolin:2, 3, 6-8, 11, 13, 14), Robin Holcomb (vocals: 3, 6, 13), Pat Bergeson
(harmonica: 2, 8)
Nashville was kind of setting me up to play, but it was still more about the chemical reaction of the Nashville musicians. I was more concerned with the overall mixture of people coming all together. Which, is always the first thing on my mind, is to get the people together to play. -Bill Frisell(Earshot Jazz, March 1998, p. 1)
Various Artists
Music For the Rest of Us

Atlantic PRCD 8174-2 (CD)
Released: 1997

Contains two previously released tracks from Nashville:
6/ One of these Days (3:13)
14/ Keep Your Eyes Open (3:31)
Michael White
Motion Pictures

Intuition 3212 2 (CD)
Produced by: Eyvind Kang &  Joe Hadlock
Recorded 1 June 1995 at
Bear Creek Studios, Woodinville, WA
Released: September 23,1997

1/ You Are Too Beautiful
2/ Easy Living
3/ Night Has a Thousand Eyes
4/ Flamingo
5/ My Shining Hour
6/ Misterioso
7/ My One and Only Love

Bill Frisell (guitar), Michael White (violin).
Paul Motian Trio
Sound Of Love

Winter & Winter 910 008-2 (CD)
Produced by: Stefan F. Winter
Recorded 7-10 June 1995
Released: 1997(?)

Paul Motian (drums), Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Bill Frisell (electricguitar).

1. Misterioso (Thelonious Monk)
2. Duke Ellington's Sound of Love
3. Mumbo Jumbo (Paul Motian)
4. Once Around the Park (Paul Motian)
5. Good Morning Heartache
6. Epistrophy (Thelonious Monk)
7. Play
Naked City
Leng Tche

Produced by: John Zorn
Recorded (11 Jan?) 1992
1992 Toy's Factory Records [Japan], TFCK-88604 (CD)
1997 Tzadik [USA], TZ 7312-2 (2xCD) (as half of the Black Box)

Note: This record contains only one composition (32 minutes long).
John Zorn (alto saxophone), Bill Frisell (guitar), Wayne Horvitz
Fred Frith (bass), Joey Baron (drums), Yamatsuka Eye
Bill Frisell Discography 1997
Naked City
Black Box

Recorded 1989-90
Released: 1997 Tzadik 7312 (2xCD)
Note: This is a double-cd re-release of
Torture Garden and  Leng T'che.
John Zorn
Filmworks VII Cynical Hysterie Hour

1997 Tzadik 7315
Produced by:
John Zorn
New Traditions In East Asian Bar Bands

Produced by: John Zorn
1997 Tzadik [USA], TZ 7311 (CD)

Frisell plays on one song:1/Hu Die (by Zorn and Arto Lindsay) 25:09.

Zhang Jinglin, Jung Hee Shin, Anh Tran (narrators), Bill Frisell & Fred Frith (guitar),Joey Baron & Samm Bennett: drums
Wayne Horvitz & Anthony Coleman: keyboards
Emil Viklicky
Door & Window

Bonton Music # 7105402
Recorded in 1979

1/ 70 Vchon (East 80th Street) (Viklicky)
2/ Asi by to Tak Slo (Driscoll)
3/ Podzim (Fall) (Viklicky)
4/ Jed' Dvactkou (Take a Streetcar No. 20) (Viklicky)
5/ To Jsou Veci (Those are the Things) (Viklicky)
6/ 43 Joy Street (Frisell)
7/ Trochu Funky (The Funky Way) (Viklicky)
8/ Zase Zapomneli Zavrit Okno (They've Left the Window Open Again (Viklicky)
9/ Siesta (Viklicky)
10/ Jumbo Jet (Viklicky)
11/ Boston (Viklicky)
12/ Psen Pro Jana Hammera (Song for Jan Hammer) (Viklicky)
13/ Jeste Jednou Slunce (Once again Sun) (Viklicky)
14/ Kveten (Maytime) (Viklicky)

Emil Viklicky, Bill Frisell, Kermit Driscoll, and Vinnie Johnson

This is a bundled re-issue of two previously released Emily Viklicky albums, 1985's
Dveoe & 1980's Okno
Funky Groove
Funky Groove


Bill Frisell wrote, but does not play on track

4/ Strange Meeting (8:32)

Tomasz Grabowy (bass), Marcin Jahr (drums), Arthur Lesicki (guitar), Marek Napiorkowski (guitar)
Jazziz May 1997
Handbill from the Minneapolis Walker Art Center
Liner Notes
Liner Notes
Bill Frisell made a contribution to this John Zorn book in 1997
Various Artists
Released 1997

Bill Frisell appears/composes one track (From Nashville) of this 15 track MCA sampler:

2/  ONE OF THESE DAYS  featuring Robin Holcomb

Other Artists on this Promo include Sugar Ray, The Jayhawks, Holly Palmer, Ziggy Marley, and Beth Nielsen Chapman

This sampler was released with no cover, but a back liner
Emil Viklicky's Wepage
Various Artists
New Country
New Country # NC 0897D
Released 1997
This is a companion CD to New Country magazine

Bill Frisell appears/composes one previously released track from Nashville:

10/Gimme a Holler
Bill Douglass
Bill with Gabirela
Various Artists
Alternate Routes
Released 1997
Produced by Hans Wendle, Ron Sacks
BMG/Grammavision # D 118723

This is a store sampler CD release with 6 tracks. Bill Frisell appears on two of them:

4/ Dew (3:56)
from Ron Miles release
Womans Day

5 Rag (5:18)
from Bill Frisells
A Ginger Baker Interview
Various Artists
The Jazz Collection III

Atlantic Records # PRCD-8305
Released 1997

This is a promotional CD released by Dove Bar Ice Cream.

Bill Frisell appears on one previously release track from Ginger Bakers 1997 release
Falling Off the Roof.

4/ Our Spanish Love Song (5:22)

This release also includes tracks by Madeleine Peyroux, Fred Hersch, Mike Stern, James Carter & others.
Various Artists
Breaking The Barriers of Rock The CMP Story Vol. 3
CMP Records # CMP CD 2103 {Germany} (2CD)
Produced by Kurt Renker
Recorded at Bob Lang Studios, Seattle Washington Nov. 1993
Released 1997

This is an CMP anniversary compliation.

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on one previouly released track from Micheal Shrive's
Two Doors:

Disc Two
1/ Your Saviour (1:49)

Michael Shrieve: Drums,Bill Frisell: Guitar,Wayne Horvitz: Organ

Other arits included on this release include: Andy Summers, Jack Bruce, Mick Karn, David Torn, Bernie Worrell, Ed Mann, and others.
Various Artists
Breaking The Barriers Of Jazz The CMP Story Vol. One
CMP Records # CMP CD 2002  (CD 1)
Produced by Kurt Renker
Recorded by Don Gilmore at Bob Lang Studios, Seattle, November 1993

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on one previously released track
from Michael Shrieve's
Fascination CMP 67

Disc Two
10. Living With The Law (Chris Whitley) (4:01)

Michael Shrieve: Drums,Bill Frisell: Guitar,Wayne Horvitz: Organ

Other artists appearing on this release include: Dave Liebman,
Joachim Kühn, Richie Beirach, , Ed Mann, , Marty Fogel, , Chad Wackerman, Trilok Gurtu & others
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