Hal Willner
Weird Nightmare: Meditations on Mingus

Produced by: Hal Willner
Released: 1992 Columbia CK 52739 (CD)

Frisell plays on: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19.
A house band of Don Alias (percussion), Bill Frisell (guitar), Michael
Blair (drums), Greg Cohen (bass), Don Byron (clarinet), Art Baron
(trombone), and Francis Thumm (Partch instruments), and guest musicians too numerous to mention, including Bobby Previte, Henry Threadgill, Marc Ribot, Elvis Costello, Vernon Reid, Geri Allen, Henry Rollins, Chuck D (from Public Enemy), Keith Richards, Diamanda Galas, Robert Quine, Ray Davies, and Doctor John.

I think we really stayed true to the music. When I play a tune by Mingus
or Monk or Sonny Rollins, I don't want to mess with them. I'm trying to
stay in the spirit of it."
(Downbeat, Oct 1992, p. 33)
Bill Frisell Discography 1992
Rinde Eckert
Finding My Way Home
Produced by Lee Townsend
Recorded at Mobius Music and  Different Fur Studios San Fransisco
Released: 1992 DIW/Avant 859

1/ I'll Never Go a Roving (4:54)
2/ Sitting on Top of the World (5:07)
3/ One of Those Mysteries (5:27)
4/ Ellen Waltzing (2:38)
Crossing the Country
5/ Rivers End (2:08)
6/ Trophy on the Run (4:58)
7/ Amazing Grace (1:12)
8/ Facing East (3:25)

9/ Gospel Plough (5:14)
10/ John Knows (2:37)
11/ Heaven in His Eyes
      a. Standing in Line (6:10)
      b. Imagining Work Songs (5:37)
      c. Lay That Shovel Down (2:01)
      d. On the Way Home (3:17)

Bill Frisell also is credited with a co-written song: 3/ One of those Mysteries (5:27)

Bill Frisell (electric guitar (1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11), bass (2, 3)), Will Bernard (electric guitar, acoustic slide guitar (9)), Rinde Eckert (vocals, piano, organ, accordion, pipe, samples), Jerry Granelli (drums (2, 3, 11), percussion), Jim Kassis (drums, percussion), Clark Suprynowicz (electric bass), Suzy Thompson (violin (3, 5)).
Robin Holcomb
Produced by:
Recorded at RPM Studios, New York and Water Music, Hoboken, NJ Released: 1992 Elektra Musician, 9 61289-2 (CD)

1. Widowmaker. (1:55)
2. Help A Man. (4:17)
3. When I Stop Crying. (6:43)
4. Rockabye. (4:25)
5. Iowa Lands. (5:02)
6. When Was The Last Time. (6:10)
7. Dixie. (3:25)
8. Primavera. (4:01)
9. The Goodnight-Loving Trail. (4:22)
10. The Natural World. (6:18)

Robin Holcomb (piano, vocals), Stew Trackler (guitars - 6 tracks), Peter
Holsapple (guitars - 2 tracks), Wayne Horvitz (keyboards - 6 tracks), Dave Hofstra (bass/tuba - 8 tracks), Alan Bezozi (drums - 2 tracks), Doug Wieselman (saxophone, clarinet, guitar - 7 tracks), Danny Frankel (drums -7 tracks), Mino Cinelu (percussion - 1 track), Peter Ostroushko (mandolin, violin - 2 tracks), Guy Klucevsek (accordion - 1 track), Art Baron (trombone - 2 tracks), Bruce Creeper Kurnow (harmonica - 1 track).
Wayne Horvitz/The President
Miracle Mile
Produced by: Wayne Horvitz
Recorded at Ironwood Studios, Seattle
1992 Elektra Nonesuch, 9 79278-2 (CD)
1992 Elektra Nonesuch, 9 79278-4 (CT)

Wayne Horvitz (keyboards, amplified piano, harmonica), Stew Cutler(guitar) J.A. Deane (trombone, electronics), Kermit Driscoll (electricbass), Bobby Previte (drums), Doug Wieselman (tenor, clarinet), BillFrisell (guitar), Denny Goodhew (saxophones), Elliott Sharp (guitar), Ben Steele (guitar controlled sampler).
Naked City
Grand Guignol
Produced by: John Zorn
Released: 1992 Avant [Japan], Avan 002 (CD)

John Zorn (alto saxophone, vocals), Bill Frisell (guitar), Wayne Horvitz
(keyboards), Fred Frith (bass), Joey Baron (drums), Yamatsuka Eye
(vocals), Bob Dorough (vocals: 7/ The Cage by Charles Ives).

Note: (9-41) are also available on Torture Garden(1990). The liner
notes misidentify Bob Dorough's guest vocal track. It is track 7, not
track 5.
Bill Frisell
Have a Little Faith in Me
Produced by Wayne Horvitz
Recorded at RPM Studios NYC March 1992

Billy The Kid
1/ The Open Praire (3:11)
2/ Street Scene in a Frontier Town (1:45)
3/ Mexican Dance and Finale (3:44)
4/ Praire Night (card game at night) Gun Battle (5:02)
5/ Celebration After Billy's Capture (2:17)
6/ Billy in Prison (1:33)
7/ The Open Prairie Again (2:34)

8/ The "Saint-Gaudens" in Boston Common (0:41)
Excerpt #1
9/ Just Like a Woman (4:49)
10/ I Can't Be Satisfied (3:00)
11/ Live To Tell (10:10)
12/The "Saint-Gaudens" in Boston Common (3:05) Excerpt # 2
13/ No Moe (2:37)
14/ Washington Post March (2:05)
15/ When I Fall in Love (3:26)
16/ Little Jenny Dow (3:30)
17/ Have a Little Faith in Me (5:39)
18/ Billy Boy (1:38)

Bill Frisell (guitar), Don Byron (clarinet, bass clarinet), Guy Klucevsek(accordian), Kermit Driscoll (bass), Joey Baron (drums).

"The idea of this album was, for me, to find music that I had a personal
attachment to. Maybe, somehow, if people hear it, they'll see some kind of connection to my own music."
-Bill Frisell (Downbeat)
Don Byron
Tuskegee Experiments
Produced by: Arthur Moorhead
Recorded November 1990 at Clinton Studios, and July 1991 at Power Station, NYC
Released: 1992 Elektra/Musician 9 79280-2 (CD)

Bill Frisel (guitar) plays on:
2/ Tuskegee Strutter's Ball (8:08) (Don Byron)
4/ Next Love (9:50) (Don Byron)
5/ Tears (8:12) (Don Byron)
6/ Mainstem (7:26) (Duke Ellington)

Don Byron (clarinet and bass clarinet), Bill Frisell (guitar), Lonnie
Plaxico (bass), Ralph Peterson, Jr. (drums), Edsel Gomez (piano: 4,5).
Jukkis Uotila
FNUC 662147 (CD)
Produced by Jukkis Uotila
Recorded in November 1983 at Vanguard Studios NYC
Released: 1984 (Finnish LP)
Re-released: 1992

Jukkis Uotila
(drums), Bill Frisell (guitar), Dave Samuels (vibes, marinba), Michael Formanek (bass), David Liebman (soprano sax on 1/, 2/, 3/), Randy Brecker(trumpet on 5/, 6/), Bob Mintzer (tenor sax on 4/,5/,6/,7/)

1/ Moons (7:55)
2/ Tears (6:51)
3/ Children of the New World (8:50)
4/ Quiet Authority (11:06)
5/ Happy Face (4:03)
6/ Rigor Mortis (8:34)
7/ Pablo on the Beach (2:06)
John Scofield
Grace Under Pressure
Produced by: Steve Swallow and John Scofield
Recorded December 1991 at Power Station, NYC
Released: 1992 Blue Note [USA], CDP 7 98167-2 (CD)

John Scofield (electric guitar), Bill Frisell (electric and acoustic guitar), Charlie Haden (bass), and Joey Baron (drums), with a horn section on half the tracks: Randy Brecker (flugelhorn), John Clark (French horn), Jim Pugh (trombone).

When I play with [John Scofield, he] challenge[s] me. I hear this stuff,
and it's fluent, amazing strings of melodies and notes. It makes me want
to try to get to some of that. We've really pushed each other."  " He plays linearly where I play texturally."
-Bill Frisell  GuitarPlayer Magazine 1992

" Bill is one of my very favorite musicians in the whole world. I've made records lately with saxaphone, with my quartet, and I wanted to do something different. Bill is one of the great orchestrators, like Joe Zawinul. He's a painter. We have different ways of playing, but because we're the same age, we have the same roots. Everybody says, "you guys sound so different." Charlie Haden was saying, "Bill plays one set of voicings on this tune, you play another one," and thats without ever thinking about it." - John Scofield GuitarPlayer Magazine 1992

Bill's Grace Under Pressure gear: Steve Klein guitar into a T.C. electronic compressor/sustainer/equalizer, moving to a ProCo Rat distortion, a DeArmond or DOD volume pedal, an Electro-Harmonix 16-second Delay, and a Boss digital delay pedal. For depth and stereo imaging is an Alesis Microverb. GuitarPlayer Magazine 1992
Paul Motian
On Broadway Volume Three
Produced by: Stefan F. Winter
Recorded August 1991 at Sigma Sound, NYC
Released:  1992 JMT 849 157-2 (CD) 1993 Verve 49157 [USA] (CD)

Paul Motian (drums), Lee Konitz (soprano and alto saxophones), Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Bill Frisell (guitar), Charlie Haden (bass).
Naked City
Heretic: Jeux Des Dames Cruelles (soundtrack)
Produced by: John Zorn
Recorded 1991 Shelley Palmer Studios, New York City
Released: 1992 Avant [Japan], Avan 001 (CD)

John Zorn (alto saxophone), Bill Frisell (guitar), Wayne Horvitz
(keyboards), Fred Frith (bass), Joey Baron (drums), Yamatsuka Eye (vocals).
Paul Motian Trio
Motian In Tokyo
Produced by: Stefan F. Winter
Recorded 28-29 March 1991 at Somido, Ginza Sony Building, Tokyo
Released: 1992 JMT 849 154-2 (CD) 1992 Verve 49154 [USA] (CD)

Paul Motian (drums), Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Bill Frisell (electric guitar).
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Various Artists
A Confederacy of Dances Volume One "Live Recordings from the Roulette Series New York"
Einstien Records # 001
Produced By Jim Staley and David Weinstein
Recorded 16 April 1988
Released  1992

Frisell plays on one song:
1/ "April 16, 1988" (4:29)

Bill Frisell (guitar).
John Zorn
Filmworks 1986-1990
Elektra/Nonesuch 9 79270-2 (CD) [USA] 1992
Tzadik TZ 7314 (CD) [USA] 1997
Wave Records Eva 2024 (CD) [Japan] 1991
Produced by: John Zorn
Recorded: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" (Ennio Morricone) 1:04) December 1986 at Radio City Studios, NYC
"She Must Be Seeing Things" (Zorn) April 1987 at Radio City Studios, NYC

Bill Frisell (guitar) plays on:

18/ "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" (1:04) (Ennio Morricone)

Robert Quine (guitar), Bill Frisell (guitar), Fred Frith (bass), Wayne Horvitz (Hammond organ), David Weinstein (keyboards), Carol Emanuel (harp), Robert Previte (drums, percussion, vocal).

... and "She Must Be Seeing Things" (John Zorn)
19/ Main Title (1:04)
20/ Swirling Shot (1:20)
21/ Homecoming (1:22)
22/ Catalina Flash (0:28)
23/ Seduction (4:54)
24/ Sex Shop Boogaloo (2:47)
25/ Catalina Escapes (1:11)
26/ Worms (1:04)
27/ Death Waltz Fantasy (1:24)
28/ Following Sequence (3:03)
29/ Movie Set (1:20)
30/ Climax (2:55)
31/ Going To Dinner (2:38)
32/ End Titles (3:27)

Shelley Hirsch (voice), John Zorn (alto saxophone), Marty Ehrlich (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Tom Varner (french horn), Jim Staley (trombone), Bill Frisell (guitar), Carol Emanuel (harp), Anthony Coleman (piano, organ, celeste, harpsichord), Wayne Horvitz (Hammond organ, piano, DX7), David Weinstein (mirage, CZ101 keyboards), David Hofstra (bass), Nana Vasconcelos (brazilian percussion), Robert Previte (drums, percussion, vibes, timpani, orchestra bells).

Note: the Wave pressing has a color sleeve; the Elektra pressing has a
sleeve with the front in black and white and the back in color
Some of Bill's comments about the songs:
No Moe-Sonny Rollins
"Sonny Rollins for me has been a giant, bigger than life. He sets a standard, his commitment to music is at such a high level. Dale Bruning, my first guitar teacher, played his recorded for me in 1968, when I was a senior in high school. Up until then, the guitar was only recreational--I'd been playing the clarinet since age 9, and that seemed like the "serious" side of music. Listening to Rollins helped me integrate what it was to be a musician."
Just Like a Woman-Bob Dylan
"I was getting deep into Dylan in the early '60's. Blonde on Blonde. I listened over and over again, lying on the floor with the speakers next to my ears. It's a romantic song;half the stuff I don't know what he's talking about. People complain about his voice or his guitar playing, but I think he's an incredible musician. He's as heavy now as he ever was."
Live to Tell-Madonna
"I had a night off on tour, in some freezing hotel room in Norway. On the television was a movie with Sean Penn and Christopher Walken, At Close Range. I don't even know if it was a good movie, but when this song came on at the end it just killed me. It's been hanging around in the back of my mind ever since. Because it's such a simple, open tune, it really lends itself to different possibilities--it's the biggest solo on the record."
Little Jenny Dow-Stephen Foster
"This is the first music I remember, the songs of Stephen Foster that my mother sang to me. This one, along with Camptown Races and Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair, were my favorites."
Have a Little Faith in Me-John Hiatt
"John Hiatt is someone I've really latched on to; he speaks directly to me. His songs are perfectly crafted--real simple, and there's no excess. When I'm playing, it's like I'm singing this song on my guitar."
Washington Post March-John Phillip Sousa
"When I was a kid growing up in Denver, I played clarinet in the school marching band. I lot of livestock also marched in those parades but we were told to kepp perfect step no matter what was ahead or behind us! Sousa marches were the staple of that band, and my bandleader was a real strict, military kind of guy. But he was the one who taught me so much about music. Last year[1990] I went back to Denver where he still lives, and he came to my gig. He was so moved and proud. After 20 years, I realized what a love he has for music--it was kind of a revelation. I dedicated the record to him, Jack Stevens."
Mathilde Santing
So Far So Good (the Best)
Megadisc # 7875
Produced by Mathilde Santing and Rolf Hermsen

Bill Frisell ( guitar, effects) appears on 4 tracks:

3/ Wanting Things (Bacharach, David) (2:56)
7/ Only a Motion (j. Shear) (3:17)
18/ Twenty Tamborines (R. Hermsen, F. Hermson) (4:15)
19/ Broken Bicycles (T. Waits) (3:45)
Various Artists
Lighten Up-Brand New Ideas From Capital
Capitol DPRO 79264
Produced by Steve Swallow and John Scofield
Recorded at The Power Station NYC December 1991
Released in 1992

This 19 track promotional NARM Sampler

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on one previously released track from 
John Scofield's
Grace Under Pressure:

16/ Same Axe (Scofield) (3:01)
Liner Notes
Liner Notes
July 1992  Article on Improvisation
featuring Bill
Hal Willner
Weird Nightmare: Meditations on Mingus Special Sampler
Produced by: Hal Willner
Released: 1992 Columbia CK 52739 (CD)

This is an advance issue sampler containing 7 of the released tracks.

Bill Frisell appears on tracks 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 6
"Around the time of my recording (1983) ,I had played with Bill in a variety of settings but mostly just jam sessions and on people's demo recordings. Bill was just starting to get name for himself and was playing with some European musicians that I knew.
He was very shy but came up with a lot of good ideas and basically, I  really wanted him to just play the way he plays, that's why I really asked him to be on the date. I did not need just any guitar player.  I remember one detail that kind of tickled me, at the date when we were listening to a playback of one of the takes and everybody approved that we could move on to the next tune, he turned to me and said with his innocent astonishment: "I Think this shit is really happening!". And of course I was happy to hear that, but the comment also made me think: Wait a minute, didn't he believe that we were able to pull it off ??!! His dry humor sometimes made you think twice before you could return with a comment. There is also an outtake ending to a tune where Dave Liebman and Bill just keep on playing for minutes of what sounds like animals in a zoo. As a young relatively inexperienced leader, I took it as a compliment that these guys would get so into the music and just keep playing without reservations when the it's really happening."
-Jukkis Uotila 2002
Rockabye Press Kit