Bill Frisell Discography 1987
Power Tools
Strange Meeting
Produced by: David Breskin
Recorded 8-10 January 1987 at Radio City Recording Studio, NYC
1987 Antilles/New Directions 7 90627-1 (LP)
1987 Antilles/New Directions 7 90627-2 (CD)

1/ Strange Meeting (Frisell) (5:06)
2/ Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Jackson) (3:31)
3/ Wadmalaw Island (Gibbs) (5:01)
4/ Unscientific Americans (Frisell) (2:55)
5/ Howard Beach Memoirs (Gibbs) (5:32)
6/ When We Go (Frisell) (4:55)
7/ The President's Nap (Power Tools) (3:49)
8/ A Song Is Not Enough (Gibbs) (3:31)
9/ Blame  Shame (Jackson) (5:45)
10/ Unchained Melody (A North / H Zaret) (5:19)

Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Melvin Gibbs (electric bass), Roland Shannon
Jackson (drums).

Three tunes were written by Frisell, two of which, "Strange Meeting" and "When We Go", are remakes of tunes from Frisell's "Rambler". The other is a new one: "Unscientific Americans". Frisell co-wrote "The President's Nap".
Marc Johnson's Bass Desires
Second Sight
Produced by: Manfred Eicher
Recorded May 1987 at Rainbow Studio, Oslo
Released: ECM 1351
1987 ECM (ECM 1351) 833 038-1 (LP)
1987 ECM 833 038-2 (CD)

1/ Crossing The Corpus Callosum. (Marc Johnson) (8:24)
2/ Small Hands. (Bill Frisell) (6:40)
3/ Sweet Soul. (Peter Erskine) (7:27)
4/ Twister. (John Scofield) (4:47)
5/ Thrill Seekers. (John Scofield) (8:33)
6/ Prayer Beads. (Marc Johnson) (3:53)
7/ 1951. (Bill Frisell) (5:01)
8/ Hymn For Her. (Marc Johnson) (6:38)

Marc Johnson (bass), Bill Frisell (guitar, guitar synth), John Scofield (guitar), Peter Erskine (drums).

One tune was written by Frisell, "1951".

Paul Bley Quartet
Paul Bley Quartet
Produced by: Manfred Eicher
Recorded November 1987 Rainbow Studio, Oslo Norway
Released: ECM 1365
1987 ECM 835 250-2 (CD)
1991 ECM 78118-21365-2 (CD)

Paul Bley (piano), John Surman (soprano saxophone, bass clarinet), Paul Motian (drums), Bill Frisell (guitar).

1/ Interplay (Paul Bley)
2/ Heat (John Surman)
3/ After Dark (Bill Frisell)
4/ One In Four (Paul Motion)
5/ Triste (Paul Bley)

since then ["Fragments"] we did a real long tour last fall and at the end of the tour we did another record. The second record [The Paul Bley Quartet] is really different from the first record ["Fragments"]. The kind of energy on it is different, just because we'd been travelling together and taking trains and then playing together alot instead of not at all. And also it's completely improvised, whereas on the first record we played some songs. Every day of the tour there was never a word about what we were going to play. We just got on the stage and played every night. I hadn't really done anything like that before. (Downbeat, May 1989, p. 8)
Marianne Faithfull
Strange Weather
Produced by: Hal Willner
Recorded at A&R Recording Studios, NYC, and Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, NY
1987 PGD/Polygram 842593 (CD)
1987 Island Records 7 90613-1 (LP)
1987 Island 422 842 593-2 (CD)

Frisell plays on:
1/ Stranger Intro (0:30)
2/ Boulevard of Broken Reams (3:04)
4/ Yesterdays (5:18)
5/ Sign of Judgement (2:53)
6/ Strange Weather (4:13)
8/ I'll Keep It with Mine (3:46)
10/ Penthouse Serenade (2:34)
11/ As Tears Go By (3:42)
12/ Stranger on Earth (3:56)

Marianne Faithfull (vocals), Bill Frisell (guitars), Fernando Saunders bass), Michael Levine (violin: 2), Sharon Freeman (piano: 2,10), J.T. Lewis (drums: 2,10,12), Chris Hunter (flute: 4), Garth Hudson (accordions: 6), Robert Quine (guitar: 8), William Schimmel (accordion: 11), Lew Soloff (trumpet: 12), plus a 10-person string section and an 11-person horn section.

Note: "Stranger Intro" is an unaccompanied guitar solo. "Sign of Judgement" is a duet with Faithfull and Frisell. "Boulevard of Broken Reams" and "Penthouse Serenade" were arranged by Frisell.
Wayne Horvitz
The President
Produced by:
1987 Dossier [Germany], ST 7528 (LP)

Wayne Horvitz (keyboards, drum programming, harmonica), Elliott Sharp (guitar), Doug Wieselman (tenor, rhythm guitar), Bill Frisell (guitar), Bobby Previte (drums, drum programming, keyboards), Dave Hofstra (electric bass, tuba), Robin Holcomb (8) (keyboards), Jim Mussen (Emulator drums operation),Nica (6) (vocals), Jon Rose (8) (unintentional cello).

Note: Tracks 2, 6, 8, & 9 are also available on
This New Generation (1987).
Hank Roberts
Black Pastels
Produced by: Stefan F. Winter
Recorded Nov/Dec 1987 at RPM Sound Studios, NYC
1987 JMT 880 016/834 416-1 (LP)
1987 JMT 882 016/834 416-2 (CD)

Hank Roberts (cello, voices, classical 12-string guitar, jazz-a-phone fiddle), Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Ray Anderson (trombine), Robin Eubanks (trombone), Dave Taylor (bass trombone), Bill Frisell (guitar, acoustic 12-string guitar, banjo), Mark Dresser (bass - 1 track), Joey Baron (drums, percussion).
The Mathilde Santing Ensemble
Out of This Dream
Megadisc MDC 7930
Produced by
Recorded 1987

1/Love of the common man(Todd Rundgren) 3:01
2/Town without pity(Tiomkin Washington) 3:22
3/Wanting things(Bacharach David) 2:56
4/One day as a lion(Hermsen/Hermsen) 4:20
5/Broken bicycles(Tom Waits) 3:45
6/Tempted(Difford/Tilbrook) 4:28
7/Is there any way out of this dream(Tom Waits) 2:41
8/Twenty tambourines(Hermsen/Hermsen) 4:15
9/She needs me(Hamilton) 3:00
10/Kings and queens(Hermsen) 3:52
11/Too close for comfort(Bock/Holofcener/Weiss) 3:33
12/Sheep in fog(Hermsen/Plath) 2:25

Bill Frisell additionally arranged two tracks:
1/ Love of the Common Man (Todd Rundgren)
2/Broken Bricycles (Tom Waits)

"My third album, but the first time with The Mathilde Santing Ensemble. It was named after a Tom Waits song. We recorded so many tracks that we later released "A Third Side" [see following entry] Produced by Hal Wilner, but completely remixed after he was finished." Mathilde Santing
The Mathilde Santing Ensemble
A Third Side
Megadisc MDC 7923
Released 1987

1/Off into whiteness (Rolf Hermsen) 2:31
2/Something good (Richard Rodgers) 2:50
3/Take care of business(Andrew Stroud) 3:21
4/Why try to change me now(Coleman, McCarthy) 3:15
5/Hand in hand(Elvis Costello) 2:55
6/There will never be another you(Harry Warden, Mack Gordon) 4:02

A release of extra tracks from the same sessions as described above. Not varified that Bill Frisell appears on these tracks, but the assumption is he does.
Wayne Horvitz
This New Generation
Produced by: Wayne Horvitz
Recorded September 1985
1987 Elektra Musician [USA], 9 60759-1 (LP)
1987 Elektra Musician [USA], 9 60759-2 (CD)

Frisell plays on only one track on the LP:
13/ "Gravity Fails" (3:36) (Horvitz)
... and three tracks on the CD:
13/ "Gravity Fails" (3:36)
14/ "Short Of Breath" (4:41) (Previte)
15/ "The Donna Song" (4:07) (Holcomb)

Wayne Horvitz (keyboards, drum programming, harmonica), Bill Frisell (guitar: 13,14,15), Dave Hofstra (electric bass, tuba: 13,14,15), Bobby Previte (drums, drum programming, keyboards: 13,14,15), Doug Wieselman (clarinet, tenor saxophone, rhythm guitar: 13,14,15), Jim Mussen (emulator, drums operation: 13), Nica (vocals: 13), Robin Holcomb (keyboards: 15), Jon Rose (unintentional cello: 15).

Note: All selections from this record were previously available on Dinner At Eight(1986), except "Please Take That Train from My Door" and "Gravity Fails", which were from The President (1987).
John Zorn
Produced by:
When Recorded: May 9, 1986 at Radio City Studios, New York City
Live tracks at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute October 21, 1985
1987 Hat Hut, hat Art 2034 (2xLP)
1991 Hat Hut, hat Art CD 60401  CD 60402 (2xCD)
1991 Hat Hut, hat Art CD 2-6040 (2xCD)

This record contains two versions of Cobra, a studio one and a live one. Frisell plays on both.

Tracks 1 - 15 (studio):
Jim Staley (trombone), Carol Emanuel (harp), Zeena Parkins (harp), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Elliot Sharp (doubleneck guitar/bass, soprano guitar, voice), Arto Lindsay (guitar, voice), Anthony Coleman (piano, harpsichord, celeste, Yamaha organ), Wayne Horvitz (piano, Hammond organ, celeste, DX7), David Weinstein (Mirage sampling keyboards, celeste), Guy Klucevsek (accordion), Bob James (tapes), Christian Marclay (turntables), Bobby Previte (percussion),John Zorn (prompter).

Tracks 16 - 20 (live)

J.A. Deane (trombone synthesizer, electronics - live only), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Elliot Sharp (doubleneck guitar/bass, voice), Anthony Coleman (piano and keyboards), Wayne Horvitz (piano and keyboards), David Weinstein (mirage sampling keyboards), Guy Klucevsek (accordion), Bob James (tapes), Christian Marclay (turntables), Bobby Previte (drum machine), John Zorn (prompter).

Note: track #'s 1,9,11,13,14,18 are extra tracks not available on the vinyl edition.
Paul Motian
Produced by
Recorded 14-16 July 1986
1987 Soul Note 121174-2 (CD)
1987 Soul Note 121174-1 (LP)

1/ Misterioso (6:50)
2/ Abacus(3:30)
3/ Once Around The Park (6:48)
4/ Gang of Five(4:28)
5/ Pannonica(3:45)
6/ Folk Song For Rosie (5:08)
7/ Byablue (2:20)
8/ Dance (10:14)
9/ Johnny Broken Wing  (2:12)

Jim Pepper (tenor and soprano saxophones), Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Ed Schuller (bass), Paul Motian (drums).
John Zorn
Produced by: John Zorn
Recorded June/August 1986 at Radio City Studios, New York City
1987 Elektra/Nonesuch [USA], 979 172-1 (LP)
1987 Elektra/Nonesuch [USA], 9 79172-2 (CD)
1987 Elektra/Nonesuch [USA], 9 79172-4 (CT)

Frisell plays on one song:
1/ "Spillane" (25:12) (John Zorn and Arto Lindsay).

Anthony Coleman (piano, organ, celeste), Carol Emanuel (harp), Bill Frisell (guitar), David Hofstra (bass, tuba), Bob James (tapes, compact discs), Bobby Previte (drums, percussion), Jim Staley (trombone), David Weinstein (sampling keyboards, celeste), John Zorn (alto saxophone, clarinet), John Lurie (voice), Robert Quine (voice).
Various Artists
Late In The Twentieth Century: An Elektra/Nonesuch New Music Sampler

Elektra/Nonesuch, 9 79171-2 (CD) 1987

Frisell plays on only one track:
"Spillane" (excerpt) (7:59)
Personnel same as above.
This song (in it's unedited state) was previously released on John Zorn's "Spillane" (1987).
Tim Berne
Fulton Street Maul
Columbia FC 40530 (LP) 1996
CBS CK 40530 (CD) 1987
CBS FC 40530 (LP) 1987
Koch Jazz KOC 3-7826-2H1 (CD) 1996
Produced by: Gary Lucas
Recorded 10-14 August 1986 at Mad Hatter Studios, Los Angeles

1/ Unknown Diaster (5:50)
2/ Icicles Revisited (9:31)
3/ Miniature (7:04)
4/ Federico (9:13)
5/ Betsy (12:44)

All music by Tim Berne except
4/ Arranged by Hank Roberts

Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Hank Roberts (cello, voice on "Betsy"), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Alex Cline (percussion, harmonic singing on "Betsy"). the time we did Fulton Street Maul with the rest of the band Tim put together, it was basically live in the studio. He had a really clear idea of what he wanted: the writing, arranging, everything was set, and we'd all played Tim's music in different combinations and played together on different dates ourselves. So we felt real comfortable and could just do it.
-Bill Frisell
Jim Staley
Mumbo Jumbo
Rift Records Rift 12 (2X12) [USA] 1987
Einstein Records Einstein 004 (CD) [USA]
Produced by: Jim Staley and Fred Frith
Recorded 23 August 1986 at Radio City Studio, NYC.

Frisell plays on tracks 11 thru 18:

11/ untitled (4:20)
12/ untitled (1:00)
13/ untitled (3:32)
14/ untitled (4:38)
15/ untitled (2:03)
16/ untitled (4:33)
17/ untitled (4:31)
18/ untitled (0:40)

Bill Frisell (guitar), Ikue Mori (drums, drum machine), Jim Staley (trombone).

Note: On the Einstein re-release, some tracks are missing, and the titles are all names of Kentucky Derby winners. Frisell plays on:

1/ Spectacular Bid (4:20) (Bill Frisell/Ikue Mori)
5/ Affirmed (3:32) (Bill Frisell/Ikue Mori)
7/ Foolish Pleasure (4:33) (Bill Frisell/Ikue Mori)
9/ Bold Forbes (2:03) (Bill Frisell/Ikue Mori)
15/ Seattle Slew (4:34) (Bill Frisell/Ikue Mori)
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Bill Frisell & Vernon Reid
Smash & Scatteration
Produced by David Breskin
Recorded  December 1984 at Gramavision Studio, New York City
Released: 1985  Rykodisc RCD 10006 (?)
198? Minor Music 605 (LP)

Bill Frisell and Vernon Reid (electric and acoustic guitars, guitar synth,
banjos, and drum programming).
Various Artists
Steal This Disc
Released:1987 Rykodisc [USA] RCD 00056 (2xCD)
Frisell plays on one previously released song:
16/ "Size 10 1/2 Sneaks" (3:22), same as on "Smash & Scatteration", with Vernon Reid.
Various Artists
Bad Alchemy:Magazine+Tape
Bad Alchemt # 7 (CT)
Produced by
Recorded November 16, 1986

Bill Frisell appears on one track:

7/ Urban Rite (Klucevsek) (2:40)
Guy Klucevsek (accordion), Bill Frisell (guitars), Bobby Previte (drums), Anthony Coleman (organ)
Crazy Backwards Alphabet
SST Records SST 110 (LP) (1987)
Re-issued SST CD 110 (CD) (1992)
Produced by Henry Kaiser
Recorded in 1986

Bill Frisell (guitar) appears on one track:
16/ The Same Thing (Dixon) (5:59)

Henry Kaiser (guitar,banjo, vocals), John French (drums, vocal, keyboard, harp), Andy West (bass), Michael Maksymenko (drums, vocals),  Bill Frisell (guitar), Darol Anger (violin),  Greg Goodman (piano), Ralf Nygard (bass), Bob Adams (guitar, bass), Harry Duncan (harp), Scott Colby (guitar, vocals),

The 1992 CD re-issue contains 25 minutes of bonus material

Spillane's Liner Notes
Bill Frisell Article May 1987
Various Artists
The Right Things  - Max Cult Appeal
WEA Records # SAM 356 {1987}
Released in 1987

Promo Only Sampler LP

Bill Frisell (guitar, arranger) appears on Side 2, Track 4 from the  previously released 1987 Mathilde Santing's

Side 2
4/ MATHILDE SANTING - Love of the Common Man