Bill Frisell Discography 1986
Lyle Mays
Lyle Mays
Produced by: Lyle Mays and Steven Cantor
Recorded 1985 at the Power Station, NYC
1986 Geffen GHS 24097 (LP)
1986 Geffen 9 24097-2 (CD)

Lyle Mays (piano, synths, autoharp), Alejandro N. Acuna (drums), Billy Drewes (alto and soprano saxophones), Bill Frisell (guitar), Marc Johnson (acoustic bass), Nana Vasconcelos (percussion).
Paul Bley Quartet
Produced by: Manfred Eicher
Recorded January 1986 at Rainbow Studio, Oslo
ECM 1320
ECM 829 280-2 (CD) 1986 (88?)

Bill Frisell also contributes one composition:
2/ Monica Jane (7:09)

1/ Memories (7:26)
2/ Monica Jane (Bill Frisell) (7:09)
3/ Line Down (7:17)
4/ Seven (5:44)
5/ Closer (5:08)
6/ Once Around the Park (5:40)
7/ Hand Dance (2:54)
8/ For the Love of Sarah (5:46)
9/ Nothing Ever Was, Anyway (7:01)

Paul Bley (piano), John Surman (soprano saxophone, bass clarinet), Paul Motian (drums), Bill Frisell (guitar).

We'd go in the studio and everything was ready to go and we just started improvising and that's what you hear. The first notes you hear on that "Fragments" record are some of the very first notes we played together. -Bill Frisell Downbeat, May 1989
Bill Frisell/Henry Kaiser
Truth Or Consequences (1986 Friz-tone Music)
Released: June 1986 Guitar Player Magazine Soundpage #21
33 1/3 RPM Flexi-Single

Henry Kaiser and Bill Frisell both play and share the composing credits on this tune. Equipment includes Synclavier with 10 Mb Winchester hard disc drive, 4 Mb internal sampling RAM, VT keyboard, guitar interface, Kennedy tape drive, and Pericom moniter terminal.  Also, Akai MG1212 12-track Mixer/recorder, Lexicon Model 200 digital reverb, Howard Dumble tube preamp, 1950's Fender Stratocaster modified with Floyd Rose tremolo and Alembic pickups, Pete Cornish Fuzz, and a Modulus Graphite Thru-Body controller guitar.
Stefan F. Winter
The Little Trumpet
Produced by: Stefan F. Winter
Recorded July 1986 at Systems 2, Brooklyn, NY
1986 JMT 697 124 102-2 (CD)
1986 JMT 860007 (LP)
1995 JMT 514 027-2 (CD)

1/ Panacoustica (Overture) In Memory of Thomas (5:16)
2/ Part I Despairing Little Trumpet (3:05)
3/ Part II Friendship (1:24)
4/ Part III The Welcoming (5:42)
5/ Part IV Sad Fate (3:24)
6/ Part V Lullaby (2:26)
7/ Part VI Wild Disputes (3:35)
8/ Part VII Harmony (6:19)
9/ Part VIII The Night (5:01)
10/ Part IX The Marvelous Event (6:45)
11/ Part X Panacoustica (1:20)

All music composed by Stefan F. Winter, arranged by Herb Robertson.

Herb Robertson (pocket trumpet, fluegelhorn, cornet), Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Robin Eubanks (trombone), Bob Stewart (tuba), Bill Frisell (electric and acoustic guitars), Warren Smith (vibraphone, marimba-phone), Anthony Cox (double-bass), Reggie Nicholson (drums).
ECM's Fragments Publicity Photo
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Various Artists
Re Records Quarterly Magazine
Re Records # 0201 (LP only)
Produced by Henry Kaiser
Recorded at The Vancouver Jazz Festival June 23, 1986

This track is an improvisation based on the Muddy Waters song, made at the end of Bill Frisell's solo set, when he opened for Crazy Backwards Alphabet..

Bill Frisell appears on one improvised trio track:

3/ The Same Thing (Muddy Waters)

Bill Frisell (guitar), Henry Kaiser (guitar), Michael Maxymenko (drums)
Various Artists
Godard Ca Vous Chante: Tribute to Jean-Luc Godard
Produced by
Recorded at Radio City Studios NYC  August & September 1985

Nato # 634 (LP) (France) 1986
Nato # 53004.2 (CD) (France) 1992

Bill Frisell appears on one track:
2/ Godard (Zorn) (18:42)

John Zorn (alto saxophone, clarinet, narration), Bill Frisell (guitars, banjo), Anthony Coleman (Keyboards), Carol Emanuel (harp), Christian Marclay (turntables), Bobby Previte (drums, percussion), David Weinstein (keyboards, computer), Luli Shioi (vocal), Wu Shoa-Ying (narration), Richard Foreman (narration)

Various Artists
The Improvisors
Tellus #15 (CT)
Produced by
Recorded at The Stephanie and Irving Stone Festival of Improvisors Roulette, NYC November 8, 9, 10, 1985

Bill Frisell plays on:

Side A
2/ Carol Emanuel (harp), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Tom Cora (electric cello), Bobby Previte (drums) (5:45)

Side B
2/ Bill Frisell (electric guitar). Jim Staley (trombone) (3:00)

John Zorn
The Big Gundown
Icon # 5504 (LP) (USA) 1986
Icon # 5504CD (CD) (USA) 1986
Nonesuch/Icon # 9 79139-2 (CD) (USA) 1986
Nonesuch/Icon # 9 79139-2 (CT) (USA) 1986
Nonesuch Digital # 9 79139-1 (LP) (Germ) 1986
Nonesuch Digital # 9 79139-2 (CD) (Germ) 1986 
*Tazadik # 7328 2000
Produced by Yale Evelev
Recorded at Radio City Music Hall Studio
September 1984-September 1985, BC Studios

Bill Frisell (electric guitars) appears on
1/ The Big Gundown (17:17)
5/ Erotico (The Burglars) (4:17)

* Note: The 2000 re-release includes bonus tracks, but Bill Frisell does not appear on any of them
CD Liner Notes
Marc Johnson
Bass Desires
ECM # PRO-A-2454 (LP)
Produced by Manfred Eicher

This is a two track promo LP from the 1985 release of
Bass Desires.

Side One
1/ Samurai Hee-Haw (Edit) (4:28)

Side Two
2/ Mojo Highway (Edit) (5:21)

Bill Frisell made the cover of Downbeats April 1986 issue, along with a nice informative article by Howard Mandel
Photo credit James Gudeman
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An Interview with Henry and Bill