The Bill Frisell Discography 1988
1988 Magazine Ad Bill Did for Marshall Amps
Toshiki Kadomatsu
Before The Daylight
Produced by  Pater Scherer and Arto Lindsay
Released Feb. 5, 1988

This is a Japanese only release. Bill Frisell appears on track 5:

5 CAN'T YOU SEE 5:15

Toshiki Kadomatsu (Vocal) , Bill Frisell (Guitars) , Vernon Reid (Guitars) ,  Peter Scherer (Keyboards) , Gail Eou DK Dyson (Backgroud Vocal )

Various Artists
Under the Covers - Other People Sing Other Peoples Songs
WEA Records VSY 587P-13647[Japan]

Bill Frisell appears on a previously released track from Mathidle Santings 1987
Out of This Dream

1/Simply Red - Moneys too tight to Mention
2/Pretenders - Watcha gonna do about it
3/Associates - Love Hangover
4/Strawberry Switchblade - Jolene
5/Brilliant - Its a Mans Mans World
6/Stan Campbell - Don't let me be Misunderstood
7/Echo and the Bunnymen People are Strange
8/Jesus and Mary Chain - Surfin USA
9/We've got a fuzzbox and were gonna use it - Spirit in the Sky
10/Ian McCuloch - September Song
11/Mathilde Santing - Love of the Common Man
12/Aztec Camera - Jump..
Various Artists
Radio Nederland Transcripton Service
Release Date 1988

Rare Radio Nederland Transcription Service LP. Side 1 is from THE NITS while side 2 is MATHILDE SANTING ENSEMBLE.

Bill Frisell (guitars) appears on a previously released track from Mathilde Sandings
Out of This Dream

9/Mathile Santing Ensemble - She Needs Me
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The Bill Frisell Band
Lookout For Hope
Produced by: Lee Townsend
Recorded  March 1987 at Power Station, NYC
Released:  ECM 1350 1988 ECM 833 495-2 (CD)
1988 ECM 833 495-1 (LP)

Bill Frisell (electric and acoustic guitars, banjo), Hank Roberts (cello and
voice), Kermit Driscoll (bass), and Joey Baron (drums).

That ... was like one-and-a-half d
ays for the whole record. Bill Frisell Downbeat, May 1989
John Zorn
News For Lulu
Produced by: Pia and Werner X. Uehlinger
Recorded  28 August 1987 at Soundville Recording Studio Lucerne,
and 30 August 1987 live at the Jazzfestival Willisau
Released:  1990 Hat Hut Records [Switzerland], Hat Art 6005 (CD)

John Zorn (alto saxophone), George Lewis (trombone), Bill Frisell (guitar).

Billy Hart
Produced by: Jonathan F.P. Rose
Recorded  September 1987 at A&R Recording, NYC
Released: 1988 Gramavision 18-8802-1 (LP)
1988 Gramavision 18-8802-2 (CD)

Bill Frisell appears  on 7 tracks:
1/ Motional (4:48) (Billy Hart, Mark Grey)
3/ Naaj (7:13) (Billy Hart)
4/ Breakup (5:11) (Bill Frisell)
5/ Reneda (5:53) (Billy Hart)
6/ Reminder (6:23) (Bill Frisell)
7/ Dreams (7:08) (Eddie Henderson)
8/ Jungu (7:45) (Dave Liebman)

Dave Liebman (soprano saxophone), Caris Visentin (oboe: 4,8), Eddie Henderson (fluegelhorn), Ralph Moore (tenor saxophone: 1,3,4,5,6,7), Kevin Eubanks (guitar: 1,3,6,7), Mark Grey (synthesizer: 1,3,5,8), Kenny Kirkland (piano), Eddie Gomez (bass: 1,4,6,8), Buster Williams (bass: 3,5,7), Billy Hart (Drums).
Todos Santos
Produced by:
Recorded: January 1988 at The Cage, Hoboken, New Jersey
Released: 1988 Sound Aspects, SAS 019 (LP) 1988 Sound Aspects, SAS CD 019 (CD)

Bill Frisell appears on three tracks:

3/ Cheyenne (5:05)
5/ Your Palm On The Window Drawing (3:00)
9/ The Road To Zamora / Ashes To Ashes  (6:09)

Doug Wieselman (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Bill Frisell (guitars).

This is an album of Robin Holcomb compositions.
Julius Hemphill
Big Band
Produced by: Robert Hurwitz
Recorded  February 1988 at RCA Studio A, NYC
Released:  1988 Elektra/Musician 9 60831-1 (LP) 1988 Elektra/Musician 9 60831-2 (CD)

Julius Hemphill, Marty Ehrlich, J.D. Parran, John Purcell, and John Stubblefield (reeds), David Hines and Rasul Siddik (trumpet), Frank Lacy and David Taylor (trombones), Vincent Chancey and John Clark (French horn), Jack Wilkins and Bill Frisell (guitar), Jerome Harris (electric bass), Ronnie Burrage (drums), Gordon Gottlieb
Paul Motian
Monk In Motian
Produced by: Stefan F. Winter
When Recorded  March 1988 at A&R Recording Studios, NYC
Released: 1988 JMT 834 421-2 (CD) 1991 Verve 34421[USA] (CD)
Re-Issued 2002 Winter & Winter # 919020-2

Paul Motian (drums), Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Bill Frisell (guitar),
with Dewey Redman (tenor saxophone - 2 tracks) and Geri Allen (piano - 2 tracks).
Michihiro Sato
Produced by: John Zorn
When Recorded  11-16 April 1988 at Baby Monster Studio, NYC.
Released: 1988 Hat Art 6015 (CD)

Bill Frisell appears on:
1/ (4:21), 13/ (4:20), 17/ (3:50), and 23/ (5:30):
Michihiro Sato (tsugaru shamisen), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), 
Fred Frith
(electric guitar) .

15/ (2:32),  22/ (2:11):
add Mark Dresser (bass)
1989 Magazine Ad
Various Artists
"A Confederacy of Dances Volume One:
Live Recordings from the Roulette Series  New York"

Recorded  16 April 1988
Released: 1992 Einstein Records, Einstein 001 (CD)

Bill Frisell appears on one track::
1/ "April 16, 1988" (4:29)

Bill Frisell (guitar).
Ambitious Lovers
Produced by: Peter Scherer
Released: 1988 Virgin [USA], 1-90903 (LP)1988 Virgin [USA],
7 90903-2 (CD) 1996 Virgin [UK], CDV2545 (CD)

Bill Frisell appears on two tracks:
9/ "Steel Wool" (1:01)
10/ "Para Nao Contrariar Voce" (2:37).

Peter Scherer (keyboards, synth bass, drum programming and sampling), Arto Lindsay (vocal, guitar), Bill Frisell (guitar), Joey Baron (drums).
Bill Frisell
Released: ECM 20273
1988 ECM 837 273-2 (CD)
1988 ECM 837 273-1 (LP)
1988 ECM 837 273-4 (CT)

1/ Monica Jane (Frisell)        (7:03)
  was originally released on Paul Bley Quartet "Fragments" ECM 1320

2/ The Beach (Frisell)  (5:56)
  ... Bill Frisell "In Line" ECM 1241

3/ When We Go (Frisell)         (5:15)
  ... Bill Frisell "Rambler" ECM 1287

4/ Throughout (Frisell)         (6:47)
  ... Bill Frisell "In Line" ECM 1241

5/ Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair (Traditional)  (7:07)
  ... Marc Johnson "Bass Desires" ECM 1299

6/ Wizard Of Odds (Frisell)     (6:19)
  ... Bill Frisell "Rambler" ECM 1287

7/ Conception Vessel (Motian)   (4:28)
... Paul Motian Trio "It Should've Happened A Long Time Ago" ECM 1283

8/ Etude (Motian)       (4:15)
  ... Paul Motian "Psalm" ECM 1222
Mike Gibbs Orchestra
Big Music
Produced by: John L. Walters
Recorded:  September 1990 (?)
Released: 1988 Virgin Records CDVE 27 1988 Cargo 1604 1992 ACT Jazz 9231-2 (CD)

Bob Moses, Bill Martin, and Ben Wittman (drums and drum programming), Kai Eckhardt (bass guitar), Duke Levine and Dave Fiuczynski (rhythm guitar),John Scofield, Bill Frisell, and Kevin Eubanks (guitar), Brad Hatfield andDave Bristow (keyboards), Jim Odgren, Chris Hunter, Lou Marini, Bob Mintzer, Dave Tofani (reeds), Lew Soloff, Allan Rubin, Earl Gardner, Ian Carr(trumpet), John Clark (French horn), Dave Bargeron and David Taylor (trombones), Mike Gibbs (trombone and piano).
Lyle Mays
Street Dreams
Produced by: Lyle Mays and Steven Cantor
Recorded: at Power Station, NYC
Released: 1988 Geffen M2G 24204 (CD)

Bill Frisell appears on:
2/ August (5:02)
5/ Hangtime (4:21)
7/ Newborn (1:35)

Lyle Mays (piano, keyboards), Marc Johnson (acoustic bass: 2,5), Peter Erskine (drums: 5), Vicki Randele (percussion: 2).

8-11 / Street Dreams:   i. (1:43)
                                ii. (11:03)
                                iii. (3:09)
                                iv. (4:51)

Lyle Mays (piano, keyboards), Bill Frisell (guitar), Marc Johnson (acoustic bass), Peter Erskine (high hat, cymbals), Vicki Randle (percussion, voice), Glen Velez (percussion), Emilia Barros (spoken words), Bob Mintzer (flutes), Bob Malach (flutes), ... and also a host of studio horn players (Bob Mintzer: "contractor") and a chamber orchestra.
Bobby Previte
Claude's Late Morning
Produced by: Bobby Previte
Recorded  A&M Recording Studio, New York City
Released: 1988 Gramavision [USA], 18-8811-2 (CD) 1995 Gramavision [USA], R2 79448 (CD)

1/ Look Both Ways  (5:03)
2/ One Bowl  (8:17)
3/ The King So Far  (4:41)
4/ Sometimes You Need An Airport  (7:06)
5/ The Voice  (4:48)
6/ Claude's Late Morning  (6:28)
7/ First Song For Kate  (4:24)
8/ Ballet  (8:04)
9/ Look Both Ways (Reprise)  (3:48)
10/ Bud  (3:27)

Bobby Previte (drums, marimba, keyboards, drum machine, vocals), Wayne Horvitz (hammond organ, piano, harmonica), Ray Anderson (tuba, trombone), Bill Frisell (electric guitar, banjo), Josh Dubin (pedal steel guitar), Joey Baron (drums), Carol Emanuel (harp), Guy Klucevsek (accordion), Jim Mussen (electronic drums, sampling).

"'The Voice'  is  from  a  percussion  piece  of  mine and  is included  for the pleasure  of hearing Bill Frisell play the guitar."
Hal Willner/Various Arists
Stay Awake
Produced by: Hal Willner
Released:  1988 A&M Records [USA], SP 3918 (LP)
1988 A&M Records [USA], CD 3918  DX 003644 (CD)

Bill Frisell appears on 5 tracks:

1a/ "Hi Diddle Dee Dee (An Actor's Life For Me)"
11a/ "Desolation Theme"
Ken Nordine (voice), Bill Frisell (guitars), Wayne Horvitz (piano, synthesizers).

4b/ "Little Wooden Head"
7e/ "Dumbo And Timothy"
Bill Frisell (guitars, banjo on 4b), Wayne Horvitz (piano, synthesizers).

11b/ "When You Wish Upon a Star".
with a huge orchestra backing up Ringo Starr singing
Bill Frisell
Before We Were Born
Produced by: Lee Townsend
When Recorded  September 1988
1989 Elektra/Musician, 9 60843-1 (LP)
1989 Elektra/Musician, 9 60843-2 (CD)

Bill Frisell (electric and acoustic guitars, banjo),
Hank Roberts (cello), Kermit Driscoll (bass), Joey Baron (drums, percussion, electronics), Arto Lindsay (electric guitar and vocals - 3 cuts), Peter Scherer (keyboards and drum programming - 3 cuts), Julius Hemphill (alto saxophone - 4 cuts), Billy Drewes (alto saxophone - 4 Cuts), Doug Wieselman (baritone saxophone - 4 cuts), and Cyro Baptista (shaker - 1 cut).

I'd never made a record where people got the whole picture. So the idea was to use people from all the different areas  I got into. (Taxi Magazine, May 1989)

The main difference for me doing this record was that I had so much more time.  Just for that one piece, "Hard Plains Drifter," we spent more time than I've ever spent on a whole record.  We spent two or three days playing and then one day mixing.  (Downbeat, May 1989, p. 19)
Various Artists
Late In The Twentieth Century II
New Recordings from Elektra/Nonesuch Musician Explorer

Released:  1989 Elektra/Nonesuch Musician Explorer 9 79221-2 (CD)

Frisell plays on one  previously released track from "Before We Were Born"

14/ "Before We Were Born" (4:15).
John Zorn
Cynical Hysterie Hour
Produced by:
When Recorded
Trip Coaster: Shelly Palmer Studio, NYC, October 1988
Bubblin' Singin': Shelly Palmer Studio, NYC, January 1989
1989 CBS/Sony [Japan], 24DH 5291 (CD)
"Trip Coaster"
1/ Hysteric Logo  (0:22)
2/ Walk To Park  (1:06)
3/ Fanfare-Coaster 1  (1:06)
4/ Coaster 2   (0:48)
5/ Fighting Pirates-Yakisoba (1:41)
6/ Coaster Trip  (1:36)

Cyro Baptista (brazilian percussion), Kermit Driscoll (acoustic & electric bass), Carol Emanuel (harp), Bill Frisell (electric guitar, banjo), Wayne Horvitz (keyboards), Christian Marclay (turntables), Bobby Previte (drums, percussion),

"Bubblin' Singin'"
19/ (My Favorite Things)-(Curry Rice)  (2:18)
20/ (Omelet Punk 1)  (0:21)
21/ Classical  (0:26)
22/ Sound Effects   (0:44)
23/ Onion Samba  (0:53)
24/ (Omelet Punk 2)  (0:28)
25/ (Me And My Hamburger)-Final Samba   (1:04)
26/ Surfing Samba  (1:10)

Cyro Baptista (brazilian percussion), Carol Emanuel (harp), Bill Frisell (electric & acoustic guitar, banjo), David Hofstra (electric & acoustic bass, tuba), Kiriko Kubo (vocal), Arto Lindsay (vocal), Bobby Previte (drums, percussion), Robert Quine (electric guitar), Peter Scherer (keyboards).
Various Artists
Kimus #1
hat ART CD 6000
Released in 1988
Produced by Pia and Werner X. Uehlinger
Recorded live August 30, 1987 at Jazzfestival  Willisau, Switzerland
All recordings digital two-track by Peter Pfister
Cover Art by Jean Villard
Design by Walter Boddhardt


Bill Frisell appears on three previously released tracks from News For Lulu:

5. Melanie (Freddie Redd) 4:50
6. Funk In Deep Freeze (Hank Mobley) 3:29
7. Windmill (Kenny Dorham) 1:03

John Zorn-Alto Sax
George Lewis-Trombone
Bill Frisell-Guitar
All araangements by Zorn, Lewis, Frisell

Other artists appearing on this release are: Marvin Stamm,Kenny Wheeler,Manfred Schoof,Enrico Rava,Franco Ambrosetti,Franz Kogelmann,Steve Lacy,Mario Arcari,Klaus Koch,Fritz Hauser,Sharon Freeman,Tom Varner,Ray Anderson,Art Baron,David Taylor,Howard Johnson,Lee Konitz,Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky,Joe Henderson,Larry Schneider,George Gruntz,Mike Richmond,Bob Moses,Mike Richmond
George Gruntz,Franco Ambrosetti,Larry Schneider
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Various Artists
Bad Alchemy No. 11
Release Date 1988

This is a cassette which was included in magazine called Bad Alchemy No. 11

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on one track:

Side A

3/ Selective Amnesia (5.50)

Bill Frisell/Henry Kaiser : Electric Guitar Duet
Concert Recording: San Francisco, CA. 11.21.85

"Better Recording - OK Improving - First Time We Played Together" - Henry Kaiser