Bill Frisell Discography 1995
Bill Frisell
Music For The Films of Buster Keaton: Go West
Nonesuch 979350-2 (CD)
Recorded at Möbius Music, San Francisco 1995
Produced by Lee Townsend
Bill Frisell (acoustic and electric guitars), Kermit Driscoll (acoustic
and electric basses), Joey Baron (drums and percussion).
Bill Frisell
Music For The Films of Buster Keaton: The High Sign/One Week

Nonesuch 979351-2 (CD)
Recorded at Mobius Music, San Francisco 1995
Produced by: Lee Townsend

Bill Frisell (acoustic and electric guitars), Kermit Driscoll (acoustic
and electric basses), Joey Baron (drums and percussion).
1/ Down on Luck (4:11)
2/ Box Car (0:57)
3/ Busy Street Scene (0:44)
4/ Go West (1:00)
5/ Train (3:06)
6/ Brown Eyes (4:21)
7/ Saddle Up! (2:41)
8/ First Aid (0:51)

9/ Bullfight (2:25)
10/  Wolves (3:14)
11/ New Day (5:27)
12/ Branded (1:20)
13/ Eats (1:13)
14/ Splinter Scene (2:33)
15/ Cattle Drive (4:36)
16/ Card Game (5:03)
17/ Ambush (4:02)
18/ Passing Through Pasadena (1:52)
19/ To The Streets (3:11)
20/ Tap Dancer and Confusion (6:42)
21/ Devil Suit (2:08)
22/ Cops and Fireman (3:58)
23/ That a Boy (1:31)
24/ I Want Her (2:13)
All Compositions By Bill Frisell
1/ The High Sign: Introduction (0:37)
2/ The High Sign Theme-Help Wanted (0:42)
3/ Target Practice (1:16)
4/ The Blinking Buzzards (1:06)
5/ Good Shot-Swearing In-Shooting Gallery (2:30)
6/ Chase-Cop (5:43)
7/ The High Sign Theme-At The Home Of August (1:10)
8/ Chase-Caught (3:21)
9/ The High Sign Theme (1:56)
10/ One Week Theme-The Wedding (0:27)
11/ Reckless Driving (1:39)
12/ Construction (0:49)
13/ Oh, Well-The Piano (1:42)
14/ Fight (5:12)
15/ Oh, Well-Bath Scene (2:05)
16/ Housewarming Party and Storm (2:52)
17/ One Week Theme-Aftermath (2:19)
18/ Here Comes The Train (0:44)
19/ Oh, Well (0:49)
All compositions By Bill Frisell
Various Artists
JMT 514 025-2 (CD)
Produced by Stefan F. Winter
Recorded June 1995 Live at the Village Vanguard, NYC
Released: 1995
Bill Frisell plays on one song:
9/ Don't Explain (7:54)
Note: This song is previously unreleased. It is an alternate take from the recording sessions for The Paul Motian Trio's  At The Village Vanguard
Bill Frisell & Elvis Costello
Deep Dead Blue
Produced by
Recorded at The Meltdown Festival, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, England June 25, 1995
Released on August 14, 1995

Warner Bros./ Nonesuch 9362-46073-2 (CD) (U.K. & Germany)
Warner Bros./Nonesuch (LP) (UK)
Warner/Nonesuch WPCR-427 (Japan)(includes Lyrics)

U.S. Promomtional CD was issued as a picture disc, inside a brown cardboard picture hole sleeve.

Also Released as part of a 5 CD promotional box set, along with CD's by  Kronos Quartet, Steve Reich, John Adams, & George Gershwin

1/ Weird Nightmare (Charles Mingus) (3:35)
2/ Love Field (3:25)
3/ Shamed Into Love (Elvis Costello/Ruben Blades) (4:26)
4/ Gigi (Alan Lerner/Fredrich Lowe) (4:17)
5/ Poor Napolean (4:05)
6/ Baby Plays Around ( Elvis Costello/O'Riodau) (3:09)
7/ Deep Dead Blue (Elvis Costello/Bill Frisell) (3:51)

Bill Frisell (guitar), Elvis Costello (vocal)
American Blood/Safety in Numbers
ntuition 2064-2 (CD)
Produced by: Brian Ales, Bill Frisell, and Victor Bruce Godsey
Recorded: at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta, Canada
Released: July 18, 1995
199? Ver(t?)abra Records VBR 2064-2 (CD)
Safety in Numbers: Bill Frisell (guitars, ukulele and banjo), Brian Ales (sampling and electronics)
American Blood: Bill Frisell (guitars), Victor Bruce Godsey (words and vocals), Brian Ales (sampling) (It's Time and Gone, Just Like  a Train)
Various Artists
The Atlantic Group 1995 Release #2
Produced by various including Lee Townsend
Released 1995

Bill Frisell appears on two parcial, previously released tracks
1/ Help Wanted from
The High Sign
2/ New Day from
Go West

William S. Burroughs
Naked Lunch
Produced by: Hal Willner and James Grauerholz
1995 Warner Audio Video Entertainment 4-522206 (2xCT)
1995 Warner [USA], 2-522206 (3xCD)
Don Byron
Music for Six Musicians
Electra Nonesuch 9 79354-2
Produced by: Hans Wendl
Released: October 1995

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on one track:

4/ I'll Chill On The Marley Tapes

Don Byron (clarinet, bass clarinet), Graham Haynes (cornet), Edsel Gomez (piano), Kenny Davis (electric bass), Lonnie Plaxico (acoustic bass), Jerry Gonzalez (congas), Ralph Peterson, Jr. (drums), Bill Frisell
(electric guitar).

Jim Hall
Telarc CD-83369
Produced by: John Snyder and Jane Hall
Recorded 3, 4, 25 February 1995 at Power Station, NYC
Released: February 3, 1995

Frisell plays on two tracks:

1/ Frisell Frazzle (4:47) (Jim Hall)
2/ Simple Things (6:26) (Jim Hall)

Jim Hall (guitar), Bill Frisell (guitar), Scott Colley (bass), Andy Watson (drums).
Paul Motian Trio
The Paul Motian Trio At The Village Vanguard:
You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart

JMT 697 124 098-2 (CD)
Produced by: Stefan F. Winter
Recorded June 1995 at the Village Vanguard, NYC
Released: 1995
Michael Shrieve
Two Doors
Produced by: Kurt Renker
Recorded November 1993 at Bob Lang Studios, Seattle
Released: 1995
1995 CMP records [Germany], CMP CD 74 (2xCD)
1995 CMP records [USA], CMP CD 74 (CD)

Bill Frisell (guitar, co-composer) appears on CD # 2 of this release, entitled Flying Polly.
1. Locomotion. (1:55) (Shrieve)
2. Data Trash. (0:55) (Shrieve, Frisell)
3. Stella. (7:17) (Shrieve, Frisell, Horvitz)
4. Your Saviour. (1:48) (C. Cornell)
5. Pipeline. (0:46) (Shrieve, Frisell)
6. Crocodile. (4:21) (Shrieve, Frisell, Horvitz)
7. Lincoln Logs. (2:53) (Shrieve, Frisell, Horvitz)
8. First Train. (0:37) (Shrieve, Frisell)
9. Queen Bee. (12:04) (Shrieve, Frisell, Horvitz)
10. Flying Polly. (1:51) (Shrieve, Frisell, Horvitz)
11. Stella (Reprise). (5:02) (Shrieve, Frisell, Horvitz)

Michael Shrieve (drums), Bill Frisell (guitar), Wayne Horvitz (organ).
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Lee Konitz
Produced by: Lee Konitz
Recorded 20 June 1993
Released: 1995 Evidence Music ECD 22117-2 (CD)
see: earlier 1993 Japanese release

Bill Frisell (guitar) plays on one track:
2/ Lo-Ko-Mo-And Frizz (12:05) (Lovano, Konitz, Motian, Frisell)

Lee Konitz (alto saxophone), Paul Motian (drums), Joe Lovano (tenor
saxophone), Bill Frisell (electric guitar)
Produced by: Hans Wendl
Recorded 27 October 1991 at Terceros Encuentros de Nueva Musica Teatro Lope de Vega, Sevilla, Spain
Released: 1995 Gramavision [USA], GCD 79504 (CD)

Bill Frisell (guitar), Kermit Driscoll (bass), Joey Baron (drums).
Carol Emanuel
Tops Of Trees
Produced by: Bobby Previte
Recorded 1991 and 1992 at RPM Studios, East Side Sound, and Live Wire Studio, New York City
Released: 1995 Koch Jazz [USA], KOC 3-7802 (CD)
1995 Evva [Japan], 33002 (CD)

Bill Frisell composed, but does not appear on  one track:
10/ This Is Only America (7:03)
Carol Emanuel (harp), Michelle Kinney (2) (cello), Myra Melford (2)
(harpsi- chord), Brandon Ross (2) (guitar), Mark Feldman (3) (violin), Guy Klucevsek (3) (accordion), Amy Rubin (5) (bass, keyboard), Steve Salerno (5) (guitar), Tiger Bemford (5) (tabla), Anthony Coleman (6) (piano), Marc Ribot (6) (guitar), Roy Nathanson (6) (soprano), Marty Ehrlich (7) (bass clarinet), Hank Roberts (7) (cello), Vicki Bodner (8) (oboe), Bobby
Previte (9) (drums), Jerome Harris (9) (guitar), Steve Gaboury (9) (keyboard), Nikki Gregoroff (9) (vocals).
Mike Goodrick/ David Liebman/ Wolfgang Muthspiel
In The Same Breath
CMP (Germany)
Produced by
Recorded at

Bill Frisell composed, but does not appear on  one track:

3/ Throughout (7:19)
"I love Bill Frisell's playing for obvious reasons; he's unique and always surprising which is part of what being unique is." -Jim Hall
Various Artists
Ryko's Fall 1995 Fall Mixer
Ryko # VRCD 9509
Produced by Hans Wendle
Recorded 27 October 1991 at Terceros Encuentros de Nueva Mausica Teatro Lope de Vega, Sevilla, Spain

Bill Frisell appears on one track, previously released on

8/ Have a Little Faith in Me (5:12)

Other artists included are Elvis Costello, Frank Zappa, The Roches, Lloyd Cole, Maura O'Connell, Morphine and more
Brian Ales
Intuition # 2054
Produced by Brian Ales
released 1995

Bill Frisell (guitar, co-composer) appears on:

1/ Personal Montuno performed by Ales / Bill Frisell
8/ This Dream performed by Ales / Bill Frisell
Bill Frisell
Music For the Films of Buster Keaton
Nonesuch PRCD 6076
Produced by Lee Townsend
Promotional CD

1/ The High Sign Theme (2:21)
2/ Go West (:53)
3/ New Day (excerpt) (4:41)
4/ Cattle Drive (4:41)
5/ Card Game (4:15)
6/ Oh, Well-Bath Scene (2:30)
7/ House Warming Party & Storm (2:56)
8/ Aftermath (2:21)

All tracks are available on the following
two recordings:
The High Sign/One Week , and Go West
Rinde Eckert
Do The Day Over
City of Tribes # 7
Produced by Lee Townsend
Recorded at
Released 1996

Bill Frisell co-composed, but does not appear on one track:

12/ I'm Lost Without You (5:02)
Track Samples
A Elvis Costello Homepage
Down Beat Review for Keaton Film Music
Down Beat Review
Live Press Kit
Various Artists
Unknown Public: Fluxus Volume 6 Electric Guitars
Released in 1995

Bill Frisell appears on one track recorded for BBC Radio 3:

Bloods of Dust  (Michael Gibbs)
Bill Frisell (guitars) & The Burmingham Contemporary Music Group

Here is the full track listing of UP06 Electric Guitars:

1/ Associations Libres  René Lussier  Gilles Gobeil  3:04
2/ Yamanashi Blues  Robert Fripp String Quartet Bert Lams  2:40
3/ Stack Terry Edwards  Terry Edwards  2:12*
4/ Nagasaki Bells  Robert Poss  Robert Poss 2:55
5/ I Do Love You A Little Seigen Ono  Seigen Ono 5:20
6/ Colchester Invisible String Quartet Dave Draper  5:41
7/ Omonok e# Elliott Sharp  4:46
8/ Sandstorm G P Hall G P Hall 5:31
9/ Reverse World  David Toop  David Toop 5:50
10/ Tall Straight Back Chair Billy Jenkins  Billy Jenkins 1:20
11/ Jeremy Peyton Jones Jeremy Peyton Jones 3:57*
12/ Chase David Starobin  Michael Starobin  4:43
13/ Bloods Of Dust Bill Frisell with BCMG Michael Gibbs  8:58
14/ Dead Silence  Dr Nerve  Nick Didkovsky  5:24
15/ Bedtime Billy Jenkins  Billy Jenkins 0:59
16/ Diva in a dug-out canoe Morgan Fisher 5:03
17/ The Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny The Mothers of Invention Frank Zappa  6:28

Unknown Public is both a journal and a compilation CD, packed in a brown cardboard box with notes, correspondence, essays and images and mailed to subscribers in 50 countries. It draws on the creativity of hundreds of musicians: the performers, composers and producers who contribute master tapes to Unknown Public – in much the way that writers contribute manuscripts to a literary publication. With the support of a network of loyal subscribers, UP uses recent innovations in computer and audio technology to produce a professional product. Nearly every aspect of UP's operation makes use of the latest technology, but it remains a 'cottage industry' based in Notting Hill, where the boxes are packed and labelled by hand. Unknown Public is not available in conventional record stores.

Liners Notes For This Track:

Although it was the textural timbre of Takemitsu's chamber works that give me the initial impulse for BLOODS OF DUST, I've sought to explore further the ear-challenging multi-layering music of Charles Ives, Gil Evans' emotional quality, the dominant seventh structures in Messiaen's music and a simplicity I found in Satie's Messe des Pauvres. I am also trying to place Bill Frisell where his audacity and the piquant spareness of his music and humour have space to mingle at his discretion. -Michael Gibbs
BLOODS OF DUST was commissioned by Birmingham Jazz with funds from Biringham City Council as part of Sounds Like Birmingham 1992 and West Midlands Arts, and premiered by BCMG in the Series 1991/2, which was the music winner of the Prudential Awards for the Arts 1993.

  Music by Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, and Eyvind Kang.

  Disc 1:
    1/ "I Can Feel The Heat Closing In..."
    2/ Benway
    3/ The Black Meat
    4/ Hospital
    5/ Hassan's Rumpus Room
  Disc 2:
    6/ A.J.'s Annual Party
    7/ Meeting Of The International Conference Of Technological Psychiatry
    8/ The Market
    9/ Ordinary Men And Women
    10/ Islam Incorporated And The Parties Of Interzone
    11/ The County Clerk
  Disc 3:
    12/ Interzone
    13/ The Examination
    14/ Have You Seen Patopon Rose
    15/ Coke Bugs
    16/ The Exterminator Does A Good Job
    17/ The Algebra Of Need
    18/ Hauser And O'Brien
    19/ Atrophied Preface
    20/ Quick...

Note: From the packaging
Total Playing Time: Approximately 3 hours. An abridgement of  Naked
Lunch by William S. Burroughs. Abridgement approved by the author.
Executive Producers: David Kronemyer and Maja Thomas. Directed by Hal Willner. Abridged by Nelson Lyon. Original score by Bill Frisell, Wayne
Horvitz, and Eyvind Kang, recorded by Wayne Horvitz and mixed by James
Grauerholz. William Burroughs recorded by James Grauerholz, edited by
Robert Rebeck, mixed and mastered by Chip Mullaney.

Various Artists
NONESUCH Sampler Boxset
Nonesuch #
Produced by
Released in 1995

1/Kronos Quartet Sampler CD
2/Steve Reich Sampler CD
3/George Gershwin Sampler CD
4/Elvis Costello/Bill Frisell Sampler CD
5/John Adams Sampler CD
Various Artists
Top Hits Selection October1995

This is a promotion CD released in Japan

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on a previously released track from Deep Dead Blue by Elvis Costello and Bill Frisell::

8/ Deep Dead Blue (3:49)

Other artists included on this CD include: Eric Clapton, Red Hot Chili Peppers,  Prince, Green Day, Josuha Redman, Rickie Lee Jones, The Eagles and Others

Subtitled "radio recordings 1967-1993", Atmospheric Conditions Permitting enters the archives of Frankfurt Radio (Hessischer Rundfunk) and retrieves material from 31 sessions featuring a total of 50 musicians. The resultant double CD amounts to a panorama of German jazz, primarily featuring the long-established Jazzensemble des Hessichen Rundfunks (founded 1958) as well as groups of overlapping personnel, such as the Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet and the Joki Freund Septet. But there are also appearances by guest musicians. These include an Alexander von Schlippenbach band deconstructing a walz, the Thomas Heberer-Aki Takase duo reworking a 50-year-old German pop song, and Bulgarians Milcho Leviev and Theodossij Spassov exploring the interface between Eastern European folk and modern jazz, with Spassov soloing persuasively on the kaval. Amongst the set's highlights is Paul Lovens' "Krötenbalz", an intricate and subtle improvisation on "selected drums, cymbals and wood" by Germany's foremost free percussionist.

Wilhelm Liefland was the literary voice of the Frankfurt jazz scene until his untimely death in 1980. The range of his critical writings has been matched by very few other "jazz journalists": one would probably have to go back to Boris Vian for a comparable grasp of jazz's social context and the ways in which it overlaps with the other arts. Liefland was also a poet - his texts here prompt freely associative improvising from Michel Pilz, Buschi Niebergall (also no longer with us), Bob Degen and the Jazzensemble's unofficial leader, drummer Ralf-R. Hübner.

The drummer has previously recorded for ECM on Eberhard Weber's projects (The Colours Of Chloe, Orchestra) and is, along with saxophonist Heinz Sauer, the principle composer/arranger in this collection. His often impressionistic writing establishes climates which the Jazzensemble's soloists - and friends such as Lee Konitz and Bill Frisell - are encouraged to embellish. Hübner's pieces are, in the words of HR producer Ulrich Olshausen, "brooding, sometimes angry reflections on the insanity of our times." "Fahrmann Charon" is the most intense of these, its "infernal character" underlined by Sauer's tortured alto solo.

Sauer, who was partnered with George Adams on the ECM album Sound Suggestions (ECM 1141), first came to international attention as the saxophonist in Albert Mangelsdorff's group, one of the genuinely pioneering bands of the 60s and 70s. Since 1978, however, the Jazzensemble has been one of the few contexts in which they have been regularly heard together. Both players are well-represented on Atmospheric Conditions Permitting. The trombonist shines particularly brightly on his own composition "Blues, Eternal Turn On" where he brings his multiphonic approach and his unique "chording" to bear on a gruff rumination on the source of jazz.

Heinz Sauer's writing for radio has often taken the form of "miniatures", relatively complex pieces between one and three minutes in length, and these are threaded throughout the double album. As a player, perhaps the most complete account of his inventiveness is to be found on the "Concierto de Charangojazz", an exhaustive 16-minute dialogue with South American charango virtuoso Jaime Torres.

Over almost four decades, the Jazzensemble des Hessichen Rundfunks has recorded more than 2,000 titles. No anthology could claim to be truly "representative" of such a vast archive but Atmospheric Conditions Permitting gives an intriguing glimpse into the nature of the work as well as an indication of the enduring vitality of the Frankfurt jazz scene...
Jazzensemble des Hessischen Rundfunks
Atmospheric Conditions Permitting
ECM # 1549 [2 CD]
Produced by Ulrich Olshausen
Recorded 1967-1993

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on one track:

3/ Niemandsland (Ralf-R. Huber) (10:24)

Additional track personnel is as follows:  Eberhard Weber (bass), Joki Freund (soprano Saxophone), Emil Mangelsdorff (flute), Christof Lauer (tenor Saxophone), Joerg Reiter (piano), Gunter Lenz (bass), Ralf-R. Huber (drums)

Bill Frisell/Clusone Trio
Gramavision 2 CD Advance
Rykodisc # GCD795004ADV
Produced by
Released in 1995

Canadian 25-track double promo CD
CD1 features Bill Frisell Kermit Driscoll Joey Baron Live in concert
CD2  features The  Clusone Trio 


1. Throughout
2. Rag
3. Crumb/No Moe
4. Have A Litttle Faith In me
5. Pip, Squeak/Goodbye
6. Hello nellie
7. Strange Meeting
8. Hangdog


9. Child At Heart
10. Again
11. When We Go
12. Wigwam
13. Angelica
14. Tlinglit
15. I'm An Indian Too
16. Qow
17. Bella Coola
18. Celia
19. Tsimshian
20. Sonoroso
21. Mijn Geheugen Is Een Zeef
22. The Song Is Ended
23. Salish
Unknown Public Ad
from a 1994 Wire Magazine