Robin Holcomb
Robin Holcomb
1990 Elektra Musician [USA], PRCD-8597-A (CD)

Bill Frisell appears on three previously released tracks:
1/ When Was The Last Time (6:10)
2/ When I Stop Crying (6:43)
3/ Deliver Me (6:30)

All songs written by Robin Holcomb. All previously released. Tracks 1& 2 are same as on Rockabye Track #3 is same as on Robin Holcomb.

Note: this CD is promotional & coupled with another CD by Levelers 11 (PRCD-8597-B).
Bill Frisell Discography 1990
Paul Motian
Bill Evans
Produced by: Stefan F. Winter
Recorded May 1990 at
Sorcerer Sound, NYC
1990 JMT [Germany] 834 445-1 (LP)
1990 JMT 834 445-2 (CD)
1990 JMT 834 445-4 (CT)
1992 Verve 34445 [USA] (CD)

Paul Motian (drums), Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Bill Frisell (electric  guitar), Marc Johnson (bass).
Robin Holcomb
Robin Holcomb
Produced by:
Recorded at
Ironwood Studios, Seattle
Released: 1990 Elektra Musician, 9 60983-2 (CD)

Robin Holcomb (piano, vocals), Doug Wieselman (clarinet, tenor saxophone,electric & acoustic guitars), Dave Hofstra (electric and acoustic bass,tuba), Danny Frankel (drums, percussion), Wayne Horvitz (organ,synthesizer, piano, harmonica), Bill Frisell (electric & acoustic guitars), John Caulfield (4,8) (violin, mandolin), Nica (6) (sings & tells stories)
Naked City
Naked City
Produced by: John Zorn/Naked City
1990 Elektra Nonesuch [USA], 9 79238-1 (LP)
1990 Elektra Nonesuch [USA], 9 79238-2 (CD)
1990 Elektra Nonesuch [USA], 9 79238-4 (CT)
France: WE 810

John Zorn (alto saxophone), Bill Frisell (guitar), Wayne Horvitz(keyboards), Fred Frith (bass), Joey Baron (drums), special guest Yamatsuka Eye (vocals).

Note: Tracks 23/ Den of Sins 24/ Contempt and 25/ Graveyard Shift
are not included on the LP pressing.
Gavin Bryars
After The Requiem
Produced by: Manfred Eicher
Recorded September 1990
Released: ECM 1424
1990 ECM 847 537-1 (LP)
1990 ECM 847 537-2 (CD)
1991 ECM 78118-21424-2 (CD)

Frisell plays on:
1/ After The Requiem. (15:38)

Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Alexander Balanescu and Kater Musker
(viola), and Tony Hinnigan (cello).

2/ The Old Tower Of Lobenicht (15:49)
4/ Allegrasco (19:46).

Alexander Balanescu (violin), Roger Heaton (bass clarinet), Dave Smith
(tenor horn, piano), Gavin Bryars (bass), Martin Allen and Simon Limbrick
(percussion), and Bill Frisell (electric guitar).

"I wrote Sub Rosa (ECM 1986) for a concert in the Flanders Festival in Belgium in the autumn of 1986.  Shortly before that time I had made my first recording with ECM (Three Viennese Dancers) and had been given a number of recordings that ECM had made over the years. Among these was a solo album by Bill Frisell called In Line, which I liked very much. I was particularly fond of the second track, Throughout, which I used to play on headphones during take-off on plane journeys to overcome my fear of flying. Sub Rosa is an extended paraphrase of and comment on this piece. I made a transcription of Bill's solo and combined phrases in new ways, added others, altered the harmonic rhythm, and changed the instrumentation to fit that of my ensemble at the time.  The room in the art gallery where we played was adjacent to a large circular room which had an astonishingly long reverberation time, and I placed the descant recorder in that off-stage space. Just as the distant recorder (a part now taken by the electric guitar) is generally paired with the clarinet, so the solo violin is initially mixed with the bowed vibraphone giving an equivalent sense of distance.  When Bill Frisell and I met for the first time in Leicester during his British tour we had a meal together at the Curry Fever Restaurant and he listened to the Belgian recording on headphones between courses. "It was," he said, "like some crazy dream".  Later Bill and I collaborated on a subsequent recording project for ECM (After the Requiem). Sub Rosa is the music for the extraordinary final part of William Forsythe's Slingerland for the Frankfurt Ballet where he takes the music into a further dreamlike state by having all the dancers move slowly through space supported by fly wires."-Gavin Bryers
Bill Frisell
Is That You?
Produced by: Wayne Horvitz
Recorded August 1989 at
Ironwood Studios, Seattle
1990 Elektra Musician [USA], 9 60956-2 (CD)
1990 Elektra Musician [USA], 9 60956-4 (CT)

  1/ No Man's Land (6:40)
  2/ Someone in My Backyard (2:45)
  3/ Rag (4:00)
  4/ Is That You? (6:50)
  5/ The Way Home (6:00)
  6/ Twenty Years (2:43)
  7/ Chain of Folls (3:30)
  8/ Hello Nellie (4:07)
  9/ The Days of Wine and Roses (3:35)
10/ Yuba City (5:42)
11/ Half a Million (4:00)
12/ Hope and Fear (1:06)
All Compositions by Bill Friesll except 7, 9, 10

Bill Frisell (guitars, bass, banjo, ukulele, clarinet), Wayne Horvitz (keyboards, drum programming, momentary bass), Joey Baron (drums), Dave Hofstra (tuba on 4,8; bass on 7).
Various Artists
The Best of Jazz Music Today
1990 JMT 834 438-2 (CD)
1990 JMT 834 438-4 (CT)

Bill Frisell appears on one song:
10/ "Ill Wind" (5:38) (Harold Arlen)

Paul Motian (drums), Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Bill Frisell (electric guitar)

Note: This song is previously unreleased.
Paul Motian
On Broadway Volume Two
Produced by: Stefan F. Winter
Recorded September 1989 at RPM Sound Studios, NYC
1990 JMT 834 440-2 (CD)
1991 Verve 34440 [USA] (CD)

Paul Motian (drums), Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Charlie Haden (bass).
Various Artists
Rubaiyat: Elektra's 40th Anniversary
Produced & Arranged by Various, including  Bill Frisell & Wayne Horvitz
Recorded at
Ironwood Studios, Seattle WA.
Released:  1990 Elektra [USA], 9 60940-2 (2xCD)
                     1990 Elektra [USA], PRCD 8208-2 + 9 60940-2 (4xCD)

Bill Frisell appears on one tune:
25/ "Going, Going, Gone"  (Bob Dylan) (5:57)

Bill Frisell (guitars), Robin Holcomb (voice), Wayne Horvitz (keyboards), Dave Hofstra (bass), Danny Frankel (drums)

Note: This is an anniversary Elektra collection of cover tunes. The 4xCD box (promotion only) is called "RUBAIYAT: THE ORIGINALS", and is made of the commercial 2xCD set + an extra 2xCD set with the originals of the songs.
Robin Holcomb
12" Promotional EP
Released: 1990 Elektra Musician ED-5575
one track: same as on
Rubaiyat - "Going, Going, Gone"
Naked City
Torture Garden
Produced by: John Zorn
Recorded in Brooklyn, New York City and Tokyo 1989-1990
1990 Earache (UK), Mosh 28 (LP)
1990 Earache (UK), Mosh 28 CD (CD)
1990 Earache (UK), Mosh 28 MC (CT)
1990 Shimmy-Disc [USA], S-039-CS (CT)
1990 Shimmy-Disc [USA], (45 RPM 12")
1993 Shimmy-Disc [USA], 039 (CD)
1991 Toy's Factory Records [Japan], TFCK-88557 (CD)
1997 Tzadik [USA], TZ 7312-2 (2xCD)

John Zorn (alto saxophone), Bill Frisell (guitar), Wayne Horvitz (keyboards), Fred Frith (bass), Joey Baron (drums), Yamatsuka Eye (vocals).

Note: all the songs except (2,6,7,18,24,26,36,37,39) are also available on Grand Guignol (1992). These tracks (2,6,7,18,24,26,36,37,39) were previously released on Naked City (1990). The Tzadik reissue is called Blackbox and also includes Leng Tch'e (1992)
Various Artists
Grind Crusher: various bands from Earache

1990 Earache (UK), MOSH 35 (LP)
1990 Earache (UK), MOSH 35 (CD)
1990 Combat/Earache, 88561-2027-2 (CD)
19?? - Toy's Factory Records [Japan], ??? (CD)

Bill Frisell appears on one song with Naked City:
8/ "Osaka Bondage" (1:14) (John Zorn)

Note: This song was previously released on Torture Garden (1990). It later appeared on Grand Guignol (1992), and Black Box (1997)
Ashley Maher
Produced by: Philip Griffin
Recorded April 24 - 26, 1989
Released: 1990 Virgin Records Ltd. CDV 2611

Bill Frisell appears on one track:

10/ "Hush Child" (4:40)

?Bill Frisell ("solo guitar"), Alex Acuna (additional snare), Vinny Coliauta (drums), Kevin Dorsey (background vocals), Judd Miller (electric valve instrument), Darryl Phinnessee (background vocals), Afrain Toro (hand percussion)

Note: David Cooper Orton says: "Track 5: "Tick Tock" - Bill Frisell: solo guitar" (?)
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A Brief Discription
Musician Magazine's Review
John Zorn
The John Zorn Radio Hour
Elektra/Nonesuch # PRCD 8195-2 (CD)
Produced by
Released in 1990

promo-only release

John Zorn plays DJ on this , describing and playing some of his favorite music, including artists like Mauricio Kagel, Napalm Death, James Blood Ulmer, Hasil Adkins, Juan Garcia Esquivel, Roland Kirk, Jazz Composer's Orchestra, Husker Du, Die Kreuzen, Naked City, Indian Karnatic Jazz (directed by  T.K. Ramamurthi), Funkadelic, Beach Boys, Ennio Morricone, John Zorn, Lenny Tristano.

Tracks are:
1/ John Zorn Radio Hour Part I (27:33)
2/ John Zorn Radio Hour Part II (33:03)
3/ James Bond Theme (3:02)
4/ Graveyard Shift (3:25)
5/ Gotham (formerly Batman) (1:58)
6/ Latin Quarter (4:05)

Naked City (tracks 3-6)  is Zorn (saxophone), Bill Frisell(guitars), Wayne Horvitz(keyboards), Fred Frith(bass), and Joey Baron(drums)
Sound Clip of this track
Various Artists
A Little On The CD Side
Musician Magazine New Music Sampler PR MST9101

Bill Frisell appears on apreviously released track from Robin Holcomb's 1990 release
Robin Holcomb:

9/ Deliver Me (6:30)
Magazine Ad
Various Artists
Selections From "Rubaiyat" Elektra's 40th Anniversary
Electra # (CD)

Bill Frisell appears on one previously released track:
10/ Going Going Gone with  Robin Holcomb & Wayne Horvitz

Also  includes:
The Cure - Hello I Love You
Billy Bragg - Seven & Seven
The Black Velvet Band - Werewolves Of London
The Sugarcubes - Motorcycle Mama
Shinehead - One Meatball
The Havalinas - Bottle Of Wine
The Pixies - Born In Chicago
Happy Mondays - Tokoloshe Man
Ambitious Lovers - A Little Bit Of Rain
10,000 Maniacs - These Days
They Might Be Giants - Love Wars
John Zorn - TV Eye
Gavin Bryars Homepage
Alexander Balanescu
Robin Holcomb
Robin Holcomb EP

Bill Frisell appears on all four tracks of this promo

This is a  4-song 12-inch vinyl  EP.

1/Hand Me Down All Stories
2/Widowmaker (previously unreleased)
3/Going Going Gone
4/Deliver Me.
Robin Holcomb
Robin Holcomb
Electra Musician #

1/Nine Lives (Edit of LP Version)

This is a promotional record which contains only the above track.
Various Artists
For Real Moments: Song and Dances
Released  Oct 25, 1990

Bill Frisell appears on two previously released tracks from Hank Roberts 1988 release
Black Pastels:

6/ Rain Village(1:57)
7/ Jamil (4:56)
Various Artists
From Hiphop to Bebop
Rap Records # LC 7416
Produced by
Released in 1990

Includes one previously released track:

10/ Bill Frisell / Vernon Reid - Dark Skin