Bill Frisell Discography 1985
Gunter Hampel Orchestra
Fresh Heat -- Live at Sweet Basil
Produced by:
Recorded 4 February 1985 (10pm-2am)
1985 Birth Records # 0039 (LP)
1993 Birth Records # 0039 (CD)

1/ Sweet Basil (12:18)
2/ 211 E. 11 (15:29)
3/ Lichtung (Clearing) (13:12)
Bonus Tracks on the 1993 CD reissue:
4/ Hawkeye (10:59)
5/ Waiting (22:49)

Stephen Haynes, Vance R. Provey (trumpets), Curtis Fowlkes, Ceta (trombone), Bob Stewart (tuba), Perry Robinson (clarinet), Mark Whitecage,Thomas Keyserling (alto sax and flute), Bob Hanlon (tenor sax and flute), Lucky Ennett (tenor sax), Gunter Hampel (vibes, bari sax, flute, composer and arranger), Jeanne Lee,  Art Jenkins (voice), Bill Frisell (guitar), Kyoto Fujiwara (bass), Marvin "Smitty" Smith (drums).

"The multitalented and prolific Gunter Hampel is heard with his New York Orchestra on Fresh Heat-Live at Sweet Basil, Vol 1 (Birth 0039), recorded live last February during a "music is an Open Sky" performance. The titlar Heat refers to the friction, alternatively consonant and dissonant, among the instrumental and human singing voices of the 15-piece orchestra. Hampel, conducting the proceedings and playing vibes and reeds, presents four numbered originals four four brass, five reeds, two vocalists [Jeanne Lee and Art Jenkins] and four rhythm. This music is free and open (in keeping with Horst Liepolt's "Open Sky" precepts) and requires an open mind and certainly open ears from the listener." Gene Kalbacher Hot House Nov. 1985

Down Beat May 1986 gave this release a 4 star rating.
Billy Hart
Produced by: David Baker
Recorded 1985 Released October 31,1995
Gramavision 79506
1985 Gramavision 18-8502-2 (CD)

Jabali Billy Hart (drums), Dave Holland (bass), Branford Marsalis (tenor saxophone), Steve Coleman (alto saxophone), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Kenny Kirkland (keyboards), Mark Grey (keyboards), Didier Lockwood (violin).
Herb Robertson
Produced by: Jon Rosenberg and Herb Robertson
Recorded: April 1985 at Classic Sound, New York City
1985 JMT 850 016/834 402-1 (LP)
1985 JMT 850 002/834 402-2 (CD)

1/ Prolog (0:40)
2/ Floatasia(8:18)
3/ Flocculus(9:09)
4/ Transparency(2:37)
5/ They Don't Know About Me Yet(4:56)
6/ Enigmatic Suite: 6a. Part 1-Synergy (6:07)
6b.Part 2-Overcast
6c.Part 3-A Little Ditty(11:18)
7/ Epilogue(1:00)

Herb Robertson (cornet, trumpet, flugelhorn), Bill Frisell (guitar),
Joey Baron (drums, percussion), Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Lindsey Horner (bass).
Marc Johnson
Bass Desires
Produced by: Manfred Eicher
Recorded May 1985 at Power Station, NY
ECM 1299
1985 ECM 25040-1 (LP)
1985 ECM 827 743-2 (CD)

1/ Samurai Hee-Haw (7:43)
2/ Resolution (10:28)
3/ Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair (7:07)
4/ Bass Desires (6:08)
5/ A Wishing Doll (6:13)
6/ Mojo Highway (8:42)
7/ Thanks Again (7:15)

Marc Johnson (bass), Bill Frisell (guitar, guitar synthesizer), John Scofield (guitar), Peter Erskine (drums).
Various Artists
Bad Alchemy: Magazine + cassette
Produced by:
Recorded live at Moers Festival, on May 24, 1985
Bad Alchemy [Germany], No. 3 (CT) 1985

Bill Frisell plays on one track::
1/ "Exercise Nr. 1" (5:50), by John Zorn

John Zorn's "Cobra":
John Zorn (reeds), Carol Emanuel (harp), Zeena Parkins (harp), Arto Lindsay (guitar), Elliott Sharp (guitar), Bill Frisell (guitar), Wayne Horvitz (keyboards), Anthony Coleman (keyboards), Christian Marclay (turntables), Bob James (tapes), Jim Staley (trombone, French horn), Guy Klucevsek (accordion), Bobby Previte
Henry Kaiser
Re-marrying For Money
Produced by: Henry Kaiser
When Recorded 21 November 1985 at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
198? Monitor ? [Germany] (LP)
1985 SST Records CD 222

Frisell plays on one song:
13/ "The Last Of The Few" (16:28).

Henry Kaiser (electric guitar), Bill Frisell ([guest] guitar).

This album has been previously issued, with much less material, on the
German Minor Music label as Marrying For Money.

"It was the first time that my friend Bill Frisell and I played together. "It was a live guitar duet recorded in concert." -Henry Kaiser
Leni Stern
Produced by: Hiram Bullock
Recorded 16-17 December 1985
Passport  PJ 88015 1985

1/ Back Out (Stern)(5:25)
2/ Peter Pan (Stern)(4:44)
3/ Someday My Prince Will Come (Churchill) (5:25)
4/ Flamingos (Stern)(8:23)
5/ Promise (Stern)(7:22)
6/ Ballad For Billy (Stern)(6:47)
7/ Stella By Starlight (Washington)(4:46)
8/ Clairevoyant (Stern) (5:10)

Leni Stern (guitar), Bill Frisell (guitar), Bob Berg (tenor saxophone), Larry Wills (piano), Harvie Swartz (acoustic bass), Paul Motian (drums).
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Paul Motian
Jack of Clubs
Produced by: Giovanni Bonandrini
When Recorded 26-28 March 1984 at Barigozzi Studio, Milano
1985 Soul Note [Italy] SN 1124 (LP)
1985 Soul Note 121124-2 (CD)

Jim Pepper (tenor and soprano saxophones), Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Ed Schuller (bass), Paul Motian (drums).
Paul Motian Trio
It Should've Happened a Long Time Ago
Produced by: Manfred Eicher
When Recorded  July 1984 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Released: ECM 1283
1985 ECM Records 823 641-2 (CD)

Paul Motian (drums), Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Bill Frisell (electric guitar).

The situation with Paul['s]... trio, is the one where I have the most freedom but the most responsibility. There's  no bass, so there's this huge range that's wide open. So in that group  I'm like a soloist and a rhythm instrument. There's no real background  and foreground, and we're all doing everything at once. There's also alot  of room for me to interpret things that he writes.  Musically, the situation  goes from one extreme to the other: we'll go from having as many restrictions  as we can place on ourselves to the fewest you can imagine. We may have  a harmonically dense tune where we jettison the melody completely when we're    improvising, or we may have a melody with no changes, and so we'll use the melody  as the frame for improvisation. (Guitar World, May 1989)
Bill Frisell
Produced by  Manfred Eicher
Recorded August 1984 at Power Station, NYC
Released: ECM 1287
1985 ECM Records 825 234-2 (CD)

1/ Tone (8:00)
2/ Music I Heard (4:49)
3/ Rambler (8:20)
4/ When We Go (5:19)
5/ Resistor (5:49)
6/ Strange Meeting (7:05)
7/ Wizard of Odds (6:19)

All compositions by Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell (guitar, guitar synthesizer), Kenny Wheeler (trumpet, cornet,
and fluegelhorn), Bob Stewart (tuba), Jerome Harris (electric bass), and
Paul Motian (drums).

The differences between my first and second albums are partly because by the time of the second album I had a group, and felt much stronger-it was two or three years after the first record. The first one is real introverted: that's a valid part of what I do, but only a part. There's the aggressive aspect, too.(Guitar World, May 1989)
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Emil Viklicky
Supraphon #
Produced By Tony Matzner
Recorded in 1979 at Studio Dejvice

Emil Viklicky(keyboards), Bill Frisell (guitars), Kermit Driscoll (bass), Vinton Johnson (drums)

"We recorded all material for Window and Door in an old Supraphon studio called Studio Dejvice. I think our session in summer 1979 was probably the last one there.  After our 5 days there /Monday to Friday/, recording studio was closed - and all the gear was moved out.

We did Okno /Window/ in 2 days. Second day of our session was shortened because the owner of the building wanted to use the main  recording room as a cinema. I remember clearly that while Bill and me were packing our stuff -guitars, amps, synths- technicians already started to test screen.  Bill came to me and was absolutely startled:" Hey, Emil,  do you know that movie?"I didnt care about any moovie at that moment, all I care was when we shall be able to record again and what we record next. So Bill continued: "It is Excorcist!!!!!!!" "What is it?" I have asked. Bill explained. And then it clicked for me.

In the building ,which was some kind of goverment one, there was a boarding school for international special students, who came to Prague to learn how to help their home countries to remove capitalismus.

And one of them must have been very important,  because of him they interrupted international recording Supraphon  session and let him himself  alone watch "Exorcist"!
Even Tony -the producer - who could be tough nearly with anybody anytime told me: "Dont ask any questions and move out".
Bill asked" Is this film running in  regular theaters in Prague?"
"Are you crazy, of course not", I said and we left the room.

In front of the studio there was a big garbage container, so when Supraphon photo guy came in - we jokingly  stepped in and wanted to call our quartet - "The Garbage Quartet". Photos never appeared on LP, probably somebody didnt like it.

Tony Matzner - Supraphon producer at the time, and  I have to really give him a credit for beeing able to get Bill and the guys in  Czechia.  Tony wanted the first record to be in fashionable jazz-rock style - so popular at the time. Well, we did it with almost no overdubbing in 2 days."

-Emil Viklicky
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