Bob Moses
Visit With the Great Spirit
Produced by: Bob Moses
Recorded 1983 at Vanguard Studio and Gramavision Studio, NYC
1984 Gramavision GR 8307 (LP)
1995 Ryodisc GCD 79507 (CD)

Bill Frisell (guitar) plays on 4 songs:
1/ "Fan Man" (5:16)
2/ "Deepest Blue" (8:00)
4/ "Visit with the Great Spirit" (3:20)
7/ "Suite Bahia" (10:45)

All composed by Bob Moses.

Tiger Okoshi (trumpet, flugelhorn, electric trumpet: 1,2,4,7), Bob Mintzer (tenor saxophone, electric bass clarinet: 1,2,4,7), David Liebman (soprano saxophone: 2,4,7), George Garzone (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone: 7), David Gross (alto saxophone, flute: 1,2,4,7), Howard Johnson (bari saxophone, tuba, electric contrabass clarinet: 1,2,4,7), Tony Coe (tenor saxophone: 1,2,4), John D'earth (electric trumpet: 4), Jerome Harris (electric bass, guitar: 1,2,4,7), Lincoln Goines (electric bass: 1,7), Eddie Gomez (bass: 4), Steve Kuhn (piano: 2), Manoel Manteiro (surdo, repinique, berimbau, cuica, tamborim, miscellaneous percussion, voice: 7), Bill Martin (snare drum, talking drum, ganza, go go bell, tamborim, misc. percussion: 7), Claudio Silva (pandeiro, surdo, go go bell, voice: 7), Danny Gottlieb (gong: 4), Rahboat Moses (drums, repinique, timbales, talking drums, hum drums, cuica, voice, wood flute, synthesizer: 1,2,4,7).
Paul Motian
The Story of Maryam
Produced by: Giovanni Bonandrini
Recorded 27 & 28 July 1983 at Barigozzi Studio, Milano
1984 Soul Note [Italy] , SN 1074 (CD)
1984 Soul Note 121074 (LP)

Jim Pepper (tenor and soprano saxophones), Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Ed Schuller (bass), Paul Motian (drums).
Bill Frisell & Tim Berne
Produced by  Bill Frisell, Tim Berne and Jon Rosenberg
Recorded August/September 1983 at High Rise Sound, and August 1984 at First Choice Studio, NYC
1984 Empire Productions (Empire EPC 72K)(LP)
1986 [Germany] Minor Music 008 (LP)
1996 Minor Music 8008 (CD)

1. M. (Frisell, Berne, 6:04)
2. Inside the Brain (Berne, 8:30)
3. Preview (Berne, 4:06)
4. Caroline (Frisell, 3:32)
5. Ground Floor (Berne, 7:37)
6. 2011 (Berne, 16:17)
7. Perky Figure (Frisell, 2:42)

Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Bill Frisell (electric and acoustic guitars).

("The music of "...theoretically" was first released in a limited edition by Empire Records.")

I'd met Tim [in NY], but it was while I was in Europe playing with Paul [Motian] at a festival... that we got to know each other. We started talking and got along, so we got together.One of the first times turned out to be ... "....theoretically". Tim had a friend who had studio time, so we went over there and messed around. It's really a mix of free and written stuff. (Guitar World, May 1989)
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Jukkis Uotila
Produced by Jukkis Uotila
Released in 1984 (Finnish LP)
1992 CD Reissue

1  Moons (7:55)       
2  Tears (6:51)       
3  Children of the New World (8:50)       
4  Quiet Authority (11:06)       
5  Happy Face (4:03)       
6  Rigor Mortis (8:34)       
7  Pablo on the Beach (2:06)      

Dave Samuels (marimba, vibraphone),  Jukkis Uotila  (composer,drums), Randy Brecker (trumpet).  Bill Frisell (guitar),  Michael Formanek (bass),  Bob Mintzer (tenor sax)
Chet Baker/Steven Houben
Carrere Records # 66171
Produced by
Released in1984

Musicians include: Chet Baker, Steve Houben, Bill Frisell, Dennis Luxion, Kermit Driscoll, Bruno Castellucci